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I got a BFP today with pocs....There is always a way if you try with your best efforts....Its really unbelievable for me

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Ruby Thompson

Ruby Thompson asked 11 weeks ago

Ruby Thompson

I got a BFP today with pocs....There is always a way if you try with your best efforts....Its really unbelievable for me.....with pocs it was hard to manage everything..but Thanks to Ela and its fertility team.. They helped me all throughout my ttc and M 6 weeks preggo..!!! Hope u all u ttc women will pray for my baby. M so happy today.

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Kennedy  Sandra

Healthy 9 months to you..


Congratulations dear am Happy for you.. Wish u a healthy pregnancy


Wow!! Congrats dear, may God keep u both safe.. Kindly share your experience so that we can also learn from it, did u take meds? What did u do?


Congratulations.. how long u tried and any tips .. u did bd how many days etc

Bryony Smith

Congratulations Ruby. Share your story with us.


Congratulations Ruby. You have given me hope and the serenity that I needed. Keep us updated and my prayers will be with you 💝


Congratulations lovely :)


Congratulation ruby.. Plz share ur experience with us to learn more.. Baby dust to u


Confratulations Ruby ! Now, this time is very important for you. I will request you to book a session again for first trimester diet and care.


Waaaow congrats ruby...

Ruby Thompson

Thank you all. It is all due to Ela team. Without them it would not have been possible.


Congrats and all the best! X

Ruby Thompson

Hi Jia, i have booked an appointment with you on 28th. Lots of things to share with you. Thank you once again for helping me in pregnancy. With PCOS i almost given up my hope.



Anu Jubin

Congratulations dear...please share what you did???it will bee helpful to others


Share ur baby story girl.! How long have u been trying.? Congratulations on ur little miracle 👣❤️

Gargi Chatt

How long time you suffering PCOS?

Ruby Thompson

Hey all, i was suffering from pcos since my adulthood only. Got detected 5 years back. Tried TTC for 3 years. Tried literally anything, then started taking treatment guidance from Ela. You wont believe i was so damn obese. I lost around 30 pounds after taking dietary suggestion from Ela fertility specialists.




PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome caused by symptoms such as no or irregular period with no or infrequent ovulation, weight gain, facial and body hair growth due to excess production of testesterone (male hormones) and miscarriages in some case.


Pcod problem which tablet u taken..


Ruby pls tell me


Congratulations ruby been waiting for this for use so happy for use and hope your overmoon we both got little angles (: xx


Were 5 weeks apart (: x

Mommy Soon

Congratulations and god bless you and your family


Congratulations. Best wishes for your pregnancy journey 🤗❤

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