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     Zoe Thompson

    Hi everyone before I start I'm fully aware that this is not the place for professional diagnoses however I would just like to get some advice or see if anyone has experienced the same thing. In August I very sadly had a miscarriage. We carried on ttc straight away (as soon as my body was ready). But since my miscarriage my periods have not returned (I have always been irregular so not too much of an issue but ive never had a miscarriage before so not sure if that's made it worse). I have taken 3 pregnancy tests since then (one about 3 weeks after the mc as advised by dr, one in Sep a month after and one in oct 2 months later) but they have all been negative. However the night after I took the latest test I had some blood on my tissue after wiping when going to the toilet, this was red. I put on a pad thinking this was the start of my period. However there was no blood on the pad for the whole day and only a small bit of blood that was more of a brownish colour when I wiped. This carried on for a couple of days with no blood ever coming out apart from in tiny doses on a tissue (but was not in my wee as i checked) and then completely stopped. Does anyone have a clue what this could be? Is it a very weak period or left over blood from the miscarriage? Any helpful suggestions I would be really greatful for. Ps Im feeling quite down with ttc so whilst i would love hopeful comments please no "your definitely pregnant" etc comments as i dont think i would cope if i believed it then wasnt (i dont think i am as just had negative test but you know what i mean) many thanks x

    Zoe Thompson
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