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san asked 13 weeks ago


hi gals, just now i found out an egg white discharge and stretchy for almost 5cm and above. but my hubby not around now and how long the best time will last since i get egg white discharge means im most fertile now. if tonight only i can ttc then will i past the most fertile time? me ela apps shows tomorrow only started fertile window and ovulate on 23rd aug. but this morning i get egg white discharge. pls advice. thx

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hey you can get egg white discharge before a day of ovulation as well. Dont worry, go with ela. i am sure you are ovulating tomorrow. good luck

so i ttc tonight should be high percentage of getting pregnant??

yeah san, sperm can live up to 5 days in our body. you have a very high chance. all the best

been ttc yesterday and this morning. but this morning forgotten to lift up my legs. hope it still can get into the uterus. but there are some fluid coming out when i walk around. is the semen or sperm getting out??

😭 plz tell me im getting white creamy discharge from past 10 days .. but i had protected sex .am i.preg?

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