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Nivi asked 3 weeks ago

Nivi-First one is my  1

First one is my yesterday test ND second one is today's news I got bleeding yesterday night it's like hevay bleeding like periods ND not spotting Should I go to gynec or no need. I had unprotected sex with hubby on last day of my last month periods

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dear, i would say that you check with some doctor..because implantation does not come like heavy bleeding. I hope everything is okay with you. Wish you all the best.

AJamell-With my 1st pregnancy, I  1

With my 1st pregnancy, I tested early and tested positive. I waited until the weekend to tell my husband and took a fresh test that morning. Told him the great news. Then unfortunately started bleeding that night (like a period). Doctors confirmed that the pregnancy didn't stick. They told me when they don't stick that early, it's a good thing your body got rid of it. It's nature's way of saying it was a bad seed to begin with. 2 months later I was pregnant with my now 3 month old baby boy. Best of luck and keep trying :)

Awwwww so cute

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