Mucus in Urine - Types, Causes, Test, and Treatment of Mucus in Urine

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Mucus in urine can be seen in normal discharge, urinary tract infections, bladder cancer, kidney stones, and STD's. Threads and corpuscles are two types of mucus in urine. Mucus threads in urine treatment are antibiotic therapy, cranberry juice, yogurt with honey, and maintain hygiene.

Mucus in urine in most cases is common and doesn't imply any serious problem. Mucus is released by urethra and urinary bladder linings that got mixed with urine. The urine might have different appearance due to the presence of mucus in it. The mucus secretion is often thin and fluid in appearance. When a high amount of mucus is present in urine it may indicate issues with systems pertaining to urinary discharge, digestion, reproduction, excretion and immunity. Whenever you notice that your urine is turning cloudy from its original color then it is advised to consult the doctor for diagnosis of such conditions. Go through some of the important facts about the mucus in urine.

What are the symptoms of urine in mucus?

Depending upon the underlying situations, the symptoms of mucus in urine can vary. The common symptoms include:

1- Abdominal pain

2- Fever

3- Foul-smelling urine

4- Pain and discomfort while urinating

5- Pain during sexual intercourse

What are the common causes of mucus in urine?

It is normal to notice a small amount of mucus in urine. But abnormal mucus presence in urine indicates issues with the body. Below are some of the common causes for mucus appearance in the urine:

1- Normal Discharge: Being released by urethra and bladder membranes, mucus in urine is quite normal. You will also notice vaginal secretions and cervical mucus present in urine at the time of ovulation and menstruation.  Mucus travels through the urinary tract and helps in washing invading germs and prevents from possible issues like urinary tract infection and kidney infection. If the discharged mucus is no longer white or is clear or off-white, then you must consult a doctor immediately.

Normal Discharge
2- Urinary Tract Infections: UTI is quite common among women. An infection develops when bacteria enters in any part of the urinary tract system. UTI can affect the kidney functions if not treated in time and may also damage the mucus membrane's epithelium. During this time you will notice the epithelium shedding in form of mucus threads. A urinary tract infection is a bacterial inflammation of the urinary tract. Pregnant women are at UTI's risk starting from six weeks of pregnancy up to week 24.
UTIs can also lead to:

1- An urge to urinate

2- Burning sensation while urinating

3- Urine in red or pink form due to blood

3- Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The common STDs i.e. chlamydia and gonorrhea are actually linked with the increased mucus in the urine. The discharge may appear yellowish in gonorrhea while whitish in chlamydia.

Gonorrhea can cause:

1- Painful urination

2- Vaginal bleedingbetween periods

Vaginal bleeding

3- Yellow or green discharge

4- Discomfort and pelvic pain

5- A Chlamydia can cause:

a- While urinating, a burning sensation

b- Whitish and cloudy discharge

c- Abnormal vaginal bleeding

4- Irritable bowel syndrome: Due to IBS, there can be a huge release of mucus in urine as well as the stool. And if the person urinates and defecates at the same time then mucus from the anus and urine gets mixed. It can cause diarrhea, bloating, gas and constipation.

5- Ulcerative Colitis: In ulcerative colitis patients, mucus in urine is a result of mucus from anus gets mixed in urine. It results in fever, fatigue, rectal pain and bleeding, weight loss, abdominal pain and cramping.

6- Kidney Stone Disease: This can increase the mucus amount in the urine. You will also notice the urine appearing darker in color and a severe pain can be felt when stones pass away. It may cause vomiting, nausea, blood in urine, an uncontrollable need to urinate, severe discomfort and pain in abdomen and lower back.

7- Bladder Cancer: Mucus in urine also signals bladder cancer accompanied by urine in blood. This is not common.If the mucus in urine is accompanied by blood along with weight loss or abdominal pain then it indicates cancer. These symptoms are related to other conditions.

8- Urinary Tract Obstruction: The cause of mucus development in the urine is the obstruction present along the urinary tract. It is observed that people who have obstruction due to kidney stones formation have mucus in their urine. The possible causes include polyps and a blood clot in ureter or tumors in or near the ureter. The blockage can either be partial or complete, can lead to kidney damage, kidney stones or infection, pain, increase or decrease in urine flow.

Read our article on how does cervical mucus look like so that you do not confuse it with the mucus in urine.

What are the types of mucus in urine?

There are basically two main kinds of mucus-

1- Threads: Thread mucus seems like fibers, which are bundled together and appear as a pale irregular longitudinal fragment and is narrow on one end.

2- Corpuscles: Mucus corpuscles seem similar to pus cells, as corpuscles are deformed versions of mucus cells. 

The doctor checks whether the mucus threads or corpuscles in the urine are few, rare, moderate or many. Mucus corpuscles seem similar to pus cells

What are the treatments available for mucus in urine?

It is important when you notice the mucus presence in urine, you must consult the doctor immediately. The treatment is highly dependable on the cause of mucus in urine.

1- Let's say, if mucus in urine is due to the urinary tract infection then the doctor will prescribe the antibiotics for treating the infection.

2- If it is due to ulcerative colitis or IBS then it is important to make required adjustments in diet for managing these digestive conditions. It implies avoiding foods, which are responsible for digestive symptoms such as raw vegetables, gassy foods, dairy products or wheat.

Only your doctor can give the treatment for your condition, as this condition cannot be treated at home.  The diagnostic tests like urinalysis and urine culture can determine the presence of infection and can also find the exact microorganism responsible for mucus presence in urine.

Below are some of the treatment methods for mucus in urine:

1- Antibiotic Therapy: For treating the underlying infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

2- Cranberry Juice and Yogurt with Honey:Drinking cranberry juice or eating yogurt with honey can help in treating mucus in urine. It helps in getting rid of the fetid odor of urine along with the mucus appearance in urine.

3- Increase in Fluid Intake: It is advised to take at least 12 glasses of water every day for flushing the mucus from urine.

4- Maintain Hygiene: It is important to maintain the proper hygiene for avoiding the certain types of urinary infection.

Mucus in urine indicates that there is some issue with the body and failed treatment can lead to irreversible damages.

How to identify whether mucus in urine is a cause of concern?

It is important to look for the cause if you notice mucus threads in your urine.

It might be a signal to a serious condition, not a symptom to ignore. So the first step is to find the cause, which can be an infection, difficulty in immune system, reproductive system abnormalities or excretory system problems. And the best way is to consult the doctor.

You can follow some of the basic steps:

1- If you notice your urine is deep yellow, pinkish or cola colored, cloudy and has a pungent smell, then you need treatment.

2- You must consult the doctor, as he or she can understand the cause well.  The doctor will go through the medical history and will observe the other symptoms like pain and its location and will accordingly conduct the tests.

3- The doctor will prescribe medicines depending upon the test results.

4- Make some healthy diet changes.

5- Increase the consumption of water.

6- Follow the proper hygiene.

Do you know that mucus in urine can sometimes result in false positive pregnancy test. Also, understand what are the signs and symptoms of healthy menstrual cycles. If you have irregular menstrual cycles then you must see a gynecologist to treat it at the right time.

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I have Urinary tract infection and my discharge is whitish threads type structure. It's really painful to urinate sometimes so I have to go for injections to have some relief.

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My friend has ulcerative colitis and she used to get mucus in urine. So it is a symptom.

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I am unable to distinguish the type of mucus I have in my urine. Are there any simpler ways to determine that? I would not be able to take any treatments without knowing my mucus type.

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