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11 Masturbation Questions You Have Been Too Afraid To Ask

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What is masturbation? Get answers to some tricky questions related to masturbation like if it counts as cheating, appropriate frequency of masturbation, about reaching an orgasm, doing it in period or its effect on virginity, along with its connection with STIs.

Thinking about masturbation? Many are too embarrassed to ask questions about masturbation. Well, you are not the only one who has been thinking about it. Most people think that masturbation is a guy thing and women do not do it, which is far from the truth. As per the Indiana University's National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior (NSSHB), 71 per cent women and 81 per cent men in the US masturbate at least once in a year. Despite the fact, most people still experience hesitation asking common questions about masturbation. So, here are answers to some common questions about masturbation for people out there who might want to ask about masturbation but cannot do so due to obvious reasons. It can be intimidating to talk about your sexual life but it is a normal part of life that needs its due attention. They might seem cringe worthy at times, but these questions are totally within the realm of what’s considered appropriate to ask yourgynecologist.

1. Do women masturbate?

The very first question that arises is, do women masturbate? The answer is yes. Women do masturbate. As per the gynecologist, Dr. Deborah Wilson, women of all age groups do masturbate. You will be surprised to know that some women masturbate more than four times in a week. Masturbation is normal for all age groups whether you are a man or woman.

2. Does it count as cheating?

Another frequently asked question about masturbation is that if it does count as cheating? Well, no it is not. Masturbation should be guilt free as a person does it alone. All the same, many people feel uncertain about it to the point where it feels like cheating. According to the famous gynecologist Dr. Mary Jane Minkin “most women do require direct clitoral stimulation for orgasmic responses." If you don’t experience orgasm in sexual activity, doing it yourself is just fine considering the fact that you are the only one doing it. Remember that masturbation is not cheating but just a self-pleasing activity.

3. Does masturbating affect your relationship?

There might be a chance that masturbation can affect the chemistry between you and your partner. It can create distance between you two if you use it for self-satisfaction and start treating it as an alternative to sex or just start using it to punish them by depriving them of sex.

does masturbating affect your relationship?

4. Am I masturbating too much?

As a human being, it is possible to turn anything into a habit so, technically it is possible to become addicted to masturbation, but as per the professional gynecologists, it is a very rare scenario. As long as you do it only when required rather that doing it as daily, you are good to go.

5. Is your vagina less sensitive?

Masturbating in it should not have an effect on sensitivity of vagina but you might want to know how often you should use a vibrator for masturbation. As per studies, vibrators can speed up sexual function. Still, if you do use vibrator each time for orgasm, then it might take lots of energy from your partner to reach your orgasm. So, it is better to use it only when your body needs it occasionally. 

6. Is there anything wrong if you don’t reach your orgasm while masturbating?

No, there is nothing wrong with you if you do not reach your orgasm while masturbating. Not every masturbating attempt ends in orgasm. Therefore, it could mean that you are not doing it right. Off course there is no correct way to do it, but there is a chance that you are not doing it right. There are some websites on social media that can teach you how to do it in order to enhance your pleasure.

7. Can you masturbate during your period?

Most women do not feel easy masturbating during their periods, but if you are on your periods and you feel extra-aroused then you are good to go. There is no harm masturbating during your period, but you need to be more careful because blood is a good bacterial medium and masturbation during period can get you an infection. 

8. Does masturbating mean you are not a virgin anymore?

The idea of virginity differs from one person to the other. For you, if virginity means that your hymen is well intact then using vibrators can stretch it and you won’t be a virgin anymore. On the other hand, if virginity for you means no intercourse at all then the answer is no as masturbating doesn’t count as intercourse.

9. Can you catch any sexual diseases like STI or infections?

Many women feel afraid to masturbate due to their fear of catching any kind of infection or sexual disease. According to Wilson ”you won’t catch any STI through your vibrator still you have to be very careful and clean it before or after using it”. You can also use UV-C light Sanitizer to properly clean your sex toys. So, if you keep it clean, you can use it during masturbation without getting any infections. 

10. Is there anything wrong with me if I don’t want to masturbate?

There is nothing wrong with you if you are not interested in masturbation. As per gynecologists, there are some medical conditions that can cause decrease in sexual desires so, if you are suffering from the same, and then you should pay a visit to your doctor soon. Apart from that, masturbating is not a need for all.

I don't want to masturbate

11. What are the major benefits of masturbation?

There are so many benefits of masturbation, for instant it could be considered as showing love to you. It is said that masturbating can reduce stress, sexual frustration, and increased sexual activities, improve body image, mood booster and strengthen pelvic and anal muscles. Even though many people consider it as a bad habit, as per the survey, masturbation is not a bad habit and doing it can balance your hormones and keep you healthy. So, you just have to enjoy it, ignoring what others have to say on it.

Every girl needs a good gynecologist to get definite answers to her questions. You should be able to ask your gynecologist certain personal questions without any fear whether its about sex life, periods, masturbation or orgasm

After reading this article, we hope you have got ample information on some of the toughest questions and do not feel hesitant next time while making an appointment with your gynecologists.

Get updated on more such frequently asked questions to gynecologist or find answers about queries pertaining to sexual life through Elawoman blog. Also, reach out to us at +917899912611 for complete guidance on IVF and surrogacy.

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