Surrogacy Procedure Cost in Noida - Top Surrogacy Centres in Noida

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The surrogacy procedure cost in Noida ranges from Rs. 11,83,000 to Rs. 19,28,000. The top surrogacy centres in Noida are SCI IVF Center and Laadlee Gynae Clinic. The top surrogacy centres in the city comprise of top surrogacy doctors along with advanced medical facilities for the benefit of the patients.

List of 3 Top Surrogacy Centres in NoidawihCost:

Surrogacy cost can vary from clinic to clinic depending upon expenses of a surrogate mother, treatment cost, quality of medicines and drugs, legal formalities, the experience of the doctor, the reputation of clinic and success rate of surrogacy. ElaWoman has done tremendous research in the fertility industry to come up with the cost at best centres in Noida.

The team of ElaWoman has done research across various clinics in Noida city to come with the list of best surrogacy centres and doctors in Noida along with their treatment by considering above-mentioned cost factors. These surrogacy clinics are known to provide higher success rates at affordable costs.

Online surveys have been used along with user reviews, patient surveys and doctor’s feedback for the research of the best surrogacycentresin Noida. ElaWoman provides FTC or Fair Treatment Calculator to help you calculate the cost of surrogacy treatment in Noida. Here is a pre-calculated list of surrogacy cost in Noida from Ela FTC, check the details in the table below for a better idea.

Table: Surrogacy Cost against Surrogacy Success Rate (Noida) – as on April 2018

Treatment name

Success RateMinimum Cost (Rs.)

Maximum Cost (Rs.)










Other than the cost estimation using FTC, we have also researched the list of best surrogacy centers in Noida. Get here the summarized idea for the surrogacy cost in the respective clinic, ratings, and best surrogacy doctors in Noida. Also get to know the precise address of the clinic in Noida along with patients’ reviews.

Top Surrogacy Centres and Doctors in Noida

Surrogacy is technical fertility treatment, especially for childless couples. Surrogacy centre is a place where proper treatment for surrogacy is provided with all legal formalities. Here is the list of top Surrogacy clinics in Noida with the best surrogacy package. Surrogacy has helped many childless couples and homosexuals to have their own family successfully.

Sometimes, due to unexplained surrogacy, you are left with no option but have to opt for surrogacy to start your family. Nowadays many single parents are also opting for surrogacy. Many of the Bollywood celebrities became the single parent of a child without being getting married through surrogacy.

With the recent records, it has been seen that the demand for Surrogacy has increased rapidly for childless couples. If you are looking for the surrogacy doctors and specialists along with the cost in Noida, here is the complete information.

Making it easier for all looking forward to the surrogacy center in Noida, our team has made it easy for the patients with their efforts and extensive research to find the best-rated clinics in Noida along with surrogacy cost and other information. Here are the best answers to your entire set of queries regarding surrogacy cost, treatment and more. Check here the list of the renowned Surrogacy Centers and Doctors in Noida.


SCI Fertility centre is one of the topmost surrogacy centres not only in Noida but also in India. This is the best option among surrogacy hospitals in Noida and the best clinic you can make the selection for surrogacy to have a problem-free treatment. It is an affordable IVF & Fertility Center in the city that also offers other fertility treatments apart from surrogacy. The hospital has been bringing happiness into the lives of many childless couples under the best treatment and consultation of renowned Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour.

SCI IVF Centre Noida

Dr. Shivani has more than 17 years of experience in the medical industry and is the best doctor in India for fertility treatments.

Reviews of SCI IVF Centre

"I lost the hope to become a mother, but surrogacy from SCI IVF Noida made it possible. Thanks a lot to entire SCI team to help me emotionally during surrogacy.” - by Karishma Rana

“My gratitude for Dr. Shivani cannot be expressed in words. When I lost the hope to become a mother, she supported me emotionally. She motivated me and finally, I have my baby just because of her. Thanks, ma’am.” - by Arpita

Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with SCI IVF Centre.

2- Laadlee Gynae Clinic

The Noida based, Laadlee Gyane Clinic is the best centre for surrogacy in Noida. It is extensively known for its prominence and excellence. Laadlee is one of the best one-stop solutions for fertility issues and surrogacy at a reasonable cost.

Laadlee Gynae and Fertility Clinic

Under the guidance of Dr. Tulika Sinhathe best fertility treatment can be expected. With her 10 years of medical experience, many couples have got family through legal procedure. This super specialty hospital from Noida deals with fertility research and extensively offers the best treatment under the supervision of the well-qualified medical team.

Reviews of Laadlee Gynae Clinic

"I was facilitated with the best surrogacy procedure and motherhood was the result I received. Now I can call myself the mother of a child. Thanks, Laadlee for making me feel the joy of motherhood" - by Mithali Karandhar

“I still can not believe, I will be a father soon. We were waiting for this moment for more than 5 years. Finally, our wait will be ending soon.” by Shubham

Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Laadlee Gynae Clinic.

3- Dr. Shweta Goswamis Fertility and IVF Clinic

Dr. ShwetaGoswamis Fertility and IVF Clinic is one of the recognized surrogacy clinics in Noida. Considering the economic cost, patients can go for surrogacy in this Noida based hospital. Dr. Shweta Goswami is the CEO and the head doctor. She has 15 years of rich medical experience.

Dr. Shweta Goswamis Fertility and IVF Clinic

Reviews ofDrShweta Goswamis Fertility and IVF Clinic

"It was the complete care under Dr. Shweta Goswami and our baby Krishu is the result of successful treatment given by Dr. Shwetaand that of her medical team.” - by Krishna Subranshu and Tanaya Subranshu

“Dr. Shweta is the best doctor in Noida for fertility. We were suffering from infertility and she solved our problem really well. Stay blessed.” - byAounik& Spardha

Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr Shweta Goswamis Fertility and IVF Clinic.

If you have got a fair idea and want an instant booking for the best surrogacy treatment in Noida with high success rates, feel free to contact at +917899912611.

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Dr. R K Sharma has completed MBBS and MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Pune University in 1981 and 1989 respectively. Dr. R K Sharma is one of the pioneers in the field of IVF treatment in India. He specializes in IUI, IVF, Embryo transfer and Hysteroscopy procedures. He is also a member of Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Societies of India (FOGSI). Dr. R K Sharma is presently practicing at Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Chanakyapuri, Delhi. To know more, visit



Kamakshi Singhla

If someone goes for surrogacy treatment, then the budget will be a very important factor. Many infertility centers in Noida are affordable and also have a decent success rate.

Nov. 20, 2018, 2:34 p.m. 4.5


Shivang Tripathi

Adam and Eve Hospital will be a good choice for surrogacy treatment in Noida. This center is equipped with the latest techniques. The centre also comprises of the best doctors visiting this hospital.

Oct. 10, 2018, 10:31 a.m. 5.0


Nidhi Bisht

I am in my thirties, the doctor told me that surrogacy would be best for me. We didn't want to take a chance as we were spending a lot of money on this. So we chose the best center in Noida. We got lucky and the treatment was successful.

June 19, 2018, 5:18 p.m. 4.5


Surpreet Kaur

Thank you for providing all the details about surrogacy costs in Noida. Saved our efforts.

June 4, 2018, 5:27 p.m. 5.0


Adv. Atulkumar Bhagwanrao Deshkar

May 1, 2018, 4:08 p.m. 4.5

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