7 Best Surrogacy Centres in India - IVF Success Rates, Surrogacy Cost in India

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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Deepika Tiwari - MS, MBBS on 19 Dec 2018 - Written by Dr. Srilatha Gorthi - Surgical Training, MRCOG, MD - Grammatically Approved by Dr. Kavita Jaggi Agrawal - MS, MBBS

The best surrogacy centres in India consist of advanced medical technology and expert medical specialists. Surrogacy cost in India varies with the expertise of surrogacy doctors and past success rates. Some of the centres include Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre, and SCI IVF Centre.

Surrogacy is a blessing in disguise for couples suffering from serious infertility issues. It is a medical arrangement or contract where a woman provides consensus to bear and deliver children for a couple on the basis of material or humanitarian gain. However, finding a good surrogate with a better surrogacy centre is a tough thing. To help you, below is a list of best surrogacy centers in India, which we have researched out for your best benefits.

List of 7 Top Surrogacy Centres in India:

  1. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre
  2. SCI IVF Centre
  3. Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic
  4. Sree Fertility and IVF Center
  5. India IVF Clinic
  6. Saraogi Hospital & IRIS IVF Centre
  7. Aveya IVF and Surrogacy Centre

1- Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre

Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre is one of the most sought-after surrogacy centres in Delhi. Located in Chittaranjan Park, this centre for fertility and surrogacy is easily accessible and highly recommended due to the escalating success rate in surrogacy services as compared to other surrogacy centers in the city. This surrogacy centre values your choice of parenthood through surrogacy and works in every possible way to keep the surrogate mother in the best environment for the growth of both baby and the mother. With an expert like Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, the centre makes arrangement for best suitable surrogate mother on the basis of her age, health and family history etc. so that you leave your worry at the backseat and can dream of a better parenthood. Moreover, Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy centre believes in a minute and personal caring of the surrogate mother in a family and provides you with the option of keeping the surrogate mother either in the surrogate home facilitated by the centre or in a family environment whichever is suitable to you.

The centre also keeps in mind to send a surrogate caretaker to visit the surrogate mother in a regular interval and arranges doctor’s appointment in every week to ensure the best health for both the baby and the mother.

Reviews of Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre:

"It is important for any parent to know about the details of the surrogacy process before going for it. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre gave us every possible help and made sure that we had a hassle-free treatment. They maintain remarkable transparency in all their dealings."- by Mr. Kapil Setia

"Can surrogacy be made easy? I would say yes if it is at Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre. Me and my wife were troubled about so many questions like the choice of the surrogate mother, kind of facilities and reliability of the centre. Didn't really had to worry after landing up here. All our worries were taken care of in the best way. Well done!"by Mr. and Mrs. Himanshu Aluria

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2- SCI IVF Centre

SCI Healthcare Noida provides you with impeccable surrogacy services in terms of rigorous emotional and physical screening of surrogates to benefit you to the best. The centre also puts an effort in a proper psychological screening of the surrogates so that any psychological and genetic disorder does not pass on to the baby born. Moreover, SCI IVF Centre makes sure to offer you experienced surrogates as they are properly trained to cope up with any pregnancy complications both physically as well as emotionally. Along with that, SCI IVF Centre Noida takes a lot of effort to routine examination of the surrogate before, during, and after the pregnancy with immediate health care services.

SCI IVF Centre has the best medical staff in Noida with prominent infertility specialists such as Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour (MD, DNB, MRCOG-UK) who has helped many infertile couples in their journey of surrogacy and parenthood.

Reviews of SCI IVF Centre:

"I was at SCI IVF Centre as one of my sisters informed me about its success and perfection. Needed a trustworthy support for my surrogacy. After having a good experience with Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, I would recommend it in future. Satisfied."- by Mrs. Roopa Kapoor

"Becoming a mother was a far-fetched dream for me with a number of health conditions that I suffered from, an unfavorable endometrium being one of them. Came to SCI IVF Centre with a lot of hope and they didn't let me down. Everything was systematic and well-arranged, we got to see the surrogate mother. Extremely transparent approach."- by Mrs. Lakshita Pal

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3- Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic

Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic, Jayanagar is a popular chain of surrogacy centres in Bangalore among the surrogacy service seekers. Although this centre does not facilitate for surrogate mothers, it helps you with the best treatment for your surrogate at all the stages of pregnancy. Also, the legal department handling surrogacy in the clinic knows best how to handle the paperwork and saves you from possible fraud elements such as overcharging by the surrogate, surrogate denying custody of the child born etc.

This fertility clinic is blessed with Reproductive Endocrinologists such as Dr. Asha S Vijay and Dr. Rupa R, who holds a decade-long experience in infertility treatment in Bangalore.

Reviews of Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic:

Surrogacy might be the last resort for a childless couple but we never thought that we could be so lucky to have it done at the hands of experts. At Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic, we felt like we were in safe hands. The surrogate that we found was well-suited to our ethics and culture. Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks a lot."- by Mrs. Leela Ramalingam

"I couldn't conceive even after 10 years of marriage. Doctors told me that my uterus was too small to become pregnant. Doctors at Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic gave us a lot of hope and the surrogacy package that we chose there proved to be a miracle. We could select a nice surrogate mother and they also guided us about the legal formalities and the pregnancy care that followed. Great job." - by Mr. and Mrs. Reeta and Shyam Bhargava

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4- Sree Fertility and IVF Center

Sree Fertility and IVF Center are one of the most popular centres of surrogacy in Hyderabad due to their quality service in surrogacy care and management. The Center is endowed with top Infertility Specialists and Scientists such as Dr. Runa Acharya, who is applauded in both India and abroad for her research and practices in the field of Infertility Treatment. The ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedures carried out in the center is facilitated through state-of-the-art technology, making surrogacy the best choice for childless couples.

Also, Sree Fertility and IVF Center believes in honest and transparent work ethics in terms of surrogacy protocols and help you at every step of drafting and finalizing the legal paperwork.

Reviews of Sree Fertility and IVF Center:

"As we perceived it, surrogacy was not difficult. We got it done from Sree Fertility and IVF Center, they are equipped with all the necessary things a couple would need for surrogacy. Timely arrangements, prompt services, they make sure that you don't face any inconvenience. Thank you!"- by Mrs. Rekha Shetty

"I couldn't have asked for better than Sree Fertility and IVF Center for my surrogacy treatment. Here doctors are quite experienced and they were ever ready to listen to our questions. We were always guided through the procedures beforehand and didn't have to worry about what would come next. This was the best part apart from cost factor."- by Mrs. and Mr. Alok Verma

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5- India IVF Clinic

India IVF clinic is best known for its luxurious surrogacy packages in Gurgaon. This clinic is best sought by people for their cutting-edge ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) services as well as an expert medical team including experienced Reproductive Endocrinologists such as Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla. Moreover, India IVF Clinic is often in news for best services in Gestational surrogacy (surrogacy through embryo transfer). The surrogacy services in this centre are prompt and include a very filtered process of surrogate location, screening, and selection. It also offers you to connect with your surrogate and help each other in the journey of the child.

The surrogacy cycle is very disciplined and minutely observed in every step. It includes the evaluation cycle of the surrogate, cycle synchronization, hormonal therapy, and transplant. The surrogate is monitored regularly and immediate medical assistance to her is provided under this clinic.

Reviews of India IVF Clinic:

"I had looked at at least 3 surrogacy centres before finalizing India IVF Clinic. Did my own calculations and comparisons and this centre had to offer the best in terms of cost and facilities. Not just every procedure was always accompanied by proper counseling, but the payment procedures were too easy and transparent."- by Mr. Anish Mehta

"It is always good to be at a centre that is honest in all its dealings. India IVF Clinic has decent infrastructure, sources to carry out surrogacy smoothly. We faced absolutely no problems during the entire time we were engaged in the treatment procedure."- by Mr. Ahmad Nawaz

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6- Saraogi Hospital & IRIS IVF Centre

In a mushrooming growth of surrogacy centres all over Mumbai; Saraogi Hospital & iris IVF Centre stands high at its pedestal due to their impeccable surrogacy services. With the experienced medical team of Dr. Mohit R Saraogi and Dr. Roopa Prasad, this centre strives to prove itself as the best surrogacycentresin Mumbai. The legal team of the centre is well trained to handle all the legal formalities in surrogacy treatment and help you with each and every paperwork. Also, the screening process of this centre is very vigilant which helps the intended parents to select the best surrogate devoid of any issues in her medical, social and genetic history.

The surrogate home of this center provides a healthy environment for the best development of your child with regular ante-natal care, consultation on demand as well as provision of best dietary intake for the healthy growth of your child. Also, Saraogi Hospital & iris IVF centre helps you select the experienced surrogate so that any emotional and health issues during pregnancy can be tackled conveniently.

Reviews of Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF Centre:

“I am a first-time surrogate and I Initially started with the process and everything has been amazing, very comfortable! Saraogi Hospital & iris IVF centre holds your hand the entire way. The screening process is easy, they assist in finding the perfect match for you! They give you 100% support. I would definitely recommend Saraogi Hospital & iris IVF centre because it’s in the name they treat you like family, to me that’s the most important thing”. - by Mrs. Anna Modi

“The commitment of Dr. Mohit R Saraogi and Dr. Roopa Prasad, the support they give their surrogates has really impressed me. All of my paper-works and legal formalities were smoothly handled by the legal team of the centre. And what more even the screening process of this center is very vigilant and reasonable. Saraogi Hospital & iris IVF centre has my recommendation for any woman thinking of becoming a surrogate or for anyone who is looking to work with a good agency that offers good surrogates”. by Mrs. Sita Rama

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7- Aveya IVF and Surrogacy Centre

Aveya IVF is one of the best surrogacy centres with the highest success rates in India. Along with that, Aveya IVF offers you with comprehensive plan of choosing surrogacy in Delhi both traditional and gestational. For your information, traditional surrogacy is where the surrogate is the biological mother of the child whereas gestational surrogacy involves surrogacy through embryo transfer. Apart from this, Aveya IVF’s surrogacy policy is best applauded for maintaining ICMR guidelines in an efficient way.

Aveya IVF has a very efficient surrogacy team with Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar and Dr. Markus Nitchzke who monitors surrogate mother at every step of their pregnancy. It is one of the affordable and best surrogacycentresin Delhi you can look forward.

Reviews of Aveya IVF and Surrogacy Centre:

“The methods used at Aveya IVF and Surrogacy Centre is very innovative and at par with techniques used in other developed countries. We have the utmost admiration and respect not only for the brilliant clinical care and research but also for the thought-provoking knowledge Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar and Dr. Markus Nitchzke imparted to us”.- by Mrs. Mehak Bindra

“I was given less than 5% chance of pregnancy with my own eggs. All my pregnancies resulted in miscarriage. My life changed after meeting Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar at Aveya IVF. She assured us a successful pregnancy chance. Eight months of pregnancy have come and we still cannot believe the miracle before our eyes”.by Mr. and Mrs. Arushi Handa

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  • Doctor and Clinic Ratings are based on patient reviews - varying from 1 to 5 ratings. These reviews are from verified users on Ela. For rating accountability, Ela also takes into account various genuine sources such as peer site reviews, online surveys and patient's doctor experience to derive these ratings.
  • Ratings reflect the Doctor’s or Hospital’s Accuracy of diagnosis, Experience, Knowledge, Cutting Edge Technology, Infrastructure, Success Rates and Accessibility for advice.
  • Success Rates: These are average Success Rates (rounded to nearest integer) of Hospitals/ Doctors for the cluster of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Surrogacy, Surrogacy with OD, FET and Blastocyst transfer (as applicable). These are clinical pregnancy rates for aged 37 and under and are shared directly by the Hospitals & Doctors and as per the guidelines of MCI.

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Dr. Srilatha Gorthi

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Dr. Srilatha Gorthi is an infertility specialist and laparoscopy surgeon located in Hyderabad. Her area of expertise lies in the field of Gynae diseases and conditions, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). She provides a number of services that comprise of In vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), ICSI, TESA, MESA, Gynae Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, treatment of Ovarian Cysts, Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, Polyps and so on. Dr. Srilatha Gorthi practices at The Birthplace Hospital, Revive Multi Specialty Clinics and Fertility Centre, and The Birthplace Clinic and has a rich experience of more than 18 years. Dr. Gorthi has won 9 Gold Medals in MBBS.She is a reputed member of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), European society of Gynaecological Endoscopy and British Medical Association, UK, and British Fertility Society. You can get her information at
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This is really a very informative list. It includes all the top clinics with the highest success rate from the prime parts of India.

Oct. 6, 2018, 1:23 a.m. 5.0

Raman Dev Gupte

Aveya IVF and Surrogacy Centre has given happiness to many childless couples. It stands strong among the top surrogacy centers in India. It is best known for highly experienced doctors visiting this clinic.

July 3, 2018, 11:17 a.m. 4.5

Ratnika Dutta

Aveya IVF is one of the best surrogacy centers in India. Its success rate is very high because of its world-class facilities.

March 8, 2018, 1:09 p.m. 4.5

Gaurav Rathour

Saraogi Hospital and Iris IVF Centre is considered to be one of the best surrogacy treatment centers in India. We had a satisfactory experience at the centre.

Nov. 23, 2017, 4:14 p.m. 5.0

Usha Reddy

I have heard a lot about SCI Surrogacy Centre. It's a fact that the physicians there have been trained in Germany, Japan and United States. They even hold international recognition for their outstanding clinical work.

Oct. 27, 2017, 12:31 p.m. 5.0

Vijetha Shetty

Garbhagudi Fertility Clinic is one of the the best surrogacy centres in India. I had personally experienced very affordable treatment with extensive care and attention. I could never get better choice than garbhagudi. Thanks to Ela, too.

Oct. 27, 2017, 11:44 a.m. 4.5


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