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    Benefits of Choosing Surrogacy in Georgia through Elawoman

    • 4.5   (1 Votes)
    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Deepika Tiwari - MS, MBBS on 20 May 2019 - Written by Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia - MBBS, M.Sc - Grammatically Approved by Dr. Kavita Jaggi Agrawal - MS, MBBS

    Benefits of choosing surrogacy in Georgia through Elawoman includes complete assistance before, during and after pregnancy, one to one counseling session, legal assistance, surrogate matching, higher success rates at affordable prices and best fertility doctor recommendation.

    Georgia is named among the few countries like Ukraine that have somewhat lenient regulations associated with Surrogacy procedures. It is considered to be one of the top locations with a marvelous atmosphere, world-class medical facilities, and infertility treatment services. It is also best known for cost-effective surrogacy abroad in Tbilisi, Europe. The only conditions that the surrogacy laws in Georgia demand are that commissioning parents should be heterosexual couples and female partner should be able to medically prove that she is unable to carry a child. A legal written consent from intended parents and surrogate is asked for before getting started with the procedure. It is worth noticing that Georgia allows both altruistic and commercial surrogacy for both Georgian couples and couples across the world. Also, there are minimal restrictions on service providers like Elawoman in facilitating the process. Hence, Elawoman has stepped in Georgia to bring in its expertise and make the overall experience of patients satisfying and comfortable in Georgia. With having a big database of egg and sperm donors at its surrogacy centres in Georgia, Elawoman provides its patients with all kind of donor options for their IVF and surrogacy needs that will absolutely help them in starting their families.

    In this article, we will learn about:

    1. What is Surrogacy?

    Surrogacy is a series of medical techniques, which is often expedited by a legal agreement, which allow a woman to carry a child for an infertile couple or intended parents. Surrogacy is often used in cases related to a childless couple or in a case where a woman, owing to certain medical conditions, is unfit to become pregnant and carry the baby in her womb. This has revolutionized medical science and offered hope for infertile couples worldwide. Elawoman, a renowned healthcare provider, ensures that this facility may reach to as many couples as possible in Georgia through its high-standard services.

    What is Surrogacy

    2. Global Prevalence of Surrogacy:

    One of the recent researches clearly indicates that over 50 million couples in the world are experiencing infertility when the global numbers are considered. According to the definition provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), infertility is a medical condition associated with reproductive system wherein couples fail to achieve a successful conception despite having regular unprotected sexual intercourse for 12 consecutive months or more. The factors affecting fertility in men and women include genetic factors, infectious diseases, and environmental hazardous exposures. (1)

    Elawoman has discovered an effective indiscriminating service module for couples or patients seeking surrogacy in Georgia with a sole purpose to provide them with the highest success rates. Elawoman and its fertility and surrogacy services are open to anyone who wish to start their family through surrogacy. Ela provides support to the couples seeking treatment while respecting the prevailing laws in that country. With its decades’ experience in the field of infertility treatments, Ela ensures that it helps patients in availing healthcare services related to infertility treatments at a very low cost in order to prevent the economic status becoming a hindrance in a couple’s dream of starting their journey. As per the lenient surrogacy laws prevailing in Georgia, Elawoman has a lot to offer to the patients seeking surrogacy arrangements in Georgia.  

    3. Surrogacy cost in Georgia:

    The cost of surrogacy in Georgia is around $30,000 including the compensation fees of a local egg donor. The donor and surrogate screening are done based on their age, lifestyle, genetics, mental, and physical health. Surrogacy involves cost at different stages of the treatment and one can find it difficult to pay for surrogacy all at once, but if you plan it with Elawoman, you can easily pay off the bills and save in between. Ela specialists will assist you with an estimate of financial expectations they have access to. Undoubtedly, the cost of parenthood journey is priceless. Surrogacy's journey involves the cost of the medical steps and the time and laboratory procedures are also combined when planning and executing the plan to add a little one to your family. (2)

    What is the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

    4. Global Fertility Scenario:

    The majority of the nations in the world with the highest fertility rates are namely in Africa, with Nigeria ranking at the top with 7.153 children per woman, followed by Somalia at 6.123 children per woman. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, and Chad stands at 5.963, 5.922 and 5.797 children per woman for the year 2019, respectively. The North African country of Tunisia has the lowest fertility rate of 2.147 children per woman. (3)

    5. Total Fertility Rate in Georgia:

    Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in Georgia compares figures for the average number of babies that would be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing years and bore babies as per a given fertility rate at each age. Since TFR refers to births per woman, it is considered to be a more direct measure of fertility levels as compared to the crude birth rate. Based on the facts of the World Bank collection of development indicators, composed from officially recognized sources, the total fertility rate in Georgia stood at 1.996 in the year 2016. (4) The country witnessed a total fertility rate of 1.76 in the year 2017 while in 2018, fertility rate in Georgia was reported to be 1.98 children per woman. (5) The fertility rate of Georgia reportedly fell from 2 children per woman in 2015 to 1.98 children per woman in the year 2018. (6) The total fertility rate presently (2019) in the country stands at 1.971 children per woman. 

    6. Why Ela?

    Ela understands that it can be mind-boggling for couples to decide and implement their journey of surrogacy procedure. Intended parents undertake enormous emotional and financial commitment when they decide to commission someone to carry the most precious part of their lives. Patients may have been through years of immense desperation and challenges owing to infertility issues to have a baby before they find Elawoman. When patients or couples trust Elawoman for their journey to parenthood, they can be confident that Ela is committed to assisting them to navigate through each of the aspects of the surrogacy process. Elawoman makes it safe and secure. They recognize that surrogacy treatment is a complicated and personal journey. This is the reason why they allow both parties to undergo a detailed mental and physical health evaluation prior to the match and finalizing of the surrogate for the procedure. As a fertility team, Ela is all engaged in their patients’ journey right from the conception, pregnancy, and delivery and even after that. It is always available at a moment’s notice to respond to patient queries and provide direction. Ela endeavors to make it hopeful and fruitful for couples.

    why Ela

    7. How Ela Works in Georgia?

    Ela has a dedicated team to help patients in creating their families with world-class facilities at the best surrogacy hospitals in Georgia. It strives to focus on bringing together surrogate mothers, commissioning parents and families through surrogacy network, share their success stories and stay informed about best practice of surrogacy arrangements in Georgia. Here you will find some of the detailed benefits of choosing surrogacy in Georgia through Elawoman.

    One to One Counseling Session: It helps both patients and fertility doctors understand the severity of medical conditions and effective ways of coming out of them with the assistance of infertility treatments. For a patient seeking surrogacy, sharing his or her worries with an Ela fertility expert who truly understands medical concerns, helps him/her feel motivated for the upcoming treatment. 

    Legal Arrangements: Elawoman helps patients in making their parenthood journey a hassle-free one by taking care of all the legal formalities such as guaranteeing the parental rights and guiding patients with their travel documents for making their return to their origin country much easier than ever thought.

    Matched surrogate selection: A surrogate mother is considered a crucial part in the lives of the intended parents who are choosing for the surrogacy procedure. Usually, it takes six to eight weeks to complete the surrogate matching process. Once the surrogate is selected by Ela experts based on couples’ conditions, it takes another two months (approx) to prepare the surrogate for embryo transfer.

    Finally, making you ready for your baby’s arrival: Elawoman helps patients receive a happy baby delivery without unnecessary complications. It also helps patients to fly back to their respective countries after the delivery procedure.

    Here’s a list of some of the best surrogacy centres and best surrogacy doctors in Georgia. The list has been prepared by highly-skilled Ela experts based on the experience of surrogacy doctors, clinic's location accessibility, and patient feedback. 

    8. Best Surrogacy Centres in Georgia:

    1. Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine:

    Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is one of the renowned surrogacy centers in Georgia. The center offers a wide range of fertility services such as Surrogacy, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Egg Freezing, Embryo and Sperm cryopreservation procedures. Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine has trained clinical staff that serves the patients with compassion and care. The surrogacy centre has been honored with multiple numbers of awards like “Infertility Center of Excellence" by Cigna and “Institute of Excellence” by Aetna since 2008. The center was also named as"Center of Excellence” by Optum Health, a United Health Care Company. ACRM is a popular and highly recommended surrogacy and IVF centre in the country as it is affiliated with several organizations such as United Healthcare, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Aetna, Attain Fertility CCRM.(7)

    Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine

    Address: Bakhtrioni 11 B, Tbilisi, 0179 Georgia 
    Services: IVF Treatment, Surrogacy, PGD and PGS, Egg donation, Surrogate mother selection, and care.
    Timings: Mon to Sat from 10 am to 7 pm (GMT+ 4)
    Profile Link:

    Reviews of Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine:

    "We cannot forget the treatment and compassionate care we got from the team of Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. They provided us with a surrogate match of our choice and helped us achieve our goal of parenthood. We will surely recommend ACRM to everyone for the rest of our life."-Noah Abuladze

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment at Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine

    2. New life Georgia

    New Life Georgia is an eminent name in the top list of surrogacy centers in Tbilisi, Georgia. The centre was founded by an eminent fertility specialist, Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili. The surrogacy center has a record of assisting a great number of parents who are struggling with infertility to achieve their parenthood dreams. New life Georgia helps couples visiting the centre from across the world. New Life Georgia has successfully and proudly registered 89 percent successful surrogacy baby births at Public Registry of Georgia. The centre offers various services to childless patients such as Surrogacy, IVF surrogacy, surrogate mother selection, baby program, egg donation, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Surrogate mother care. New Life Georgia serves its medical facilities under the guidance of highly-skilled and experienced medical professionals. The multinational and multilingual personnel present at the centre helps in breaking down the communication barrier between the fertility doctors and patients. New Life Georgia has its branches located in India, Ukraine, Mexico, Kenya, Asia, China, Poland, South Africa, and Latin America. (8)

    New life Georgia

    Address: Bakhtrioni 11 B, Tbilisi, 0179 Georgia 
    Services: IVF Treatment, Surrogacy, PGD and PGS, Egg donation, Surrogate mother selection, and care
    Timings: Mon to Sat from 10 am to 7 pm (GMT+ 4)
    Profile Link:

    Reviews of New Life Georgia:

    "We chose New Life Georgia after a recommendation of a relative who had received a successful surrogacy treatment the previous month. They really liked the super-friendly nature of the staff and highly-developed infrastructure of the surrogacy centre. Thanks to the expert team present at the centre, our surrogate went into labor on her due date and gave birth to our adorable daughter." -Isabella M.

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment at New Life Georgia

    9. Best Surrogacy Doctors in Georgia:

    1. Dr. Monica W. Best

    Dr. Monica W. Best is an eminent surrogacy specialist and renowned Gynecologist in Atlanta, Georgia. She has successfully completed her graduation in Bachelor of Science in Biology from the prestigious University of Michigan. Dr. Monica was honored with multiple academic awards during her bachelors. She combines an exceptional level of expertise in her chosen reproductive fields with utmost dedication and deep understanding of her patients’ concerns. Dr. Monica knew that she wanted to devote her medical career to gynecology specialization of medicine, right from her first appointment at the hospital. Dr. Monica has obtained a full academic scholarship and attended the University of Missouri School of Medicine where she developed her interest in the field of Reproductive medicine during her medical college. Dr. Monica is popular in the country for her compassionate approach towards her patients even in the extremely challenging cases. (9)

    Dr. Monica W. Best

    Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
    Timings: Monday to Thursday (7:30 am to 4 pm), Friday (7:3 am to 12 pm), Sat-sun (8:30 am to 12 pm)
    Services: IVF, Frozen embryo transfer, IUI, donor eggs, Gestational Surrogacy
    Location: 5445 Meridian Mark Road, Suite 270 Atlanta, GA 30342
    Profile Link:

    Reviews of Dr. Monica W. Best:

    "I would be more than happy to entertain any questions people may have as I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Monica W. Best in Georgia. I am just more than grateful to Dr. Monica for providing us with such great service and treatment. Dr. Monica made our surrogacy possible and more than a successful one."-S. Gloveli

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment with Dr. Monica W.

    2. Dr. Maya Kipiani

    Dr. Maya Kipiani is a well reputed Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Georgia. She has astounding knowledge in the medical field of gynecology and obstetrics care. Dr. Kipiani offers her specialization in high and low-risk pregnancy care and infertility treatments. She has extensive experience of decades in caring for women reproductive health and their families at such an overwhelming time in their lives. She provides specialized care with dedication and compassion. She has successfully obtained her graduate degree from Donetsk National Medical University in the year 1999. Dr. Kipiani is focused on working towards a providingthe best model of healthcare facilities possible for both men and women. In the year 2014, Dr. Kipiani worked with American Medical Centres as staff gynecologist. Later, this dedicated and tenacious doctor became a reputable Chief doctor and Gynecologist of AMC Tbilisi in the year 2016. (10)

    Dr. Maya Kipiani

    Timings: Appointment 24/7
    Services: Obstetrics Care, Gynecology problems treatment, Prenatal care
    Location: 11 Dimitri Arakishvili Street Tbilisi, Georgia 0179
    Profile Link:

    Reviews of Dr. Maya Kipiani:

    "Dr. Maya Kipiani is superb he has a heart for each and every patient. She became an instant friend right from our first appointment. She is both amazingly compassionate and competent. Dr. Kipiani knows reproductive medicine and follows protocols for each of the patient's treatment. She gave us complete attention and emotional support which helped us have a pleasant experience." -Aiden Daneliya

    Book here to get an instant FREE Appointment with Dr. Maya Kipiani

    Elawoman Success Stories:

    "My odds of conceiving were slipping away gradually. After experiencing multiple failed IVF cycles, I went for another IVF cycle at some fertility centre. I was so devastated both mentally and physically that I somehow made my mind to go for another IVF attempt, but that fertility centre and the specialists there were so money minded that they kept on giving us false hopes for my conception. And eventually, my cycle failed for the sixth consecutive time. I had almost lost hope of bringing that little angel to my home. Then, one fine day I met one of my friends who was pursuing her surrogacy treatment with Elawoman. She told me that IVF treatments didn’t work for her too and IVF was off the table for her. She then told me about how Ela works for surrogacy in Georgia. She also informed me how proactively Ela experts worked for her surrogacy treatment and that too at an affordable cost. Medical loan facility is also available with Elawoman. She was so happy with her treatment and I could see that on her face and the next day she called me and shared the good news ‘Emily, it’s a boy!'. This made me book an appointment with Elawoman right away. I was attended by the Ela experts so well; I regret why I didn’t find it before. My surrogacy treatment had started. I was getting calls for my next appointment regularly and the best thing was a minimal waiting time at the Ela prime centres. The treatment is going well and by this story of mine, I want to recommend Elawoman to all the couples who have lost hope of having a baby. Trust me, it’s possible with Elawoman!"- Emily Geladze 

    "Having five failed IVF cycles, a duo of miscarriages and my 40th birthday behind me, I couldn’t think of having a baby ever. IVF wasn’t possible for me anymore as I was having higher FSH levels. Then I heard about Elawoman from one of my childhood friends who came to Georgia to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. She told me that she was infertile and it was impossible for her to conceive and then fertility specialists at Elawoman guided surrogacy as the best way for her to achieve parenthood goals. I had heard about Ela earlier as well but this time it hit me so hard I dialed the number and booked an appointment with Ela. At that point of time, I wasn’t doing financially well but I wanted to have a baby. The experts at Elawoman educated me about their medical loan facility with instant and hassle-free approval procedure. I started my surrogacy treatment with Elawoman and it turned out to be a successful one. We can’t thank Ela enough for what they have done for me from beginning till the end." -Charlotte Beria

    Elawoman is always here to help patients with infertility issues. Ela’s here to remind you that yes it’s possible to have a baby despite several challenges. Elawoman is here to remind you that surrogacy journey is about something more than money, something adorable, something beautiful. If you want to talk to the best fertility experts about surrogacy journey and the best surrogacy centres or surrogacy doctors in Georgia, feel free to visit or call at +918929020600.

    Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia

    Written by

    MBBS, M.Sc
    IVF Specialist, Infertility Specialist
    Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia is a clinical embryologist and IVF specialist who has excellent practicing experience in the field of infertility, and gynecology. He specializes in the treatments like infertility evaluation, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), laparoscopy treatments and proton therapy treatments. He pursued his MBBS from Sardar Patel University in 1999. Then, in 2003, he went on to pursue Master of Clinical Embryology from Monash University, Australia. Dr. Dharmesh is a proud member of Medical Council of India (MCI) and Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI). Currently, he is practicing at Pratham IVF and Urology Clinic, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.



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    Ryna Shamsher

    May 20, 2019, 11:42 a.m. 4.5

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