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03 August 2017

Top 10 Stress Busters for Planning a Baby

Written by Dr. Jyoti Mishra
Stress and anxiety can be a major cause of infertility and a hurdle in planning a baby in both men and women. Below are some stress busters for a better pregnancy plan.

Stress and anxiety can be a major cause of infertility and a hurdle in planning a baby in both men and women. Below are some stress busters for a better pregnancy plan.

While planning a baby, it is very important for both the partners to keep stress and anxiety away from their personal and professional life. Stress can lead to severe complications. It can even cause PCOD which is the most common factor for infertility among women.

You can follow these 10 Stress Busters which will helpin improving fertility.


1. Be Active

Activeness is the key source of happiness. If you are active throughout the day, you will not feel messed up with the incompleted task. This stress buster can really help you plan your pregnancy as you can actively check out do’s and don’ts  for a healthy pregnancy.


2. Control your Emotions

Most of the people find it complicated to control or balance their emotions ; especially, women when they get their menstrual cycles. Mood swings and irritations are very common emotional issues. You can take help from some medical advisors who can help you control your emotions.


3. Be a Social-Bee

Connecting with the people around you will help you release your anxiety very easily and its an effective stress buster.  Sharing some food items or common interest like watching a movie or designing a craft will help you a lot. Helping someone will bring inner satisfaction and blessings in the form of healthy pregnancy to you.


4. Time for You

It is really important that you take out sometime for yourself. In this time, for instance, half an hour before sleeping or after waking up, you can manage all the emotional thoughts which are triggering inside you. This is an effective idea as you can listen to your instinct and keep lower stress levels to plan for your pregnancy with right measures.



5. Challenge Yourself

You should challenge yourself for all those tasks which you think you cannot perform. This will encourage you to plan a baby for which you are still scared of. Combating a challenge will make you happy and release stress. This can also boost your pain bearing tendency.


6. Eat Healthy

Food has a mind-blowing connection with mood. Whenever you feel stressed and anxious, try having food which you love to eat. For instance, Ice-Creams are the best Stress Busters. You should also have healthy food items like flax seeds, milk, proteins and low-carb food like sprouts and salads that increase the release of oxytocin. A healthy diet plan will release your stress and balance your weight, too. You should balance your weight for a healthy pregnancy.


7. Be a Smart Human

Do not put so much pressure on your body when there are tools and techniques which can make your work faster, easier and smarter. For example, you should not lift heavy weights if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Instead, you can take help family members/ neighbours. This will even release your anxiety as you can relax and do the work simultaneously.


8. Exercise Daily

While planning a baby, you should always follow a moderate exercise regime. This will work very efficiently as a Stress Buster. Exercise tones your muscles and strengthens your bones. You can do light crunches, stretches and light aerobics for releasing stress and toxins from your body.



9. Think Positive

All the stress busters are dependent on your thought-process. Think positive and do not be scared of the negative stories of pregnancy. Feel good about yourself, spend quality time with your partner and stay close to the people who can give you positive advice.


10. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are the best proven stress busters. You can start with a 5 min meditation and can increase it little bit day by day. Practising Yoga and Meditation will give you inner peace. It will even help in balancing hormones and regulate menstrual cycles as well.

It is very important for couples to find a solution for stress and anxiety when they are planning pregnancy. Stress Busters not only release stress but they also help in tracking most possible ways of a healthy pregnancy.

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