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Pregnancy, Motherhood and Breast Implants: Things You Need to Know

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Breast implants are used to change the shape and size of the breasts. Women with breast implants often perceive it as a hindrance on their way to motherhood and breastfeeding. But women who have got breast implants should know that theycould get pregnantand even breastfeed by keeping their assetsin shape.

Breast implants in many women may become a cause of unrest and they may take it as a hindrance on their way to motherhood and breastfeeding. Women with breast implants may end up worrying about the effect of implants on pregnancy or vice versa. It is an obvious reason, however, as breast implants are indeed an expensive investment while on the other hand pregnancy is the most awaited period of a woman’s life.

For all those who are planning to get pregnant soon or new mothers who are breastfeeding, protecting implants from the after-effects of pregnancy can appear to be a challenge. As a matter of fact, pregnancy causes many changes in a woman’s body. Hormones released during pregnancy can wreak havoc, resulting in weight gain, stretch marks, loss of waistline, and an increase in breast size. As such, it is natural and reasonable for expectant mothers to worry about their appearance. This article aims to take you through all the important aspects that you need to know if you are planning for a baby and would be pregnant soon with your breast implants on.

What is Breast Implant?

An implant is a saline or silicone gel-filled sac used to increase or augment breast size, also known as a “boob job.” These sacs come in different shapes, sizes, texture, and thickness to choose from.

The sac is implanted under the breast tissue or the chest muscle, and can also be used to reconstruct breast tissue lost due to mastectomy or damage to the breast. Women who have implants and want to make changes or improve their looks can benefit from revision surgery using any of these two types of implants.

breast implant

Pregnancy doesn’t Affect Breast Implants

Pregnancy for women with breast implants is a popular topic when it comes to motherhood. Most women are interested to know if getting pregnant will ruin their breast augmentation. The reason being, the hormone estrogen causes breast enlargement and can change the shape of the breast during pregnancy. Breasts also become engorged once breast milk begins to form after giving birth.

The good news is that the breast implants usually stay in place and preserve their shape. Studies show that the augmented breasts are more resistant to volume loss or shape changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Even when changes do occur, they’re usually unnoticeable. So there’s no need to panic. Since pregnancy affects each woman differently, even if a noticeable change to the breast occurs it can be restored with cosmetic surgery. Although possibilities of certain rare factors like deflation or hardening of the implants cannot be ruled out during pregnancy, breast augmentation usually causes no adverse effect on it.

Risks of Breastfeeding with Implants

It is generally safe to breastfeed with implants without compromising the baby’s health this is due to the fact that silicone sac that is used for augmentation is made of a nonreactive material which is safe to use. This is why both saline and silicone gel-filled implants remain FDA-approved devices for breast augmentation and don't pose a threat to the pregnancy or the baby.

Implants inserted under the chest muscle provide an extra layer of protection between the implants and the milk ducts. This means new moms who have implants are generally able to produce milk and breastfeed their babies the same way other moms do.

However, it has to be kept in mind that a mother’s ability to breastfeed may get affected if the surgical technique used to place the implant causes any nerve damage in the breast. This can happen if the incisions are made around or directly below the areola. It is also possible for the milk ducts to be affected. That being said, these complications are rare as modern breast augmentation techniques are very sophisticated and safe.  breast augmentation

If you are unable to breastfeed for some reason, you can share your concerns with your doctor. Your doctor may monitor the amount of milk you are producing to determine if your baby is getting adequate nutrition and also to know the reason behind it.

Treating Your Implants After Childbirth

You must have a well-qualified cosmetic surgeon who has the complete know-how, judgment and a good amount of experience, which is important to achieve the best possible outcome depending upon the kind of body you have and lifestyle that you follow. A mommy makeover is a trending cosmetic surgery among women seeking to get their pre-pregnancy looks back. It involves a set of procedures, but primarily a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and butt lift remain main procedures. Breast augmentation can be done with or without a breast lift.

If you need corrective surgery for your implants, your cosmetic surgeon can perform a mastopexy or breast lift. This procedure corrects sagging breasts and lifts the nipples to a preferred position.

A breast augmentation can be performed where there is a significant loss of breast volume. This procedure restores the breasts and can even improve their shape, size, and firmness. For maximum results, many moms opt for both a breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time. Your surgeons must ask you questions and know your concerns so that they can create a plan that is well suited to your particular requirements and body-type.

Corrective surgery is typically done after breast milk dries up, but your doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for the breast restoration. Doctors also check is it the best time for you to undergo the procedure.

Breasts with Implants Tend to Retain Volume and Shape After a Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Breast tissues and skin tend to get stretched in the process of breast engorgement during pregnancy along with the loss of volume thereby making the breasts to sag and lose shape and volume. For those with augmented breasts, there is no considerable change in any of these factors as implants remain same all through and there are no major changes observed.

breast engorgement

Bouncing Back After Childbirth with Breast Augmentation

It should be reassuring to know that you can become pregnant, give birth, breastfeed and still maintain your attractiveness. Implants don’t usually interfere with pregnancy nor does pregnancy usually interfere with implants. Most women can breastfeed with implants since the modern incision techniques used to avoid damage to the nerves and milk ducts. So this gives the chance to the modern women to enjoy pregnancy without really worrying about their implants.

Nevertheless, each woman’s body and breasts are affected differently and there is always the chance that post-pregnancy implant re-treatment could be necessary. A little touch-up with the revision cosmetic surgery may be just what you need to make you feel gorgeous again. Many mothers have said they got a boost of self-confidence after receiving a breast augmentation or lift.

Are you trying to get pregnant for a long time and facing troubles in conceiving? If yes, then this is the right time to give a visit to the fertility specialist.

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Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist Dr. Bhavna Banga

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I had my breast implants when my breast milk dries up. But it took 1-2 years to dry up.

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I can't think of having these implants ever in my life. If any of my tissue gets damaged then I wouldn't be able to breastfeed my baby again.

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The breast implant is a good news for women who want to regain their pre-pregnancy body. And the most incredible thing is that those implants are risk-free.

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