Crocin Advance Tablet - Know about Dosage, Composition, Uses, Side Effects

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Crocin Advance tablet uses are in cold, headache, fever, muscle cramps, and post immunization pyrexia. Crocin Advance tablet side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, fatigue, anemia, and dizziness. Crocin advance tablet dosage varies from 125 to 500 mg depending on the purpose of use of medication.

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Crocin Advance – Overview

Crocin Advance 500 MG Tablet is a mild analgesic used to treat the common cold, flu and cold related headache etc. Due to its pain relieving properties, Crocin Advance Tablet may be suggested to treat various muscle pain ( backache, arthritis, leg cramps etc.) as well toothache etc. Crocin Advance Tablet is used to relieve surgical pain etc. Crocin Advance 500 MG Tablet is not approved worldwide and is legal only in India, USA, and Japan.

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Crocin Advance Tablet Dosage & Composition

Crocin Advance is composed of active salt Paracetamol which is Analgesic (pain reliever) and Antipyretic (fever and chill reducing) in nature. The medicine gets absorbed into the body very fast which is almost 25% than a regular paracetamol. Due to this reason, one can see the effect of Crocin Advance 500 MG within 5 minutes of consumption.

Crocin Advance comes with a strip of 15 tablets in one pack. Dosage may vary from 120, 240 and 500 MG depending on the age and medical condition. For kids, the dosage is as little as 120 and not more than 1 tablet per day. However, one should always take medical advice prior to consuming Crocin Advance Tablet. Always take this medicine after food. For better results, swallow it with water and do not chew or mix it with water or any liquid food.

Crocin advance tablet dosage

Crocin Advance Tablet Uses and Benefits

Popular as the first paracetamol tablet with Optizorb technology (Advance Absorption Technology), Crocin Advance Tablet has a lot of uses and benefits as discussed below-

  • Cold - Crocin Advance is prescribed for cold with or without blocked nose, sore throat, nasal and sinus congestion.
  • Fever - Crocin Advance Tablet has antipyretic properties which treat fever and chills and provide instant relief from muscle pain from fever.
  • Headache - Crocin Advance 500 MG can treat all kinds of headache including Migraine headache.
  • Menstrual Cramps - Crocin Advance 500 MG can treat mild to severe cramps during and before menstruation.
  • Muscle Cramps - Crocin Advance Tablet is used for curing muscle cramps such as generalised body pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and even complicated situation such as Arthritis.
  • Post Immunization Pyrexia - In children and adults as well, Crocin Advance Tablets treats fever and pain arising out of post vaccination.

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Crocin Advance Tablet in Pregnancy

Crocin Advance 500 MG Tablet is not suggested to pregnant women until and unless deemed very necessary. Although it does not affect the fetus growing inside, Crocin Advance can mess up the blood circulation which is not a very suitable situation for pregnant women. However, it can be prescribed rectally as oral administration is not preferred in pregnancy.

Crocin Advance Side Effects

Although Crocin Advance 500 MG Tablet is a very useful medicine to treat various medical conditions with instant results, it entails certain side-effects. Please consult your doctor or medical health facilitator in case of any of these side-effects spotted-

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Vikash Tilak

I don't face any listed side effects but I do feel sleepy after having crocin tablets.

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Tanmay Tyagi

I always prefer taking crocin advance tablets for headaches and sometimes for post vaccination. They do work well for pain relief.

Aug. 19, 2018, 8:32 a.m. 5.0


Jigyasha Pandit

I have seen lots of advertisement for crocin advance tablet but I never knew it can contribute as a pain relief for mensuration cycles also.

Aug. 12, 2018, 10:27 a.m. 5.0


Babita Khandelwal

I also took crocin whenever I have high fever or cold. It works wonderfully.

June 1, 2018, 6:43 p.m. 5.0


Deore Mahendra Tryambak

May 17, 2018, 1:10 a.m. 4.5

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