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    Top 10 Most Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms 3 weeks - Confirming pregnancy

    • 4.9   (5 Votes)

    Early pregnancy symptoms 3 weeks are sore breasts, fatigue, nausea, spotting, cramps, increased bloating, frequent urination, changes in basal body temperature, and mood swings. Early pregnancy symptoms with twins are also specific and a pregnant women can determine to a certain extent about presence of pregnancy.

    Let’s Discuss in More Details About Top 10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

    Most of the women get to know about their pregnancy when they miss their periods. However, there are some common pregnancy symptoms which every pregnant woman gets. If you too have missed periods and you are getting cravings for some particular food items, possibly you would have conceived. These pregnancy symptoms are visible even if you have not taken any test. This is because as you conceive the released hormones cause sudden changes in your body. Cramping and mood swings are some of the early pregnancy symptoms but are often felt before periods as well. It's you who knows whether you have taken that step and want to have a baby. So, if you are feeling a bit cramp and doubting could I be pregnant? Then it is Yes! And if you haven’t noticed them yet, start noticing your body today. (1)

    Could You Be Pregnant: Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    Some of the early pregnancy symptoms experienced by every pregnant woman we bring you here in this article as following-

    1- Sore Breasts

    You might feel your breasts getting heavier and bigger than before. It is because breast tissues are highly sensitive to hormonal changes. When you conceive, the increased level of progestin and HCG hormones raise the blood volume. So you feel your breasts heavy and swollen. This is one of the most commonly found pregnancy symptoms. So, if you feel so and want to know could I be pregnant, give yourself thumbs up. (2)

    2- Cramps

    Cramps are usually a pain in your lower abdominal area and it is a premenstrual symptom. Though, cramps are felt in pregnancy also. As you conceive, you may feel pain like your muscles in the abdominal area is stretching. (3)
    Early pregnancy Symptoms, Are you pregnant
    This is because your abdomen expands itself to hold the growing baby inside you. So when you feel such, it’s a good sign that you are heading towards a healthy pregnancy.

    3- Spotting

    It might happen that one morning you get up and see some spots lying on your underpants or on your bed sheets. Don’t be confused that it is your periods. Once the egg is fertilized, it attaches itself to the uterus wall and so you can have some spots as implantation blood. This is one of those pregnancy symptoms, which many of you know as a premenstrual symptom only. (4)

    4- Nausea

    Nausea with morning sickness is a very common pregnancy symptom. 85 % of pregnant women get these pregnancy symptoms. Some of them even feel discomfort while traveling in a car or plane. (6)

    5- Fatigue

    Along with nausea comes fatigue, which is also a common pregnancy symptom. You will be nurturing one more life inside you and it will eat up everything that goes inside to grow. You might feel exhausted with your daily routines and tasks. (7)
    Could you be pregnant, Are you pregnant
    This a good answer for your question-could I be pregnant. You must check these symptoms while you try to conceive.

    6- Bloating

    Most of you who try to conceive will have this pregnancy symptom for sure. You might feel like it’s all water filled up in your tummy and you cannot stand on tight jeans or trousers. These very common symptoms you get before your periods as well. The increased level of progestin hormone retards your digestion and so you feel bloated. Check out when you try to conceive, miss your periods and still bloating- Get yourself ready for the test and feel happy with your own instinct asking could I be pregnant. (8)

    7- Frequent Urination

    This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. You will feel to pee again and again at short intervals of time. This can happen even if you don’t drink lot of water or juices. Frequent urination happens because the extra blood flow will trigger your kidneys to release excess water. This can also be a result of enlarging uterus-putting pressure on the urinary bladder. So when you want to go for the washroom, again and again, know that it’s a good sign and feel happy, instead to be worried.

    8- Basal Body Temperature

    Basal body temperature is the temperature counted when your body is at rest. It generally increases when your body is close to ovulation period. When you are planning a baby and try to conceive, keep your basal body temperature checked regularly. A normal range of basal body temperature is 96 to 97.5 degree Fahrenheit. (9)
    Are you pregnant, Could you be pregnant
    It will lower down from the normal range once you get pregnant. You can check your BBT using a BBT thermometer. This can ease your quenching thirst of can I will be pregnant.

    9- Food Cravings

    Cravings for a particular food like tamarinds, cakes, pickles or sweets is the most common pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes, you may feel like eating those, which you once found extremely tasteless. Sometimes, you will get cravings for eating your favorite food every day. During pregnancy, your body needs extra supplements as metabolism rates are increased. This is the reason you get cravings and want to eat more. Do follow your cravings but keep an eye on your weight as overweight can cause complications in pregnancy. (10)

    10- Mood Swings

    As your HCG hormones are raised in pregnancy, you will get mood swings due to such hormonal changes. Bloating, cramps, nausea, and fatigue can also be the factors leading you to get mood swings. Just relax and stay calm. Feel good that there was a day when you were asking yourself- could I be pregnant? And then think about today when you are actually relishing the joy of getting pregnant. You will manage your mood swings very soon as you move ahead with your pregnancy.

    Hope this article has been able to resolve your queries on early pregnancy symptoms most commonly experienced by women. Follow Ela Woman blog to get regular updates on fertility health and treatments.





    Shipra Kakkar

    I had bloating when I found I was pregnant. It was there till 12 weeks and subsided thereafter.

    Oct. 2, 2018, 7:20 p.m. 5.0


    Jigyasa Rawat

    I would say actually everyone is different. When I was pregnant I had itching all over my arms. My arms got red and I even visited a dermatologist for this. Later it was found that I am pregnant.

    Sept. 30, 2018, 12:50 p.m. 5.0


    Krutika Chhabra

    When I was pregnant for the first time, I experienced implantation bleeding for 2-3 days. It was dark brown in color.

    Sept. 25, 2018, 1:01 p.m. 5.0


    Muslimah Jannah

    I find only BBT and fatigue to be tolerable symptoms of early pregnancy. Would never want to experience the rest of them.

    Oct. 30, 2017, 3:12 p.m. 5.0


    Amar Singh

    We ladies can be so desperate that tend to take a pregnancy test way too early than necessary. If doubtful about being pregnant, then the right time to test should be after a week of missed period.

    Oct. 30, 2017, 3:12 p.m. 4.5

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