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Best Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery
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Best Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery

Best Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery

Find tips to Normal Delivery and know all the advantages of normal delivery compared to caesarean delivery. Also explore best pregnancy tips to follow so that you can have less labor pain during normal delivery.

As per a research conduced by Ela over 37% of women across the globeland up withC-section deliveryinstead of normal delivery because of ignorance or because of misconception of associated labor pain. Only 63% ofcaesariansare associated to medical health reasons.

What is Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery, often known as vaginal delivery is a process of natural childbirth. Occurring through vagina, normal delivery is of various sub types depending on the use of assisting medicines during the process of childbirth.

Normal delivery tips

1- Spontaneous normal vaginal delivery is where a pregnant woman goes into labor without any labor inducing medicines.

2- Assisted or Induced vaginal delivery is where labor is induced through medicine and special instruments. However, Assisted vaginal delivery should not be confused with caesarian delivery as no abdominal incision is made under this delivery.

What is caesarean Delivery or C-section Delivery?

Caesarean delivery or C-section is a process of childbirth where surgery is used to deliver one or more babies. This method of delivery should only be performed when mother’s or baby’s health is at risk due to some medical reason. Acceptable reasons could be those of obstructed labor, twin birth, gestational diabetes or problems with placenta or umbilical cord. A C-section delivery normally takes up to an hour under general anesthesia.

Reasons to Prefer Normal Delivery

These days many doctors across the globe have started suggesting C-section to patients because of the issue of pain and time and not just because of medical reasons. Normally ‘to-be’ mothers start panicking and get apprehensive with even a little labor pain and tend to get rid of it as soon as possible through caesarian delivery. However, giving birth to a new life is highly a natural process and unless there is the issue of high-risk pregnancy, a woman should opt for natural or normal delivery. Moreover, our bodies are designed in such a way that we can bear that sweet pain to give birth to a new life, which off course is an unique experience in itself. It's true that vaginal delivery is intensely painful and it takes hours to deliver depending upon the health of the mother. Caesarian deliveries is not suggested because of the following reasons:

1- The wounds take longer to heal and they cause discomforts to the mother as in case of normal surgery.

2- With C-section it has been observed that problems of breastfeeding increases. Mothers tend to produce lesser milk compared to those experiencing Normal delivery.

3- Natural process helps a woman to connect herself with her baby faster and quicker because of growth hormones. Moreover, the reason that caesarian delivery leads to keepingthe baby away from the mother for at least 36-48 hours (because of the recovery time of mother) the bonding builds up slower. On the other hand, with a normal delivery the mother can start breastfeed immediately after the delivery.
 Tips for normal delivery

4- Normal delivery also allows the mother to regain the same body figure and weight as before pregnancy – with much lower physical effort and exercises – and at a much faster rate.

Best Tips for Normal Delivery

One needs to prepare a lot before planning to go for normal delivery. Some of the best tips and tricks to help your body and mind prepare for normal delivery are discussed below.

1- Regular exercise

To keep your body fit and active at the time of pregnancy, it is very important to focus on exercises and yoga. This is the most effective and efficient way to keep your body fit and firm. Opting for small but efficacious exercise techniques can help your baby to grow healthy and for you to bear the pain of normal delivery.

2- Stay away from stress

Keep yourself stress free through your pregnancy. Stress can create health complications, whichmay lead to high blood pressure, migraine and increased sugar levels. All this may lead you down the road of C-section.

3- Practice right breathing techniques

Take proper sessions on breathing and relaxing techniques so that you can supply proper and mandatory oxygen to your body.

Best pregnancy tips to help yo have a normal delivery
These are usually a part of your daily pregnancy exercises and yoga, so don't forget to ask your fitness trainer for the same.

4- Refrain from hearing horror birth stories

Listen good and positive things that make you happy and can help you plan your normal delivery. Avoid having negative conversations with those who have already experienced some medical complications and have actually gone for C-sections.

5- Eat Right

Eating right and healthy is very important during pregnancy. Take more iron, omega-3 and Vitamin (A, B, C, D &E ) rich foods and try keeping your sugar levels well within control at all times.

6- Consult your doctor and let him/her know

Regularly consulting a doctor and always staying in touch is the key to normal delivery. This will not only help you detect any medical issues well in advance but also allow you to share your desire of normal delivery with your doctor.

7- Adequate sleep and water

Water and sleep both are as important as doctor’s advice. It helps clearing out the toxins along with stress factors in the body and will mend your way to Normal delivery.


Hope, this article has helped resolve your queries regarding normal delivery. Follow Elawoman blog to get regular updates on fertility health and treatment.

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Dr. Surveen Ghumman


Dr. Surveen Ghumman is an infertility specialist and gynecologist specializing in IVF, Reproductive Endocrinology, Recurrent failures of implantation, Embryology, Fertility preservation and Surrogacy. Dr. Surveen has completed MBBS from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana in 1986 and MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Government Medical College, Amritsar in 1991. She has also pursued certificate courses in ART and Clinical Embryology from Manipal University and fellowships in Minimal Access Surgeries. She has also pursued Micromanipulation in ART in the year 2011. Dr. Surveen is practicing at The Fertility Clinic IVF Solutions and Max Super Specialty Hospital. For more information, visit



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    Hi! I'm 1 month pregnant. Now I want to know which drink is advisable containing omega 3, iron and Vitamin D.
    Usha Reddy
    Oct. 27, 2017, 12:07 p.m.
    There are few symptoms like blood show, ruptured membranes and diarrhea which can indicate that it's your labor and now the baby has decided to come out in this world. Best pregnancy tip to have a normal delivery is to use the best position which makes you and your baby comfortable and safe.
    Shipra Kakkar
    Oct. 27, 2017, 11:44 a.m.
    Pregnant woman need to make sure that proper care and attention should be given to their health as the baby and mother's good health is vital for the healthy birth of the baby. For customized care, it is important to ensure that a pregnant woman consults her gynecologist and follows the specific ...
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