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    menstrual cycle

    Foods That Can Delay Periods Naturally

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    It is completely safe to delay periods naturally. Apple cider vinegar, papaya, lemon, vinegar, parsley and lentils are some of the foods that can delay periods. However, it should be done only under medical prescription because delaying periods can bring in a lot of hormonal changes in the body.

    Menstruation or period is a natural phenomenon in women that occurs every month while she is in an age group of 11 to 50 years. It brings out in them some physical attributes specific to their gender hence differentiating them from men. (1) The menstrual cycle is accompanied by various symptoms like cramps, inflammation, aches, abdominal pain, heavy bleeding or bloating. At such times one might want to postpone them for a few hours or a couple of days. Though there are artificial alternatives like medicines in the market to do so, the best way is to delay periods naturally. Artificial techniques of postponing period may backfire causing hormonal changes and side effects. These side effects may lead to a delayed period for the next few months, the appearance of facial hair or on the chin. So rather than going for medication, there is a set of food items, which can help delay periods. (2) (3)

    In this article, we will look at:

    1. Is it safe to delay periods naturally?
    2. What are the different types of foods that can delay periods naturally?
    3. What are the points to keep in mind to delay periods naturally?

    1. Is It Safe To Delay Periods Naturally?

    If the doctor suggests that it is safe to take birth control pills, it is probably safe to use them to delay period. The first and best way is to take prescribed or over the counter hormone pill. It is a quick and effective solution but has lots of side effects. These side effects may vary from one person to another because, during a period, the body goes through numerous hormonal changes. Unless extremely urgent, this method should not be preferred. The body needs to bleed every month or it increases the risk of uterine cancer. However, these side effects are greatly reduced in the case of natural remedies. (4)

    Foods That Can Delay Periods Naturally

    2. What are the different types of foods that can delay periods naturally?

    For most women, though periods are essential, they are not a pleasant experience. A period is often accompanied by pain along with hormonal changes, mood swings and irritability. It gets worse if periods happen to clash with travel plans, holidays or important events like a marriage or social function. Thankfully, there are natural ways to delay the onset of one’s periods. Eating some specific types of food can help speed up the menstrual cycle while others can help delay the next period. Here are some foods to try to delay the period naturally(5) (6):

    1. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is not just great for fat loss and diabetes but is considered to be an effective home remedy to delay periods naturally. It does not only push back the dates but can decrease the symptoms and blood flow once a woman goes through the menstrual phase post delay. Add 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and consume it twice or thrice in a day for about a week. It can delay periods naturally for about a week. 

    2. Papaya:Papaya is another great remedy to bring changes in the uterine blood flow. The carotene present in the fruit triggers and stimulates the estrogen level of hormones in the body. This is one of the reasons why pregnant ladies are asked to avoid papayas. But one can have it to push the period date further. (7)

    3. Lemon and Vinegar:Lemon and vinegar are acidic in nature, a quality that helps to detoxify the body and delay periods naturally. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to a glass of lukewarm water and sip on it on an empty stomach in the morning and night. Slice a lemon and chew on it to make the acidic nature work to delay period date. Try having it at least a couple of days before the expected date.

    4. Pulses and Lentils:Apart from being a staple Indian food, pulses also help in holding up periods. Pulses are high in minerals, potassium, and fiber. Lentils disrupt menstruation and are an effective remedy to fix other period related problems. Take some lentils in powdered form, add lukewarm water to it and grind it well with a grinder to avoid lumps. Have it like soup. Try having it for a week in continuation for more results.

    5. Parsley: Herbs not only add flavor to our food but also have medicinal value. Parsley is good not only for digestion but also to delay menstrual cycle. Steep a handful of parsley leaves in half a liter of water for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the tea and drink it while still warm. This should be repeated twice or thrice a day for approximately a week before the period begins. Parsley tea maybe a little bitter in taste so to make it more appealing one can add a little honey to it.
    Cucumber: The cooling effects of cucumber help delay periods naturally. It is said that cold foods can help in delaying periods naturally. This crunchy vegetable is known to have a cooling effect on the body and hence can keep periods at bay for quite some time. In order to delay periods naturally, one can consume it for about a week before the expected dates.

    6. Gelatin: Gelatin is another great remedy to delay periods naturally. Mix together a packet of gelatin and add some warm water. Gelatin can give rapid relief and delay periods for about four to five hours.

    7. Watermelon: Just like cucumber, watermelon too has similar cooling properties that can help in delaying periods naturally for some time. Excess body heat usually leads to early periods and hence eating watermelon can bring in some relief. Watermelon keeps the body cool and helps delay periods naturally when consumed before the expected dates. (8)

    3. What are the points to keep in mind to delay periods naturally?

    Here are some points to be kept in mind when steps are taken to delay periods naturally (10):

    • Start these steps 15 days before the period date to ensure the effectiveness of remedies. (9)
    • One might experience severe period cramps, mood swings or hot flashes frequently.
    • These home remedies may not be effective always. Each individual reacts differently to different remedies. Check what suits your body.

    Delay Periods Naturally

    The menstrual cycle is a sensitive body function and can be easily affected by taking a lot of stress and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Seek medical help in case you are planning to delay the menstrual cycle. Talking to a doctor is necessary before taking any treatment, which can delay periods naturally. There are many hormonal medications available that can prepone periods. However, preponing and postponing periods should be preferably done under medical supervision, as this will ensure that health is being monitored properly while your body is going through changes. Delaying periods naturally is not healthy but just a temporary solution to stay away from the inconvenience in a certain situation. Try not to make it a habit. For more updates follow Elawoman blog.

    Consult Elawoman to get complete information on treatment costs, find the best hospitals/clinics and learn other details. You can book an appointment with top doctors for Irregular Periods of treatment and avail exclusive benefits. Call us at +918929020600 to know more about our services. 





    Himmmat singh

    If someone is trying to conceive that most effective tip would be spending time with your partner because conceiving a baby should be a lovable moment not stressful.

    June 27, 2019, 3:10 p.m. 5.0



    i used to take tablets , these natural remedies will be healthy & beneficial..

    June 20, 2019, 6:45 p.m. 5.0




    June 20, 2019, 6:43 p.m. 5.0


    Amiya ..

    A good description with natural remedies, i used to take tablets .. really helpful ..

    June 20, 2019, 6:37 p.m. 4.5


    Vipul Chaudhury

    Feb. 21, 2019, 11:43 a.m. 4.5

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