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11 January 2017

Causes And Treatment of Irregular Periods

Causes And Treatment of Irregular Periods
Written by Dr. Grace Jaafar

Menstrual cycle or period cycle may vary from woman to woman. Here are the cause of irregular periods or period problems and best treatment for irregular periods

Menstrual cycle or period cycle may vary from woman to woman. Here are the cause of irregular periods or period problems and best treatment for irregular periods

Menstrual periods may vary widely from woman to woman. Some periods are punctual, some are unpredictable. On average, a woman gets her period every 24 to 38 days. A period usually lasts about two to eight days. However, more than 20% of menstruating women experience irregular periods & you may be experiencing it too. Do you also have an irregular menstrual cycle? Are you also experiencing period problems in your period cycle?

1.The time between each period starts to change.

2.You are losing more or less blood during a period than usual.

3. The number of days that your period lasts varies significantly.

Period problems


Different types of Irregular Periods:

1. Irregular Bleeding In Menstrual Cycle: Bleeding of more than 20 days in individual cycle lengths over a period of one year.

2. Absent Menstrual Bleeding (amenorrhea): No bleeding in a 90-day period.

3. Heavy Bleeding In Menstrual Cycle (HMB): Excessive menstrual blood loss that interferes with the woman’s physical, emotional, social, and material quality of life and can occur alone or in combination with other symptoms.

4. Heavy and Prolonged Bleeding in Menstrual Cycle (HPMB): Less common than HMB. It is important to make a distinction from HMB given they may have different etiologies and respond to different therapies.

5. Light Menstrual Bleeding: Based on the patient complaint, rarely related to pathology.

Do Irregular Periods Need Treatment: Treatment of irregular periods depends on the cause and your desire to have children in the future. Changes in your body's level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone can disrupt the normal pattern of your period. That's why adolescent girls going through puberty and those women who are reaching to their menopause commonly have irregular periods but that's not the big healthy problem that needs a diagnosis. Are you also experiencing period problems in your period cycle?

Common Causes of Irregular Periods:

1. Having an intrauterine device (IUD)

2. Changing birth control pills or using certain medications

3. Excessive exercise

4. Polycystic ovary disease (PCOS)

5. Pregnancy or breastfeeding

6. Stress

7. Overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism

8. Thickening of or polyps on the uterine lining

9. Uterine fibroids

Period Problems, Period cycle

Treatment for Irregular Periods: Most of the time, simply decreasing our stress, improving nutrition and adding adequate nutritional supplements can provide a natural way to restore regular menstrual cycle. Are you also experiencing period problems in your period cycle? For most patients, we see big improvements with the following steps:

1. Healthy dietary modifications especially decreased intake of refined carbohydrates.

2. Supplementing nutritional gaps with a medical-grade multivitamin, including calcium, magnesium, and a high-quality fish oil supplement, such as the high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade formulations by Women to Women.

3. Moderate exercise (this may require increasing or decreasing your current level of exercise).

4. Stress relief through exercise or other relaxation techniques.

5. If the issue stems from an anovulatory or perimenopausal condition, a doctor may prescribe birth control pills to normalize the cycle.

6. Sometimes, scarring or structural problems in the uterus (womb) or fallopian tubes may lead to irregular periods. Surgery may be done to correct any structural problems or birth defects, particularly in women who want to have children.

Menstrual cycle, Period cycle

You must call your Doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

1.You miss three or more periods a year.

2. You get your period more often than every 21 days.

3. You get your period less often than every 35 days.

4. You are bleeding more heavily than usual during your period.

5. You bleed for more than seven days.

6.You have more pain than usual during a period.

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Aug. 21, 2017, 5:26 p.m.
I too had short period cycle... i started taking pomegranates and beet root.. now I get 30 days of menstrual cycle.
Preety Sharma
Aug. 21, 2017, 6:13 p.m.
Period problems or irregular periods should not be avoided at all... especially while trying to conceive.
Dr. Sheetal Sawankar
Aug. 21, 2017, 6:15 p.m.
Period delaying pills can also affect menstrual cycle. Try to avoid them.
Desaray Callie Lashley
Sept. 5, 2017, 4:39 a.m.
I'm confused! I have missed last months period and I'm 4 days past the day I was suppose to start this month and still not had not a single drop of blood! Should I take a pregnancy test or wait another week and see if it starts?
Oct. 25, 2017, 11:55 p.m.
Well I have missed 3 periods and I'm supposed to be on one now but I'm not! I have went to the hospital several times for pain in my abdomen! I have been having all these pregnancy signs but many per test have came back negative! I even had a blood test come back negative! I found out that I have...