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    Top Lubricant Brands in India - Types of Lubricants, Prices, Product Variation

    • 4.8   (5 Votes)

    Top lubricant brands in India have been chosen as per the user experience and satisfaction reviews. Durex, Moods, Pjur Analyze Me, Joy Division Slick Slide, and Hot Super Glide rank among top lubricant brands in India. The best natural lubricant brands also offer satisfactory experience for couples.

    Ever felt confused or shy about using Lubricants? Well, don’t.

    Normally, during sexual arousal, a woman’s vagina gets watery and soft due to vaginal secretion. However, many times due to age or other biological reasons, a woman loses her natural course of lubrication during sexual arousal. That is where a lubricant comes to rescue by providing artificial yet tempting lubrication which makes sexual intercourse along with foreplays easier. (1)

    Let’s Discuss in More Detail About Lubricants Brands in India:-

    What is a lubricant?

    A Lubricant is a gel or a liquid, which a woman and her partner/s can use to make her vulva, vaginal wall or anus wetter. Lubricants come under a lot of fruit/food flavor mainly under three broad categories- Water-based, Silicone and Oil-based.

    Lubricant or Lube in simple terms is the undercover hero of a steamy sex session. From maintaining passion when your condom dries out to helping out comforting from deadly frictions, a lubricant should be one of the essential products in your bedroom. (2) (3) (4)

    Also, read: How to increase sex time

    What are the types of lubricants?

    There are several types of lubricants available; each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Go through the below types:

    1- Water-based lubricants

    This type is usually inexpensive and can get easily. You can also wash it off easily. But they might not last long as the couple wants and may have to reapply for maintaining the moisture. (5)

    2- Silicone-based lubricants

    They last longer than water-based lubricants. But they cannot rinse easily and might irritate some women if not cleaned immediately after intercourse.

    Both water-based and silicone-based lubricants may contain glycerin which can result in inflammation as well as yeast infections. (6)

    3- Oil-based lubricants

    It should be used with caution. You cannot use these lubricants with latex condoms as it can make the latex weak as well as make the condom to break or leak. As a result, it can increase the risk of unplanned pregnancy or the transmission of STIs. (7)


    While petroleum-based lubricants made from petroleum jelly, baby oil or mineral oil can cause irritation or inflammation in some women.

    What to keep in mind while using lubricants?

    Before using the lubricants, keep in mind the below points:

    • Don’t use the products which are not meant to use as lubricants like baby oil, massage oils, petroleum jelly and natural oils. They can break down the latex condoms and one must avoid using these two together.

    • Avoid using silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys as different silicone grades can break each other.

    • How to use ‘climax control’ lubricants? The climax control lubricants have benzocaine and are meant for men who have premature ejaculation problem. The best way of using this lubricant is by using it inside the condom.

    • Flavored lubricants may seem a good idea but some of them contain sugar. It can be a problem for women who are prone to yeast infection as sugar enhances the yeast growth.

    • Get all the details about natural lubricants before using them. These lubricants contain vitamin E, aloe vera and carrageenan which are long lasting and don’t contain any artificial chemical. (8)

    For your ultimate satisfaction, we have listed out 5 of the best lubricants in India as per user ratings, reviews, popularity and product composition. Below is the list for your best benefit

    1- Durex

    Durex offers you a range of lubricants with exciting flavors for your heightened sexual sensation. Mostly water-based, Durex lubricants are made from natural sources. Due to their water-based nature, they are washable and leave a pleasurable aroma afterward. Known to be safe and healthy, Durex lubricants don’t leave chemical residue on skin and don’t react even they come in contact with saliva. The texture is mild and skin-friendly. Lubricants with massage gel applicability are one of the many specialties of Durex lubricants. (9)

    Durex lubricant
    Manufactured by London Rubber Company in 1915, Durex shares a history of 82 years now.

    • Product Type: Sexual enhancer & Massage Gel
    • Product Variation: Water and Silicone-based
    • Flavors/Variants available: Cherry, Strawberry, Menthol, Ylang, Guarana
    • Average Price: Rs. 650 for 200 ml.

    2- Moods

    Known for its brand value for decades, Moods lubricants are one of the greatest inventions of HLL Life Care after the success of Moods Condoms. If you are looking for a safe lubricant with good taste and neutral aroma, Moods lubricants should be on the top of your checklist.

    moods lubricant
    Moods lubricants come with a water-soluble nature, which is easy to clean off and very non-sticky during usage as well. Moods lubricants also provide extra moisturization to your private parts and reduce inflammation.

    • Product Type: Sexual enhancer
    • Product Variation: Water & Silicone based
    • Flavors/Variants available: Warm, Cool & Natural
    • Average Price: Rs. 250 for 60 ml.

    3- Pjur Analyze Me

    Pjur is a water-soluble lubricant and stainless in its function. As one of the largest selling brands in the US, UK, Germany and India, the base of these lubricants is made from natural sources. Pjur lubricants are easily absorbable on the skin and dry out without much effort. However, it is always better to rub it off with water or saliva when you are reapplying Pjur lubes.

    Pjur Analyse Me
    One of the highest-grossing products of Pjur Groups, Germany, Pjur lubricants has a very elite market share due to their quality Lubricants (both water and silicone-based).

    • Product Type: Sexual Enhancer
    • Product Variation: Water & Silicone based
    • Flavors/Variants available: Aqua, Cool, Anti Chafing & Blister Protection, Alcohol-free
    • Average Price: Rs. 1200 for 30 ml.


    HOT is a new generation of sexual lubricants that are fully edible. Infused with natural ingredients and stimulating extracts, HOT makes a way in the Indian market post-globalization. Usable for sexual intercourse, oral sex and even on sex toys, HOT lubricants is one of the best choices you can make while purchasing a lubricant. (10)

    HOT Superglide
    They come in all the variants- water, silicone and oil which are sensuous along with no lingering effect type of lubricants. They have a very pleasing aroma, which makes sex a pleasurable event.

    • Product Type: Sexual Enhancer
    • Product Variation: Water, Silicone & Oil
    • Flavors/Variants available: Glide, Superglide, Natural, Warming & Extreme
    • Average Price: Rs. 850 for 30 ml.

    5- Joy Division Slick Slide

    Joy Division is one of the emerging brands in India with their best series of silicone lubricants in India. They are rash free and safe even without washing later on. It is a medical grade product which provides relaxation to dry and flaky vaginal skin.

    Joy Division Slick Slide
    For a smoother effect, use this lube with condoms and enjoy the greatest pleasure of life.

    • Product Type: Sexual Enhancer
    • Product Variation: Water & Silicone-based
    • Flavors/Variants available: Aquaglide, Banana, Sweet Cherry, Slick’n’Slide,
    • Average Price: Rs. 1540 for 100 ml.

    Have you had unprotected sex? Get to know Useful tips after unprotected sex. Are you feeling shy in discussing with your partner regarding sex practices, please explore our article on Talk About Safe Sex With Partner.





    Shelly Bill

    Silicon-based lubricants can be allergic to someone so, be sure enough before choosing lubricant variation. Variants can also add up the spice in your private moments so choose your favorite flavors.

    Oct. 9, 2018, 2:48 p.m. 4.5


    Erika Madn

    I have personally used Durex lubricants and it's completely reliable. The sex was smooth without any pain or side effects. The viscosity of lubricant was low so, it didn't destroy the fun in sex.

    Sept. 3, 2018, 7:03 p.m. 5.0


    Kristy Stinglow

    The best lubricants for sex? Why would anyone need a lubricant at all? Isn't vaginal dryness treated with meds, just curious.

    June 4, 2018, 12:25 p.m. 5.0


    Chaugule Vijay Laxman

    May 14, 2018, 12:55 p.m. 4.5


    Rakhi Srivastav

    I have a dryness problem and using any brand without 100% certainty can hamper the sperm count of my husband. Thanks for sharing this now I can choose one and my intimacy experience won't be painful anymore.

    April 12, 2018, 3:55 p.m. 5.0

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