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20 Best Love Songs of all Time

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Find the list of exceptionally romantic and classic love songs of all time. These songs have left an everlasting impression on peoples mind. "Love song" by Sara Bareilles, I knew I loved you by Savage Garden and Thats the way love goes by Janet Jackson are some of the extremely admired songs.

Hundreds of songs are released very month worldwide but only few songs have the power to leave an impression in people’s heart. Not just the music, but the lyrics and words of the songs are so powerful, that it becomes very difficult to forget these songs.Such love songs never fade away. People feel love when they listen to these songs. Singing love songs is the best way to express love for your partner. Expressing love is very important and a very common way is through romantic songs. To help you out with the list of best love songs ever, we have come up with the curated list of all time classic love songs. When you dedicate a love song to your partner, believe me at that time your partner feels on the top of the world. A beautiful feeling, i.e. love, should be expressed in a special way.

Are you having butterflies in your stomach? If yes, chances are high that you might be experiencing and feeling "love" in your life. Stay tuned and read the list of romantic tunes that will never go out of style.

1. "Love Song" - Sara Bareilles: (2008)

The American writer and singer Sara Bareilles released this epic song in the year 2007. This song is a part of the famous album ‘Little Voice’. This song was also nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2009. “Love song” hit top charts in various countries including UK, Australia, Canada and USA (United States).

2. "Baby Love" - The Supremes: (1964)

Baby love was one of the best romantic love songs of the late 20th century. It was released by American music band named ‘The Supremes’ in the year 1964. It hit the US billboard pop singles chart for the entire one month. It also made its entry to the UK singles chart at the same time. The song got nominated for the Grammy awards in 1965.

3. "Love Story" - Taylor Swift: (2009)

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift, an American song writer and performer wrote this song based on her real love life. The guy whom she loved was not accepted well in her family. This inspired her to base the song on the most famous love story "Romeo and Juliet" but she added a twist to the story by giving it a happy ending.

Love Story - Taylor Swift

4. "Part-Time Lover" - Stevie Wonder: (1985)

The recorder and songwriter of this famous song admits that this song was truly inspired by The Supremes hit songs namely "My World Is Empty Without You” and "You Can't Hurry Love". This song managed to top five different Billboard charts.

5. "Lovin' You" - Minnie Riperton: (1975)

Minnie Riperton is the performer of the song “Lovin’ You”. The song has been taken from the epic album ‘Perfect Angel’. Riperton wrote this song along with Richard Rudolph. This song managed to maintain a number one position on US Billboard Hot 100. Apart from managing its place in US charts, it also performed well on UK chart.

6. "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' " - The Righteous Brothers: (1965)

This song is considered to be one of the best records ever. Barry Mann, Phil Spector and Cynthia Weil wrote this song. In 1965, this song became the hit in both UK and US. The three writers got together at Chateau Marmont Hotel to write the song. The song managed to take peak position in many top charts such as Canada Top Singles, UK Singles, US Billboard Hot 100, US Cash Box Top 100.

7. "This Guy's In Love With You" - Herb Alpert: (1968)

Herb Alpert sang this famous song for his wife on Malibu’s beach. On the next day, he got many calls where viewers were asking for the copy of the song. On seeing this response, Herb released the song and it became number 1 hit very soon.

This guy's in love with you - Herb Alpert

8. "Don't Let Go (Love)" - En Vogue: (1997)

American music group En Vogue performed this beautiful song. “Don’t Let Go” song hit top charts in many countries. This song was the best international song of the time from En Vogue band. It was their last single with their band member Dawn Robinson who was a lead vocal.

9. "Justify My Love" - Madonna: (1991)

Because of the steamy scenes in the video, MTV refused to air it. Later, ABC’s nightline aired the video without cutting any part from the original song. It was released in the October 1990 and became a super hit in the year 1991. Although, the song is quite controversial over the legacy of lyrics and recordings but still it’s the most memorable one.

10. "That's The Way Love Goes" - Janet Jackson: (1993)

This lovable song has been taken from Janet album. The song was released in the year 1993. It was the biggest hit of the American singer Janet Jackson. It was highly applauded by the critics as well. For continuous 8 weeks, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 list, which is commendable in itself.

11. "The Power of Love" - Celine Dion: (1984)

“The Power of Love” song was released in the year 1984 by the famous singer Jennifer Rush for her album. Later in 1985, it was released in several European countries, New Zealand and Australia. It was also translated into multiple languages and the song got worldwide exposure and recognition.

The Power of Love - Celine Dion

12. "I Love You Always Forever" - Donna Lewis: (1996)

This was the debut song recorded and written by the renowned singer Donna Lewis. The song was a commercial hit and performed wonderfully on many charts namely weekly charts, year-end charts and decade end charts in many countries.

13. "I Just Called to Say I Love You" - Stevie Wonder: (1984)

Stevie Wonder is the writer and performer of this famous song. The song has the record of topping 19 charts. It is one of the best selling songs till date. This song alsomade its way to won Academy Award in the category of Best Original Song.

14. "Greatest Love of All" - Whitney Houston: (1986)

Michael Masser has provided the composition for this song while Linda Creed has written the lyrics. The song was originally written for the movie “The Greatest” which was a biopic of the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali.

15. "The Power of Love" - Huey Lewis & the News: (1985)

Huey Lewis and the News released “The Power of Love” song in the year 1985. This song was written for the movie “Back to the Future”. Michael J. and Christopher Lloyd starred the movie. It also held the peak position on many charts such as Canadian RPM Top Singles, US Billboard Top 100, US Billboard Top Rock Tracks and many more.

The Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News

16. "Dreamlover" - Mariah Carey: (1993)

The American songwriter Mariah Carey released this song in 1993.Carey wrote this song along with Dave Hall. This song was highly praised by the contemporary critics. It got worldwide exposure and the song reigned number position for many weeks on various charts.

17. "Love Hangover" - Diana Ross: (1976)

Ross, the singer of this song sang the slow part of the song with ease but when she came to the fast part, it really became difficult for her to sing it. In fact she protested that she could not sing the song further. But the producer of the song Mr. Hal Davis made such an atmosphere that Ross got inspired and completed the song with full enthusiasm and zeal.

18. "Can’t Help Falling in Love" - UB40: (1993)

The song was released in many countries in 1993. It got 100th position on US Billboard Hot 100 on its debut and climbed to the first position within the short span of time. The song remained at the peak position for the continuous 7 weeks.

19. "I Knew I Loved You" - Savage Garden: (2000)

The Australian singer, Savage Garden sang the song in the year 2000. The song hit the number one spot on US Billboard Top 100. This was Garden’s second song on the top list after the song “Truly Madly Deeply”.

20. "I Want to Know What Love Is" - Foreigner:(1984)

The American rock band ‘Foreigner’ performed this awesome song in the year 1984. Mick Jones is the lyricist and the composer of this song. This song got so famous that it was also featured in many films. It topped multiple charts namely UK Singles, Sweden Chart, US Mainstream Rock, US Cash Box Top, Norway charts, New Zealand Charts and many more.

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Infertility Specialist, Infertility Evaluation / Treatment Dr. Devika Chopra

Dr. Devika Chopra is a leading Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and IVF Expert in Tardeo, Mumbai. She provides services such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Gynae Problems, Maternal Care/ Checkup and Infertility Evaluation/Treatment. Dr. Devika Chopra practices at Hope Clinic in Forjett Street, Mumbai. She holds an experience of almost a decade. She completed MBBS from Grant Medical College, Mumbai in 2002. Thereafter, she pursued DNB in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from NBE in 2009. She continued her studies further and did MSc from Oxford University, U.K. in 2012. For Contact details of Dr. Devika Chopra visit at


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Nityanand Prabhat

Some of the songs were new to me but were completely worth listed in this article. Good choice!

Oct. 10, 2018, 9:18 p.m. 5.0


Ashish Bhatt

They are the best songs ever. I hear them often and never get bored.

Sept. 2, 2018, 7:48 a.m. 4.5


Ronit Telly

Mostly old songs from 80's are listed in this article and no doubt they are legendary. But our latest songs are remarkable too.

Aug. 15, 2018, 11:13 a.m. 5.0


Kriplan Naag

Love story by Taylor Swift is one of my favorite. No doubt it's in the list of an all-time best love song. Totally deserving.

Aug. 6, 2018, 8:41 a.m. 4.5


Ankit Ravish

Good list of songs but many of them I haven't heard before. I think I will listen to them now.

July 22, 2018, 3:36 p.m. 5.0


Dilip Murlidhar

I must say that this list of songs is just amazing and I myself have fallen in love with these retro love songs. Very interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!

May 30, 2018, 4:16 p.m. 4.5

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