Top 8 Beauty and Fitness Secrets of Ivanka Trump - Get to Know Them All

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Ivanka Trump is known for her beauty and fitness even at her age. Ivanka considers balanced diet and fast paced cardio as one of the effective tips for glowing skin and fit body. Oatmeal and Greek Yogurt are essential parts of her diet. You can opt for Ivanka Trump fitness and beauty regime for excellent results.

Ivanka Trump is a famous American entrepreneur, TV artist and obviously the daughter of US President, Donald Trump. She has also been a model in the past. It is surprising to know that she is also the mother of three kids. Her looks and persona are praised everywhere because she has maintained it so well that even after bearing kids and handling a lifestyle that's both personally as well as professionally demanding, it's absolutely astonishing how the lady manages to have a figure that can put even professional models to shame. The popularity soars to newer heights, if the individual looks much younger than her actual age. This is precisely the case of Ivanka Trump, a businesswoman, author and a TV personality, as one of the most beautiful ladies in the United States. Interestingly, her beauty and grace even after having three kids makes her more popular over being the daughter of Donald Trump.

You will be surprised to know that during her early ages of life she was addicted to foods with high calories, which included eating pizzas and pasta on a daily basis and filling the diet with excess carbs. Now, things have changed. She follows a strict diet and ensures that she does not indulge in any kind of junk food or unhealthy items, which can take a toll on her health, beauty or weight.A beautiful figure and an ever-glowing skin don't come easy especially after having kids but the lovely Ivanka Trump has some health secrets, which make it possible.This time, we will unlock her secret of beauty and charm for you.

Check out the following secrets of Ivanka Trump and utilize them in your daily life.

Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #1

Treats protein like a King

Ivanka Trump makes proteins the prime part of her diet. She makes sure that she consumes fish like salmon on a regular basis. You must know that wild salmon contains an appreciable amount of omega-3 fatty acid, which is essential for the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are useful for improving the heart and brain functioning along with enhancing the skin texture. It is a rich natural source of Vitamin B, D as well as selenium. She mainly prefers consuming brown rice and broccoli in her diet. So, you too can opt for this diet pattern that's rich in antioxidants just like Ivanka Trump and create a younger version of yourself.

Ivanka's beauty and fitness secret

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Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #2

She monitors the amount of carbs consumed in her diet

Ivanka Trump focuses on consuming carbs at the right time of the day in the right quantity. Consumption of carbs in the night time is an absolute no-no for individuals who want to lose or maintain their weight. Ivanka Trump knows this very well and implements this in her daily routine.

A study appeared in the journal namedObesityin which two groups of men were put on a diet, which was quite identical. Half of the group was asked to eat carbs throughout the day and the other half of the group was asked to eat carbs majorly in the evening times. The first group lost more amount of weight as compared to those in the second group who ate a majority of the carbs during evenings or after that. This clearly indicates that diet containing low-carbs and high-protein is very useful for the successful weight loss irrespective of the age and gender of the individual.

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Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #3

She performs fast-paced cardio

You will be amazed to know that Ivanka Trump adds Soul Cycle sessions to her workout routine on a regular basis. Soul Cycle basically involves a candlelit spin workout combined with the dance moves. During the session, it is made sure that the members do not carry their cellphones and they are kept away from any kind of technology-focused devices or instruments during the 45-minute session. This kind of sessions ensures that she is able to keep up with the energy and fitness in her thirties.

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Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #4

She Performs Yoga

Ivanka Trump performs yoga sessions regularly, which play a crucial role in keeping her young and vibrant. You will be surprised to know that yoga helps in curbing the excessive hunger, which usually occurs when you start a new workout routine. Yoga calms the mind and prevents any kind of mental disturbance due to excessive hunger. Yoga improves the connection between body and soul. Most importantly, with yoga, an individual learns the right way of breathing which automatically boosts health.

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Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #5

She loves Running

Ivanka Trump loves taking challenges in developing her fitness and ensures that she does not cheat in any of her workouts. Along with performing Yoga and Soul Cycle sessions, she also performs running on a regular basis. Running helps her build proper strength and energy required in the daily routine. She has participated in many half marathons with appreciating victory since she has left her unhealthy lifestyle. This has helped her create a regular routine of running in her fitness regime.

Ivanka loves running

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Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #6

She Meditates

Ivanka Trump meditates early morning. Meditation ensures that the soul of the individual connects with the mind and body. So, if you want to add on to the peace levels in your life, then you need to treat meditation as a priority in your lives. The metabolism of the body improves along with the reduction in excessive hunger. She prioritizes in performing meditation for the better mental health and peace of mind. So, if you want to improve mental health along with physical fitness, then you must implement meditation in your early morning routine.

Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #7

Starts the Day with Drinking Water

Drinking around 2-3 litres of water helps every individual to curb unwanted hunger and prevent the intake of unhealthy calories. Ivanka starts her day with drinking water. This keeps her looking fresh and young throughout the day. Also, she adds water-based natural food items like Watermelons to her diet. These days, detox water is a great option to intake health improving nutrients along with the consumption of right amount of water. Moreover, she prioritizes that she keeps drinking water from time to time for keeping her skin and body hydrated. You too can opt for this habit of Ivanka Trump and improve the overall health of your body.

Ivanka starts the day with drinking water

Ivanka's Beauty and Fitness Secret #8

She Believes in Oats

Oats are a staple part of Ivanka's daily diet. She makes sure that she consumes oats in her breakfast. The best part is that she not only follows this type of diet for herself, but also implements this for her kids too. So, they get two choices for breakfast. One is Greek yogurt and the other one is oatmeal. Greek yogurt will be combined with berries. If the kids choose oatmeal, then it will be combined with chia seeds, goji berries, almonds, walnuts as well as flaxseeds. This ensures that not only Ivanka but also her family consumes a healthy diet.

So, these are the secrets, which keep Ivanka Trump fit and healthy. If you are a fan of Ivanka Trump, you'd surely love to opt for the lifestyle and habits of Ivanka, after all it's a dream of every fan to walk on the footsteps of their icon and most importantly it's a chance to show some love to yourself as well.

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Shilpa Kashyup

Yoga and a healthy diet are keys to a healthy physical structure. Being skinny and healthy is hard to gain and only yoga can help you to achieve this. After yoga, you should have stomach full proteinous diet so your body could consume it and you're ready for your day.

Oct. 13, 2018, 11:22 p.m. 5.0


Sapna Chauhan

I am shocked to know she is 37 and a mother. She looks so young and fascinating. I follow her diet plan so one day I could be something like her. Along with a tremendous lifestyle, she also contributes to the political affairs with her dad.

Oct. 12, 2018, 7:56 p.m. 5.0


Shelly Turner

Ivanka Trump plays multiple roles such as businesswoman, fashion designer, author and reality television personality. She is my role model. I don't follow any diet plan like her but I would love to do so.

Sept. 21, 2018, 5:26 p.m. 5.0


Ivanka is a role model for most of the individuals. The way she has maintained herself even at this stage is worth appreciating. I really admire her for this.

Ivanka is a role model for most of the individuals. The way she has maintained herself even at this stage is worth appreciating. I really admire her for this.

Aug. 22, 2018, 4:30 p.m. 5.0


Sanobar Vijaysaradhi

Aug. 9, 2018, 5:27 p.m. 4.5

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