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Cost for IUI treatment in Chennai - Best IUI Doctors in Chennai, Services

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The cost for IUI treatment in Chennai ranges between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 37,100. The expertise of IUI doctors in Chennai plays an important role in determining cost of IUI treatment in Chennai. Dr. Rajalakshmi R of Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Centre and Dr. Niveditha V C of Oasis Centre branch of Anna Nagar top the list of IUI doctors in Chennai.

List of 5 Best IUI Doctors in Chennai:

  1. Dr. Dakshayani D
  2. Dr. Rajalakshmi R
  3. Dr. Premalatha
  4. Dr. Priyanka Mehta
  5. Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj

The cost of IUI depends upon several factors, which include the IUI nature, the reputation of Doctors or clinics preferred along with the medical history of the patient. Elawoman team has done extensive research on IUI costs by using fair treatment cost calculator across all the centers in Chennai. The team also took the help of patient surveys, reviews, and doctor’s feedback to predicate the analysis. You can also go through the table below which further demonstrates the cost against success matrix.

Table: IUI Cost against IUI Success Rate (Chennai) – as of Jan 2018

Treatment name

Success Rate

Minimum Cost (Rs.)

Maximum Cost (Rs.)













Before going to know the best IUI doctors in Chennai, please feel free to check our article on - Is IUI The Best Fertility Treatment For You.

Best IUI Doctors in Chennai

    Infertility treatment has gained popularity soon among the childless couples as it helped them in getting happiness. With the growing demand for IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination), people started looking for IUI doctors and specialists in India. One of the common questions our team keeps receiving is - Can you suggest us few best-known names in the industry? On the basis of our analysis, we bring you a concise list of the most renowned IUI doctors in Chennai. Please make note that Ela being an independent-transparent organization and medical assistance company does not market or promote any leader-doctor-hospital. You can go through the list of some of the best IUI Doctors and Specialists in Chennai along with the IUI ratings, treatment costs, and server details.

    1- Dr. Dakshayani D

    Dr. Dakshayani has established herself as an acclaimed Gynecologist, Consultant Physician, and Infertility Specialist in Chennai with 21 years of experience. She did her MBBS from KIMS, Chennai in 1998. She completed DGO from Trinity, Dublin in 1996. In 2003, she completed her Diploma in Reproductive Medicine from the International School of Medicine, Germany. She is also an active member of RCOG, ISAR, TAP ISAR, Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Member of Women Doctors Association of Tamil Nadu OGSI.

    Dr. Dakshayani D
    She specializes in Infertility Evaluation and Treatment, PCOD/ PCOS Treatment, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Artificial Insemination.

    Reviews of Dr. Dakshayani D:

    “Dr. Dakshayani is very understanding, polite and friendly. She did the detailed study of my case. She gives individual attention to all the patients.” – by Kalpana Mohan

    “Experience with the doctor was excellent. Friendly staff and silent environment for patients.” – by Kiran Krupa

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr. Dakshayani D.

    2- Dr. Rajalakshmi R

    Dr. Rajalakshmi has an expertise in Gynecology and Obstetrics. She is also keen in the field of infertility treatment. She worked with some of the prestigious institutions including SMART (IVF Center of Sri Ramachandra University). She is a core fertility specialist at Morpheus Meenakshi International IVF Center. She participates in numerous workshops and national conferences. She has undergone ultrasound training from Mediscan.

    Dr. Rajalakshmi R

    She provides fertility services such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, Blastocyst Culture, Cryopreservation, and Surgical sperm retrieval.

    Reviews of Dr. Rajalakshmi R:

    “An experienced doctor and gave personal attention to each and every patient. With the holistic approach in her treatment, she is unique. I will strongly recommend her to the couples looking for infertility treatment.” –  Pragya Sharma

    “Dr. Rajalakshmi R is an experienced gynecologist. She clearly explains the cause of the issue well and doesn't recommend unnecessary medicines.” –  Kavitha

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr. Rajalakshmi R.

    3- Dr. Premalatha

    Serving the city of Mylapore, Dr. Premalatha has a vast experience of 37 years as a Gynecologist, Obstetrician and Infertility Specialist. Her areas of expertise include IUI, IVF, Pre-Marital Counselling, ART Consultant and Cervical Cerclage.

    Dr. Premalatha

    Reviews of Dr. Premalatha:

    “Recently I had been there for treatment for my daughter and they were extremely good. I would recommend doctor Premalatha.” –  by Nishtha

    “Good doctor with the low cost of medication. I loved the team and Dr. Premalatha was exceptionally good in IVF. Now I am a father of a sweet little boy.” – by S Imaya Bharathi

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr. Premalatha.

    4- Dr. Priyanka Mehta

    Dr. Priyanka Mehta is a practicing gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist with 17 years of experience. She has a special interest in the promotion of wellness and holistic health and patient education. She has worked in Delhi’s several hospitals. Her areas of interest are Pre-Pregnancy Care, Preconceptional Counseling where couples prepare themselves physically and mentally along with pregnancy demands.

    Dr. Priyanka Mehta

    Reviews of Dr. Priyanka Mehta:

    “I must say that this hospital is run by professionals in every department. Be it doctors, Admin, nurses, canteen... I have given 4 stars because there should be continuous improvement. But with my understanding, it’s a 5-star hospital... Little expensive but it gives you satisfaction for taking utmost care of you.” - by Akshat Sahdev

    “A heartfelt thank to Dr. Priyanka Mehta. She is one of the best IUI doctors in the city of Chennai. Thanks to God also. ” – by Kaveri Nair

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr. Priyanka Mehta.

    5- Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj

    Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj is an Infertility Specialist and Gynecologist with 29 years of experience. She is also an active member of Indian Medical Association. She specializes in Hysterectomy, IUI, IVF, Normal Vaginal Delivery, PCOD/ PCOS Treatment, Menopause Clinic, and Well Woman Healthcheck.

    Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj

    Reviews of Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj:

    “Hospital provided excellent service. I would like to thank Dr. P. Shanthi and Dr. Rukkayal for their continuous support for my delivery to become normal. Nursing and housekeeping also too good.” – by Mahiba Paulson

    “The service is really good but they have loads of hidden charges. If your package costs 90k you will definitely be spending another 90k extra including all the taxes and luxury taxes which I don’t know why is being charged.” – by Rambo Rock

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Dr. Jaishree Gajaraj.

    What is IUI?

    IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is an artificial insemination procedure and is a type of fertility treatment. The sperms are directly injected into the womb. It is either performed with the partner’s sperm or donor’s sperm. IUI procedure is safe and works best for younger women who do not have any existing fertility problems.

    Do you want to opt for the IUI procedure in Chennai? If yes, then you can check out the best IUI centres in Chennai with the highest success rates. You can also visit the best gynecologists in Chennai for your fertility procedures. 

    Dr. Sunil Eshwar

    Written by

    Infertility Specialist, IVF Specialist

    Dr. Sunil Eshwar is an Infertility specialist who is presently specializing in laparoscopic surgery, high-risk pregnancies and infertility treatments such as IVF and IUI. Dr. Sunil Eshwar completed his MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute in 2000 and MD from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) in 2004. Later, he completed DNB from National Board of Examination in 2006. Dr. Sunil Eshwar is currently practicing at Apollo Fertility, Brookfield, Bangalore. For more information about Dr. Sunil Eshwar, visit


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    Mithila Raj

    I want to thank Ela for playing my support system. My journey became easier with the help of Ela.

    Nov. 10, 2018, 4:48 p.m. 4.5


    Apoorva Poonawala

    Dr. Rajlakshmi is the epitome of grace. Her caring nature made me very positive and gave an emotional support. She plays the most important role in the success of my IUI.

    Sept. 28, 2018, 2:03 p.m. 4.5


    Anshul Bhart

    One should go for the research part before going for any treatment. The research should include the cost of the treatment, best doctors for it and the location of the clinic. Cost becomes an important factor because you should be sure if your pocket allows for that treatment or not.

    Sept. 4, 2018, 10:14 a.m. 5.0


    Akash Sundar

    This is the first platform where I can find IUI costs in Chennai along with the best IUI doctors. Really needed this bit of information.

    June 2, 2018, 3:54 p.m. 5.0


    Sunil Shastri

    Dr. Rajalakshmi is a superb doc. Her expertise helped us cross the hurdles of infertility and build our happy family.

    April 17, 2018, 5:21 p.m. 4.5

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