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14 Top Affordable IVF Clinics In Bangalore

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Find the list of Best Affordable IVF Centres in Bangalore with Ratings, Success rate, Services being offered, IVF package cost, IVF Specialist details and Location details. Apollo and Mannat Fertility Clinic top the list.

In present times many couples are unable to conceive naturally even after trying for years and so they're looking for best IVF clinics in their city to have their dream of having a baby full-filled. So, here we have tried providing you with a unique list of low cost IVF clinics in Bangalore. We have also provided the estimated IVF costs for each of these centers to help you compare and select the best IVF clinic in Bangalore for your treatment.

So below is a list of Highly Rated but affordable IVF clinics in Bangalore:

1. Mannat Fertility Clinic

Infertility often creates one of the most stressing life crisis that a couple has ever experienced together. Mannat as fertility experts well understand your emotional aspect and provide an ethical and meticulous research based approach to most efficient fertility treatments.

low cost ivf clinics, ivf centre in Bangalore

It is one of the best affordable IVF clinics in Bangalore. Your search is over if you are finding low cost IVF clinics in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 56.4%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Archana Agarwal
  • IVF Cost: Rs1,40,000
  • Location: Marathahalli

2. Apollo CM Fertility

It was in 1983, that Dr. Prathap C Reddy made a pioneering endeavor by launching India's first corporate hospital - Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. Apollo is Asia's foremost and trusted integrated healthcare services provider and one of the most successful fertility clinics.

test tube baby hospital, affordable ivf clinics

Apollo Fertility offers end to end services starting from diagnosis to treatment and finally conception. Treatment of each couple is overlooked by a team of experts working on individualized treatment to provide the best results. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 56%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,70,000
  • Location: JP Nagar Phase 6

3. Wellspring Mother and Child Care Hospital

Wellspring Mother & Child Care Hospital (A unit of Isis Medicare & Research Centre) runs on the motto "Conceive, Deliver, and Nurture" and one of the most successful fertility clinics. Wellspring is a safe, modern, and comfortable luxury maternity hospital, newly launched in Bangalore. Wellspring has been set up with the objective of offering a premium option for maternity, gynecology, IVF, and childcare.

ivf centre in Bangalore, low cost ivf clinics

Wellspring offers the complete motherhood experience with individual care and attention. They provide for all your needs before, during and after pregnancy. They are synonymous with high-end, quality health care in maternity, gynecology, childcare, and reproductive medicine. Your search is over if you are in search of IVF best hospital in Bangalore. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 54%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Bharathi Rajanna
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 2,40,000
  • Location: Sadashivanagar

4. Smile Baby IVF Fertility Hospital

Smile Baby IVF Fertility Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Lingarajapuram, Bangalore. Smile Baby IVF was established with an intention of providing global standards of treatment at an affordable cost. Your search is over if you are in search of IVF best hospital in Bangalore. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 53%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Mangala Devi
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 160,000
  • Location: Lingarajapuram

5. Lalbagh Nursing Home and IVF Centre

Lalbagh Nursing Home And IVF Centre is a gynecology clinic in Jayanagar and one of the most successful fertility clinics in Bangalore. Being the best IVF centre in Bangalore, Lalbagh Nursing Home and IVF Centre (LBNHIS) extends best services to its patients.

6. Nurture Speciality Women's Clinic IVF and Fertility Centre

Nurture Speciality Women's Clinic, IVF & Fertility Centre is one of the top IVF centres in Bangalore that is managed by Dr. Anuradha Khar whose areas of Interest is on IVF Specialization related to Gynecology. Dr. Anuradha Khar is a Gynaecologist and Infertility Specialist in Sarjapura Road. Dr. Anuradha khar is a highly skilled infertility and IVF specialist. She has been treating patients with care for over 11 years. Her dedication and expertise have made her one of the most sought after IVF specialist in the city. She also has a special interest in high-risk pregnancy patients and difficult laparoscopic surgeries.

  • Success rate: 40%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Anuradha Khar
  • IVF Cost: Rs.1,75,000
  • Location: Sarjapur Road

7. Srujana Hospital

Srujana Hospital is located in the close proximity to the residential belt and the major Corporate in Electronics City is one of the top IVF centre in Bangalore. It caters to the public with wide facilities like Multispecialty Consultation, Laparoscopic Surgical Centre and Diagnostics. It is visited by most experienced Doctors. The Obstetrics and Gynecology are managed by Motherhood Hospital. Your search is over if you are in search of IVF best hospital in Bangalore. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 39%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Deepmala
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 2,00,000
  • Location: Electronics City

8. Bloom Clinic

Bloom is located in Jayanagar and established in 1978 providing high-quality health care services. Dr. K.R Gururaja Rao Senior Paediatrician/ Physician in Bangalore heads this Nursing Home. They have 24 Beds with a fully equipped operation theater and good labor theater working 24 hours daily. They also cater to super specialty surgery and medical fields and have a panel of very well established consultants. It is one of the best affordable IVF clinics in Bangalore. Your search is over if you are finding low cost IVF clinics in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 39%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Shilpa G B
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 75,000
  • Location: JP Nagar Phase 6

9. Ashwini Clinic

Doctors at Ashwini are experienced professional in handling high-risk pregnancy and pregnancy-related issues. The doctors also provide services like Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynecological Problems, Infertility Problems. It is one of the best affordable IVF clinics in Bangalore. Your search is over if you are finding low cost IVF clinics in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 37%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Poornima Ramesh
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,40,000
  • Location: Malleswaram

10. Sanjeevini Speciality Healthcare and Diagnostic Center

Sanjeevini specialty healthcare and diagnostic center, at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, was established in the year 2008. It is a polyclinic with physician, gynecology and fertility specialist available on appointment basis. The physician is managing the diabetics, hypertensive patients thyroid, and various medical conditions. The gynecologist and fertility specialist will look after all issues related to gynecology and infertility.

11. NU Hospitals

NU Hospitals was started in July 1999 as a Superspeciality Hospital for Nephrology, Urology, and Infertility (IVF) Care is one of the top IVF centre in Bangalore. They are one of South India's leading Nephro-urology hospitals and Karnataka's first dedicated nephro-urology centre. Many of their professionals have been a part of Karnataka's first Nephro-urology Centre, for more than 20 years.

ivf centre in Bangalore, test tube baby hospital

A large number of their medical professionals have worked in the field of Nephro-urology for over two decades, NU Hospitals are continuously keeping pace with advances in the field. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 37%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Ashwini S
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,30,000
  • Location: Rajajinagar

12. Dr. Ramas Test Tube Baby Centre

Dr. Rama's IVF center is a complete Infertility treatment center founded by Dr. Papolu Rama Devi is one of the top IVF centre in Bangalore. Her clinical efforts have won national and international recognition. They understand the emotional and financial stress couples undergo and they take care for that. They are expertise in treating infertility related problems from simplest to most difficult one and those who have failed at other IVF Centers.

test tube baby hospital, affordable ivf clinics

They are committed to combining excellent medical care with a warm, friendly approach. Being the best IVF centre in Bangalore, Dr. Rama's Test Tube Baby Centre (RTTBS) extends best services to its patients.

  • Success rate: 36%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Sandhya Mishra
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,00,000
  • Location: Indiranagar

13. Caree Fertility Center

Caree Fertility Center is one of the most successful fertility clinics in Bangalore. The couple will get the most state-of-the-art facility, including our Embryology, Andrology, Endocrinology, and Endoscopic surgeries. The couples will immediately realize that they are dealing with a center like no other in the town.

low cost ivf clinics, ivf centre in Bangalore

This combination has resulted in Caree having the highest quality control and assurance which is the must in order to get better IVF success. The entire staff at the Caree is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream.

  • Success rate: 36%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Vijaykumar P.K
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,50,000
  • Location: Basaveshwaranagar

14. Anjani Womens Day Care Hospital

Anjani Women's Day Care Hospital is a Gynecology/Obstetrics hospital in HRBR Layout, Bangalore. The hospital is visited by gynecology/obstetrics like Dr. Kalyani C Reddy and Dr. Ravi Kumar.

affordable ivf clinics, test tube baby hospital

Some of the services provided by the hospital are Infertility, Antenatal Check-ups, Blood Pressure Test, Pre-Marital Counselling, and Ultrasonography. It is the affordable test tube baby hospital in Bangalore.

  • Success rate: 35%
  • IVF Specialist: Dr. Kalyani C Reddy
  • IVF Cost: Rs. 130,000
  • Location: HRBR Layout


  • Doctor and Clinic Ratings are based on patient reviews - varying from 1 to 5 ratings. These reviews are from verified users on Ela. For rating accountability Ela also takes into account various genuine sources such as peer site reviews, online surveys and patient's doctor experience to derive these ratings.
  • Ratings reflect the Doctor’s or Hospital’s Accuracy of diagnosis, Experience, Knowledge, Cutting Edge Technology, Infrastructure, Success Rates and Accessibility for advice.
  • Success Rates: These are average Success Rates (rounded to nearest integer) of Hospitals/ Doctors for cluster of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Surrogacy, Surrogacy with OD, FET and Blastocyst transfer (as applicable). These are clinical pregnancy rates for aged 37 and Under and are shared directly by the Hospitals & Doctors and as per the guidelines of MCI.

Dr. Nimisha Patel

About The Author

Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist Dr. Nimisha Patel

Dr. Nimisha Patel is a gynecologist in Surat and has 2 years experience in these fields. She completed MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology.




    Deepak Tiwari

    Really a very helpful article to go through. It is difficult to say that which is the best fertility clinic in Bangalore and that too at reasonable prices. So, the information provided is good.

    Nov. 1, 2018, 12:41 a.m. 5.0


    Ekta Rajawat

    My friend Sheetal got aided at Apollo CM Fertility. She was scared before the treatment that it will be painful it would take much time. But after going to the hospital and consulting the doctor. She was convinced about the treatment. She got success in her second cycle and has become a mother now.

    Sept. 24, 2018, 10:09 a.m. 4.5


    Jasmeet Kaur

    I had wasted so much money in my wife's infertility treatment but ended with no success. So, I decided to go for IVF in an affordable clinic in Bangalore. Finally, I got lucky and got the best results.

    Aug. 7, 2018, 6:34 p.m. 5.0


    Soni Singh

    Mannat Fertility Centre and Dr. Archana Aggarwal are doing a great job together. The doctor-hospital pair has made my sister's family a complete one. Thanks a lot to Dr Aggarwal and the whole staff who took intensive care of my sister throughout the treatment.

    Nov. 3, 2017, 2:05 p.m. 4.5


    Shrabani Saha

    To take a name for the top affordable IVF clinics in Bangalore, I would say Dr Rama Fertility and IVF Centre. It has given me the most prized possession of my life. I will never forget the world class experience and treatment I got here.

    Nov. 3, 2017, 2 p.m. 4.5

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