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in vitro fertilisation (ivf)

Top 7 IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai with Success Rate

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Ela presents a list of best IVF Doctors and Specialists In Navi Mumbai based on Success Rate, Budget and Customer Feedback.

There is no doubt that IVF represents the perfectpiece of technology in the field of medical science for couples who have been trying to conceive for last 3-4 years.  When an infertile patient gets pregnant, it feels like being at top of the world. To achieve this happiness, couples facing infertility issues should go for the best IVF centre and specialist. There are many hospitals which own an IVF center may not have any IVF specialist or even a trained Gynecologist. To save your time money and energy, you have to perform critical and careful analysis. This article helps you move towards your destination so that you can easily compare and go for the best. The ratings and rankings in this article are given on the basis of feedback obtained from the social media updates.

    1. Dr. Nandita Dubey

    Dr Nandita Dubey is highly experienced IVF Specialist in Navi Mumbai with more than 19 years of experience in Endoscopy and Gynecology. She did her MBBS from Grand Medical College, Mumbai. Dr Nandita Dubey’s MITR clinic in Navi Mumbai is well equipped with all modern facilities and this clinic is continuously visited by many celebrities, models and international patients. Dr NanditaDubey is renowned Laparoscopic Endo-GynaeSurgeon.DrNandita has done her residency training at Lokmanya Tilak Medical College located in Mumbai.

    Dr Nandiata Dubey, Top 7 IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai

    Dr. Dubey was invited to an Underprivileged Country in Carribeans Called Guyana to established Gynaecology centre, catering a population of 4 million. Dr Nandita has practiced in both private clinic and as well as in the academic centre, instructing resident physician. Her desire is to contribute maximum to  women’s health care.

    • Success Rate: 48%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI
    • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,20,000
    • Centre: MITR Healthcare hospital
    • Location: Sector-5, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

    2. Dr. Vishwas D parulekar

    Dr Vishwas has completed their MBBS, DGO, MD from the University of Mumbai, Mumbai. He holds 20 years of experience as an infertility specialist. DR. Parulekar hospital was established on August 8, 2004.Since then, there has been markable progress in health care and the clinic slowly gained the momentum in right direction.  

    Top 7 IVF Specialist in Navi Mumbai, IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai

    He is a member of Indian Medical Association,too. Dr Parulekar established their own clinic and the hospital always strived to impart best possible care to the patients.

    • Success Rate: 46%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI
    • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,40,000
    • Center: Parulekar Hospital.
    • Location: 8/3 A, sec-6, AiroliNavi Mumbai

    3. Dr. Shyam Kulkarni

    Dr Shyam Kulkarni completed his MBBS from Karnataka University and passed his Diplomat National Board from AIIMS Delhi. Recently, He is working as a consultant in Sai Snehdeep Hospital. He is a member of ISAR and has been practicing in the field of  infertility and Endoscopy since last 22 years. He has handled more than 4000 IUI and around 500 IVF cases.

    Dr Shyam Kulkarni, Top 7 IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai

    He has also been invited as Faculty for National and International Conferences.  He is past president of Navi Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecological Society. Dr Shyam is Director of Raj IVF Centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

    • Success Rate: 45%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI
    • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,20,000
    • Centre: Raj IVF Centre
    • Location: Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    4. Dr. Hernaz Kaur

    DR Hernaz Kaur is an infertility specialist with 6 years of experience in this field. She completed her MBBS from the University of Delhi. The clinic is equipped with latest technologies and medical facilities.  The efficiency, dedication and compassion offered in the clinic ensures that the patient's comfort and health are counted in top priorities. Dr Hernaz Kaur provides the high quality treatment procedure. Among the number of services offered here, the clinic provides treatment for uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, vaginal discharge etc.

    • Success Rate: 45%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI
    • IVF cost: Rs. 1,10,000
    • Centre: Rajgobind Hospital
    • Location: F F 1/2, CBD, sec-4, Navi Mumbai

    5. Dr. Himani Gupta

    Dr Himani Gupta practices in Dr Himani Gupta Mother N Care clinic. She is a well-known gynecologist and has 12 years of experience in this field. Her clinic offers best fertility treatments in Navi Mumbai and the success rate is quite high as compared to other hospitals. This hospital intensively helps those couples who face emotional turmoil.

    IVF Specialists, Top 7 IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai

    Dr Himani Gupta is famous for taking social initiative. She has conducted many health seminars for needy people and maintains her available in many hospitals. She is the Director of Mother N Care Clinic, My Gynaec world.

    • Success Rate: 44%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI, NVD
    • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,40,000
    • Centre: Medicity Hospital
    • Location: F-44/30, SEC-12, Navi Mumbai

    6. Dr. Arundhati Kar

    Dr Arundhati Kaur is an IVF expert and provides the best fertility treatments to the clients. She completed her education from the Guwahati University,Assam and has 19 years of expertise in this field. She is a member of Indian Medical Association.

    Dr Arundhati Kaur is a leading figure in the field of IVF and Surrogacy with her dedicated expertise and training in the field of Infertility and IVF. She has performed more than 3000 cycles of IVF and treated specialized cases of ICSI, IUI, Egg Freezing and Surrogacy in her decade long journey of medical career. She is rated as one of the best IVF doctors in India.

    • Success Rate: 40%
    • Services: IVF, IUI, ICSI
    • IVF Cost: Rs. 1,50,000
    • Centre: Dr Arundhati Kar Clinic
    • Location: Mahavir Dham Sec-12, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

    7. Dr. Sudha Tandon

    Dr SudhaTandon is an IVF Specialist and has an experience of 20 years. Dr Tandon guarantees the best success rate and extensive range of fertility treatments under one roof.  She completed her Post graduation from LTM Medical College. Since last 25 years, She has been practicing in a private hospital. She got the Best Presentation Award at the 46th All India Obst and Gyn Conference in Orissa,  for fertility enhancing hysteroscopy procedures.

    Dr Sudha Tandon, Top 7 IVF Specialists in Navi Mumbai

    She has been elected as the Committee Member of MOGS- Mumbai Obstetrics and Gyne Society and was coopted as the member of  IAGE Indian Association of GynecEndoscopists.


    • Doctor and Clinic Ratings are based on patient reviews - varying from 1 to 5 ratings. These reviews are from verified users on Ela. For rating accountability Ela also takes into account various genuine sources such as peer site reviews, online surveys and patient's doctor experience to derive these ratings.
    • Ratings reflect the Doctor’s or Hospital’s Accuracy of diagnosis, Experience, Knowledge, Cutting Edge Technology, Infrastructure, Success Rates and Accessibility for advice.
    • Success Rates: These are average Success Rates (rounded to nearest integer) of Hospitals/ Doctors for cluster of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Surrogacy, Surrogacy with OD, FET and Blastocyst transfer (as applicable). These are clinical pregnancy rates for aged 37 and Under and are shared directly by the Hospitals & Doctors and as per the guidelines of MCI.

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    Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan

    About The Author

    Obstetrician, Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan

    Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan is an infertility specialist who completed her MBBS from Rajah Muthiah Medical College in 1998 and DGO from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute in 2000. Later in 2011, she pursued Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Andrology from Chettinad Medical College. Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan specializes in IVF, IUI, Laparoscopy, Hysterectomy, Tubal Ligation, Normal vaginal delivery and Surrogacy treatments. She is a member of various renowned gynecology associations including American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan is presently practicing at Abhijay Hospital Pvt Ltd and ARC International Fertility and Research Center in Chennai. Visit for more info.




      Shrabani Saha

      For me, it's only and only Dr Sheetal Sawankar. She has made my dream come true. I could never imagine that it will go so easily. I am really thankful to God that I chose her. She is among the top 7 IVF specialists in Navi Mumbai.

      Oct. 25, 2017, 4:25 p.m. 4.5


      Deepa Bhola

      If I have to take a name for IVF specialist in Navi Mumbai, I will say Dr Sheetal Sawankar. She is superb. I lost all my hopes and had no courage to do so but she counselled me and now I'm a proud mother of a 3 months cute baby girl. A BIG thanks to Dr. Sudha Tandon.

      Oct. 25, 2017, 2:27 p.m. 4.5

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