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Know the importance of Vitamin D in IVF procedure - Women's and Men's Reproductive Health Vitamins

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The role of Vitamin D in IVF procedure is quite crucial for couples who are planning to opt for IVF procedure. Vitamin D supplements for IVF procedure prove to be useful to boost women's reproductive health. Vitamin D is a recommended one among men's reproductive health vitamins.

Let’s Discuss in More Detail About How Does Vitamin D Help to Improve Fertility:-

  1. How Vitamin D Affects Your Fertility?
  2. Vitamin D Roles in Women's Reproductive Health?
  3. Vitamin D Roles in Men’s Reproductive Health?
  4. What is the Right Level of Vitamin D for patients under IVF treatment?
  5. What is the Role of Vitamin D in Embryo Implantation through IVF?
  6. How to Increase Vitamin D Levels if You Have Deficiency?

Vitamin D plays an important role in determining the fertility of a human being. Our body produces Vitamin D naturally in the presence of sunlight. If you do not get sufficient sunlight, your body can have Vitamin D deficiency. In that case, Vitamin D needs to be consumed from an external resource in the form of supplements. The levels of Vitamin D need to be at least 20 ng/ml for the success of IVF treatment. In general, Vitamin D levels more than 30 ng/ml are recommended for the female patients in order to have successful in vitro fertilization treatment. It is proven that low levels of Vitamin D in the female body can lead to increased chances of IVF failure.

You just need to make ensure that you have sufficient levels of Vitamin D. Having optimum levels of Vitamin D during IVF treatment assures a high success rate. There are various ways of increasing the consumption of Vitamin D and improvement of its synthesis in the body. The sources of vitamin D are mainly milk and eggs. Synthesis of Vitamin D is successfully done with sufficient exposure to sunlight. Now, the exposure to sunlight does not mean that you keep on standing in extreme sunlight to produce vitamin D in your body. It has been studied that even if you spend at least half an hour daily in the early morning sunlight, your body gets sufficient vitamin D for the day.

Great philosopher Hippocrates once said that “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” It should be rightly followed before going through an IVF cycle. Keep in mind that lack of Vitamin D affects the fertility and response to IVF Treatment. Many researchers have concluded that increased Vitamin D can improve the IVF success rate substantially.

Role of Vitamin D in Women’s Reproductive Health

The active form of vitamin D is called “Calcitriol” which plays a very significant role in the female reproductive system. Calcitriol also controls the genes, which produce the female hormone estrogen. Many female reproductive organs like ovaries and uterus have vitamin D receptors. Calcitriol controls the estrogen production, response of uterine wall, embryo implantation, and boosts immunity of women during pregnancy. Due to lack of Calcitriol, many pregnancy-related complications like pregnancy-related hypertension, pre-eclampsia, intrauterine fetal growth retardation, and gestational diabetes are seen among women.

Role of Vitamin D in Men’s Reproductive Health

As vitamin D level is an indicator of the reproductive health in women, so it is an indicator of men’s reproductive health too. Many researchers have found that concentration of Vitamin D in serum affects the sperm count, morphology, and movement. This research will be of great use for a couple who is planning for a baby with the help of in vitro fertilization treatment. The male partner can ensure that his reproductive health is in an appreciable condition.

Role of Vitamin D

This will help your wife to conceive at a faster rate with positive results. So, maintaining the required vitamin D level is equally important for men as well.

What should be the normal level of Vitamin D for patients under IVF treatment?

According to the findings, the minimum vitamin D level should be at least 20 ng/ml. This number shows a good response to IVF treatment. This level is good for the formation of at least 3 healthy and good quality embryos. Vitamin D levels higher than 20ng/ml and lower than 50ng/ml have shown good results for IVF treatments. The optimum level of Vitamin D is also desired for successful embryo implantation.

Role of Vitamin D in Embryo Implantation through IVF

Embryo implantation is closely associated with many female reproductive organs. The health of female reproductive organs like ovaries, uterus, and placenta including estrogen production are greatly impacted by Vitamin D levels in the body. Consequently, the role of Vitamin D in embryo formation is correlated. Optimum vitamin D levels have greater chances of embryo implantation.

Females with higher than 20ng/ml Vitamin D have better chances of embryo implantation while those with poor vitamin D level are less likely to have successful embryo implantation. Also, the higher concentration of Vitamin D also affects the embryo implantation rate through IVF or natural conception.

What have researchers found about the Role of Vitamin D in IVF?

Researchers have found that women who have sufficient Vitamin D levels have more chances of getting pregnant in comparison to the women who have low levels of Vitamin D in their body. There are different parameters utilized in different laboratories to measure Vitamin D levels. You can check the parameters indicating healthy levels of Vitamin D after a blood test to determine whether you have low Vitamin D levels. Though there are many other factors, which determine the success of IVF treatment, but it is proved that the success rate of your IVF treatment is more likely to be affected by the levels of Vitamin D.

Role of vitamin D in IVF

Many researchers are working to find out that how does Vitamin D supplementation improve IVF success. But the researches done till date indicate that deficiency of Vitamin D is associated with infertility and improving your Vitamin D level will help you conceive at a faster rate.

How to increase vitamin D levels if you have a deficiency?

The best source of Vitamin D is exposure to morning sunlight. A healthy diet and a morning walk are good enough to increase your Vitamin D levels. Another way to improve Vitamin D levels is regular consumption of foods rich in Vitamin D like citrus fruits, cheese, egg yolks and fish like tuna and salmon.

There are various other Vitamin D supplementations now available in the market. Instead of solely depending on Vitamin D supplementations, you can opt for multivitamins too. It is good to ensure that you are receiving all the required vitamins.

Taking vitamin D supplements without consulting your doctor may have some side effects. So, consult your doctor before trying any Vitamin D supplements just to increase the levels of Vitamin D. For the best results, it is always recommended that you get routine checkups done from your doctor from time to time to detect any kind of Vitamin D levels deficiency in the body. This will help you to take timely precautions, thus improving and maintaining the required levels of Vitamin D in the body.

Does higher concentration of Vitamin D also affect reproductive health?

Not only deficiency of Vitamin D but also the higher concentration of Vitamin D is an important parameter for determining the fertile health of humans. Just as a lower concentration of Vitamin D results in the poor response to IVF, higher concentration also negatively affects the response to IVF treatment in women. Vitamin D level is directly associated with AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) production so affects the maintenance of ovarian reserve in the patients going for IVF treatment. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not expose yourself too much to sunlight. You can also keep monitoring and keep a balance in the consumption of foods like eggs and milk as well as direct exposure to sunlight.

Thus, Vitamin D levels play a crucial role in the success of in vitro fertilization procedure. If you are finding it difficult to conceive a baby after in vitro fertilization treatment, then you need to get the vitamin D levels checked and monitored well.

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