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    fertility treatments

    Hysteroscopy - Procedure, Types, Hysteroscopy Cost, Best Hysteroscopy Centres

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    Hysteroscopy procedure is useful for finding out menstrual and infertility problems. Hysteroscopic surgeon performs Hysteroscopy procedure step by step. Hysteroscopy cost in India ranges from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 52,000. Best hysteroscopy centres in India are Wellspring IVF and Womens Hospital and GarbhaGudi Hospital.

    List of Best Hysteroscopy Clinics in India with Hysteroscopy Cost :

    1. FSIVF - Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center (Dev IVF - Kirti Nagar)
    2. Mothers Lap IVF Centre - Delhi
    3. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center
    4. Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre
    5. Motherhood Fertility Clinic
    6. Kulwanti IVF Centre
    7. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center
    8. Apollo Fertility

    Hysteroscopy is a vital procedure advised to female patients when they are unable to conceive due to certain medical conditions like recurrent miscarriages and infertility. Hysteroscopy is also suggested when a female has menstrual disorders. Hysteroscopy is of two types namely, diagnostic hysteroscopy and operative hysteroscopy. The costs of the hysteroscopy procedure vary with the clinic, experience of the gynecologist and the type of hysteroscopy. In this article, you will find the costs of a hysteroscopy procedure along with the best hysteroscopy centers and doctors in India.

    What is Hysteroscopy?

    Hysteroscopy is a procedure in which a doctor looks inside the uterus of a patient and identifies the possible causes of infertility and menstrual problems. Doctors can also correct the problems during diagnosis so that procedure needs to be repeated again for the correction.

    Types of Hysteroscopy

    • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy:This type of hysteroscopy is useful in detecting the ongoing problems with the uterus of a patient. Hysterosalpingography (HSG) tests are also confirmed with the diagnostic type of hysteroscopy.
    • Operative Hysteroscopy: Operative Hysteroscopy is a procedure in which the problems of the uterus are treated successfully right after the diagnosis.

    Why is Hysteroscopy Performed?

    Every medical procedure has its own unique features, which provides the best results and solve the respective medical condition of the patient. Hysteroscopy is also performed in patients due to the following reasons:

    • Pap test (cervical cancer screening test) results are unusual.
    • The patient had one or more miscarriages without any specific visible reason.
    • There are chances of presence of polyps (growths in the inner wall of the uterus) and fibroids (non-cancerous growth) inside the uterus.
    • Intrauterine device (IUD) {Birth control device} has got dislocated from its implanted case.
    • If a female has intermittent or continuous bleeding even after the menopause stage, then your doctor will advice hysteroscopy procedure.
    • In case of the requirement of biopsy of the uterine lining of the patient.

    Process of Hysteroscopy

    Hysteroscopy has some defined steps, which needs to be followed for the successful completion of the diagnostic or operative type of hysteroscopy procedure.

    • First of all, depending on the type of procedure, the doctor chooses the hysteroscope. Hysteroscope is a thin tube-like device, which is used during the procedure.
    • General anesthesia or local anesthesia is given to the patient depending on the requirement of the respective case.
    • Then, the doctor focuses on the cervical opening to access and insert the hysteroscope in a proper manner. This is done with the help of the help of medications like prostaglandins and surgical instruments.
    • A speculum is inserted through the widened opening, thereby leading to the simpler insertion of the hysteroscope into the uterus of the female patient.
    • Gas or fluid is injected through the hysteroscope, thereby leading to the enhanced visibility of the uterus and the relevant structures. The doctor finds out the medical condition of the patient and accordingly plans a treatment in case of the diagnostic procedure and then carries out operative procedure.

    Cost of the Hysteroscopy Procedure

    The cost of the hysteroscopy process ranges between Rs. 16,700 and Rs. 51,200. The variance in the cost of treatment depends upon multiple factors such as a clinic, success rate, an experience of the gynecologist and type of procedure whether diagnostic or operative.

    Treatment name

    Success rates

    Minimum cost

    Maximum cost



    Rs. 16,700

    Rs. 26,400



    Rs. 25,700

    Rs. 42,200



    Rs. 41,500

    Rs. 51,200

    1. Ela Prime - FSIVF - Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center (Dev IVF - Kirti Nagar)

    Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center is a leading IVF and Infertility Centre placed in Delhi. It is situated right at the heart of the city and can be easily accessed. The center enjoys a reputable position in the field of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and provides trusted services covering IVF Treatment, IUI Treatment, ICSI Treatment, TESA, MESA, Laparoscopic Surgery, Hysteroscopy Surgery and Male Infertility.

    Depending upon the most modern technology, Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center is furnished with the necessary equipment and infrastructure to deal with the most complicated cases in infertility. Those facing problems in conceiving can have a safe and effective solution for their issues here. FSIVF is managed and run by a team of veteran IVF doctors and well-trained staff members who work in complete coordination with each other to ensure proper treatment as well as complete satisfaction of the couples.

    FSIVF - Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center (Dev IVF - Kirti Nagar)

    Reviews of FSIVF - Fertile Solutions IVF And Research Center (Dev IVF - Kirti Nagar)

    The feeling of becoming a mother is the sweetest and I'm the lucky one to have experienced in my life. It could not have happened without the help of Dr. Nisha Bhatnagar. She carried out all the procedures quite systematically and I'm impressed with the way she adheres to the timelines."by Mrs. Sonali Verma

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment at FSIVF (Dev IVF - Kirti Nagar). In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    2. Ela Plus - Mothers Lap IVF Centre - Delhi

    Mothers Lap IVF Centre is a Surrogacy and IVF center based in Pitampura, Delhi. The services and facilities provided by this leading Surrogacy center are In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), along with the treatment for the problems like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease (PCOS), Endometriosis, Polyps Removal (Polypectomy), Fibroids Removal, Ovarian Cysts, Ovarian Torsion, and Premature Ovarian Failure. It was established in 2009. It is considered to be the best IVF clinic in Delhi as the sole purpose of the centre is to bring happiness and joy to the childless couple who cannot give birth to a new life. The Gynecology and Obstetrics department at Mothers Lap IVF Centre is led by Dr. Shobha Gupta. She is the consulting doctor and performs all the procedures of IVF and Surrogacy.

    Ela Plus - Mothers Lap IVF Centre - Delhi

    Reviews of Mothers Lap IVF Centre:

    Side -effects of IVF is one thing that scared me a lot. Can't tell how but I think it's because of the expert care of Mothers Lap IVF Centre, I had no side effects. No issues at all at this centre. Thank you."- by Ishani Rao

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment at Mothers Lap IVF Centre. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    3. Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center

    Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center a renowned hysteroscopy center located in Rohini, Delhi. The center was founded in 1993, and offers comprehensive services across the world for more than 2 decades. At Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center, the best services and procedures are ensured keeping in mind the needs of the patients including cost and comfort. Delhi IVF Fertility Research Centre houses a team of well qualified, highly committed professional doctors. They are supported by a group of dedicated paramedical staff. It is visited by Dr. Aastha Gupta who is the best Gynecologist and Obstetrician at the centre and has been into practice for more than two decades. 

    Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center

    Reviews of Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center:

    “Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center is the best! We had been so lucky to come here for my wife's hysteroscopy that detected polyps in her uterus. She was well attended and cured completely. Thanks a lot” -by Kush Nahar

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Center. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    4. Ela Plus - Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre

    Aarush IVF & Endoscopy Centre has established itself as a well-known IVF and Surrogacy center in Malad (West) Mumbai. Founded in1998, the center works with a goal to provide patient-centric fertility treatment at a reasonable cost. The centre specializes in keyhole surgeries helpful in Gynecological issues and infertility like Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy. There are a number of services and facilities available in connection to fertility treatments like In vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Embryo freezing etc. The Aarush IVF And Endoscopy Centre is headed by Dr. Mukesh Agrawal.

    Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre

    Reviews of Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre:

    We are so happy that we came here at Aarush IVF & Endoscopy Centre. I don't think any other hospital could have been so efficient."by Aruna Lamba

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Ela Plus - Aarush IVF and Endoscopy Centre. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    5. Ela Plus - Motherhood Fertility Clinic

    Motherhood Fertility Clinic is topnotch hysteroscopy clinic placed in Kankurgachi, Kolkata. The quality of the treatment makes this hospital a leading endoscopy center in Kolkata. The doctors here at Motherhood Fertility Clinic focus on the treatment and diagnosis of various gynecology and reproductive health conditions. Every kind of common and advanced gynecological surgeries including laparoscopic surgery for women of all ages such as fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, etc. This hospital is well-equipped with advanced labs and has experienced and skilled Medical Staff to give the best treatment. It has a team of highly-skilled and experienced Medical Staff and renowned Infertility Specialists. Dr. Rohit Gutgutia visits Motherhood Hospital. He is an experienced Gynecologist who is skilled in handling ailments concerning the reproductive organs like the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and vagina.

    Motherhood Fertility Clinic

    Reviews of Motherhood Fertility Clinic:

    My sister was struggling with a lot of gynecology issue like cyst and fibroids. We went to Motherhood Clinic. She was operated upon after complete tests and she was able to conceive miraculously. We will definitely recommend this clinic."by Garima Chaudhary

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Motherhood Fertility Clinic. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    6. Ela Prime - Kulwanti IVF Centre

    Kulwanti IVF Centre is one of the Top Hysteroscopy center located in the city of Kanpur It is easily accessible from all the direction in the city. The hospital is trusted for providing hysteroscopy surgery in various cases and has high success rate. Also, Kulwanti IVF Centre is known to proc services covering IUI, IVF, ICSI, High-Risk Pregnancy Care, Prenatal Care, Normal Vaginal Delivery, Painless Delivery, Cesarean Section, and Postnatal Care. Their advanced infrastructure and facilities makes them the most successful hysteroscopy center in Kanpur. Kulwanti IVF Centre is an NABH fully accredited IVF center, located in the prime location of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). 

    Reviews of Hajela Hospital:

    I was not in the condition to try anymore after 3 miscarriages. It was found out that I had a septate uterus. A surgical correction was required and after having it here at Kulwanti IVF Centre. I would say I was so fortunate that my IVF cycle too was successful. What a great place to be at during such difficult times." -by Rishita Bhatt

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Kulwanti IVF Centre. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    7. Apollo Fertility

    Apollo Fertility is a renowned gynecology hospital located at Kondapur, Hyderabad. It provides a range of fertility treatment services for individuals and couples like Hysteroscopy, IVF, IUI, Gynecology Laparoscopy as well as other fertility treatments. Dr. Runa Acharya and Dr. Prameela Sarkar are the top gynecologists and obstetricians at Apollo Fertility centre.

    Apollo Fertility

    Reviews of Apollo Fertility :

    “Apollo Fertility provides excellent customer services along with proper amenities and care from time to time. My wife got treated at Apollo Fertility, Kondapur, Hyderabad. I would recommend this hospital to every couple who is planning to conceive a baby.” -by Ravi Verma

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Apollo Fertility. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    8. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center

    If you are planning to opt for high success hysteroscopy, then the charges can vary from Rs. 41,500 to Rs. 51,200. Find here the list of best hysteroscopy clinics in India along with their ratings, reviews, treatment cost, doctor and location. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center in Delhi is known for its internationally trained team and experienced staff. The clinic aims to provide high-quality services to patients under one roof. This center offers the most economical hysteroscopy corresponding to the best standards and excellence. Dr. Kaberi Banerjee is the best doctor at Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center. She has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field with her best practices. She treats every patient with dignity, empathy, and privacy. You can expect and experience the best treatment at advanced fertility and surrogacy center.

    Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center

    Reviews of Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Center :

    “Advanced fertility centre is awesome... we have been trying for a baby for two years and went to several hospitals. Finally, taking my father in law's advice we visited Advanced fertility center. On the first-month treatment done, my wife got pregnant. Advanced fertility center is the greatest clinic and blessed by God. Thank you for fulfilling our family with joy. We have no words to describe our happiness. LONG LIVE YOU AND YOUR SERVICE.” -by Rahul Mishra

    Book here to get an instant Free Appointment with Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Cente. In Case of Questions Feel Free to Post Here.

    To book an appointment for hysteroscopy surgery, you can call us at +918929020600. You can also check out more details regarding other fertility treatments at ElaWoman Fertility blog.



    Tuku Bhattacharya

    This article was really helpful to balance my budget before heading for the treatment.

    Oct. 8, 2018, 1:47 p.m. 4.5


    Crystal D'souza

    I was in a deep pain with hysteroscopy, but I am okay now. Many thanks to the team of Wellspring Ivf center.

    Oct. 1, 2018, 6:15 a.m. 4.5


    Ruhanika Yogi

    The doctor of Advanced Fertility Center is polite and experienced. The treatment was in the budget as it was listed in this article. Thankyou Ela.

    Sept. 1, 2018, 10:34 p.m. 5.0


    Nikita Verma

    I thought my bleeding is normal cyclic bleed, But I never knew it was fibroid. Thanks for sharing this, I will visit a doctor as soon as possible for surgery.

    Aug. 16, 2018, 2:10 p.m. 4.5


    Sabir Malik.

    This article is very informative. It helped me and my wife to get a clear idea of hysteroscopy procedures. Now, we are ready to opt for the procedure.

    May 29, 2018, 6:07 p.m. 4.5

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