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How accurate is Ela Ovulation App?
Fertility Tracking, Ovulation and Fertility Calculator
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How accurate is Ela Ovulation App?

How accurate is Ela Ovulation App?
Dr. Rachna Verma
Written by

Dr. Rachna Verma

Ela App guarantees 98.7% accurate predictions about the menstrual cycle and ovulation day based on a study performed in 2016 on 1482 women users across the globe. This has been further proven by more than 21,000 successful pregnancies on the Ela Ovulation App in the last 9 months (2017).

If you are trying to conceive or have been tracking your ovulation then you must explore the Ela app and use it for tracking your menstrual periods. This app tracks your cycle once you start feeding LMP(Last Menstrual Period) and cycle length. Once you start entering your health parameters regularly, the application will determine the average menstrual cycle length for predicting the time when a woman is most likely to ovulate and also when she will menstruate. But it is a prediction based on the information provided by the user. Women with irregular cycles can also rely on ElaWoman app. ElaWoman uses patented algorithm to predict precise fertile window based on multiple health parameters.

Why is ElaWoman App accurate?

ElaWoman App is 98.7% accurate on the basis of extensive research and a cohort study performed on 1482 women selected across ages between 18 to 45 years. This study was performed over the period of October 2016 to December 2016. The process of the research was as follows:

1- The users entered their previous menstrual cycle data such as length of the cycle and daily health log details for the combined 5691 menstrual cycles. 

menstrual cycle data

2- The parameters studied include previous cycle beginning date and average cycle length, days of bleeding, BBT, cervical mucus appearance, cervical position, ovulation test and heart rate data.

3- While 189 users were taken as a primary study group who also provided Ovulation Tests results conducted via ovulation test kits along with other health parameters.

4- ElaWoman's patented algorithm helped in estimating the ovulation day, cycle length along with the luteal phase length for all these users to help further determine the fertile window for these users.

5- The computation of accuracy was purely based on the user's data entered on their mobile app using ELA and was determined as 98.7%.

Study Results (Breakup):

1- 939 users including primary study group used BBT charting and accuracy of prediction was 84%

2- When both cervical mucus appearance and cervical position parameters were recorded along with BBT charting, it led to 10% increase in accuracy.

3- 51 users used all the health parameters including BBT charting, cervical mucus appearance, cervical position, and heart rate variability. For this specific user group, the app was 98.7% accurate in predicting their fertile window.

ElaWoman app monitor

The app monitors and averages six period cycles (3 cycles in actual) on several parameters collected over time via different processes. Hence, it collects data over the time and helps in determining precise fertility window.

Who can use ElaWoman app?

You can use Ela app if

1- You are trying to conceive

2- Avoiding the pregnancy naturally (by preventing unprotected intercourse during fertile window)

3- You want to understand your body with the trusted digital fertility charting system.

Ela app helps you to understand your cycles better. Accordingly, the user can plan or avoid for their pregnancy.

What makes ElaWoman App a Breakthrough Technology?

  • Ela has built its technology by collaborating with a team of more than 50 researchers. Profiles include esteemed professors, fertility specialists, expert gynecologists and obstetricians in women healthcare sector from across the globe.
  • The model is 98.7% accurate and is prepared for tracking menstrual cycle and fertility prediction.
  • Ela has become the largest fertility platform where the user can access any information and service with just one click. Right from fertility awareness, tracking the cycles and ovulation, discussions and treatments, the user can avail any service.
  • Ela app has also introduced a new technology method, which analyzes the user’s skin temperature along with changes in heart rate at regular intervals. On the basis of data collected, it predicts the woman’s fertile window. The information is further updated for a particular user after analyzing multiple menstrual cycles (minimum 3 cycles).
  • Ela app also offers a method and system for collecting and charting out fertility signs and tracking fertility timing for improving the chances of conception.

Having difficulty in getting pregnant with irregular periods? Please read our article on How to get Pregnant with an Irregular Period

Why ElaWoman App?

1- Ela has proven ovulation accuracy

2- Ranked as the best Women Ovulation App since its launch

3- Largest community for TTC couples while assisting fertility treatments

4- Helps in determining ovulation cycle and fertile period via ovulation chart and ovulation tracking

5- Users stay updated with the data driven reminders and notifications for recording, analyzing and monitoring the ovulation with the help of health parameters

ElaWoman App

6- Easy and quick way of tracking the fertility

7- Community connects women who share fertility goals

8- Can keep a daily record of vaginal secretions

9- A daily record of cervical fluid appearance

10- Helps to know more about during times of change i.e. after discontinuing hormonal birth control, PCOS, experiencing anovulation, perimenopause and menopause

11- Helps to chart BBT

12- ElaWoman is a personal fertility assistant

How ElaWoman App Works

Unlike using traditional ways of fertility tracking i.e. either relying on a single parameter or keep tracking the fertility signals, ElaWoman ensures you to get detailed information in one tap.

  • The user needs to update daily health log which includes several questions such as vaginal discharge, when did you have intercourse, female position during ejaculation, ovulation test, cervical position, flow of bleeding, BBT, weight and many more.
  • Along with the daily health log, the user need to feed her monthly menstrual cycle dates for tracking the ovulation and next scheduled cycles.
  • On the basis of all the health parameters combines, ElaWoman provides with the fertility window or the best days to conceive.
  • It also provides with the percentage of conceiving on the best days based on the updated user health parameters.

Fertility Tracker and Ovulation Calculator App

  • ElaWoman app is the most advanced fertility calculator and ovulation calendar app with an inbuilt ‘my ovulation calculator’ backed up with the patented data algorithm.
  • Based on the machine learning data techniques, it is an accurate ovulation and period tracker
  • The app presents beautiful charts of ovulation calendar, menstrual cycle along with fertility data.
  • Allows the users to invite their partner and sync their data. Thus, helps in connecting the couples.

Salient Features of ElaWoman App

Best Days Prediction

1- Easy to find the best days and fertile period for planning the pregnancy with accurate fertility prediction of ovulation day.

2- Easy and seamless tracking ovulation with the help of automated notifications.

3- Monthly fertility calendar along with the best five day helps in knowing the fertile window and the ovulation day. It also displays ‘%’ chances of conceiving each day.

ElaWoman App features

4- It reviews past period calendar and ovulation dates for a better understanding of the ovulation.

5- Daily health logs track 15 health parameters which include cervical mucus, Basal Body Temperature (BBT), sleep, cervical position, mucus, stress and weight.

Ela Fertility Tracker and Services

  • Easy to find and locate best fertility clinics, gynecologists, infertility specialists and fertility experts.
  • A user can compare several infertility treatments which include IVF, IUI, ICSI & IMSI. They can compare treatment costs across several fertility clinics & surrogacy centers along with the pregnancy success rates.
  • ElaWoman offers one stop solution for the assisted fertility treatments whether you are looking for the best IVF treatment, top fertility specialist or looking for the IVF procedure.

Prevent Pregnancy with App

1- It is easy to avoid pregnancy with the ovulation tracker. By using the fertility prediction you can schedule when not to have sex.

2- Stay updated with automated reminders regarding medications, birth control or other contraception by keeping a track of ovulation.

ElaWoman Supportive and Engaging Community

  • Share and discuss your experiences with like-minded and similar experienced people on ElaWoman community.
  • A great way of expanding the family and making friends with supportive women sharing fertility goals.
  • Receiving feedback as well as support from the fellow community members.
  • You can also get support in an interpretation of your basal body temperature shifts, ovulation timings& duration as well as cervical fluid appearance changes.
  • The user can also go through extensive and insightful blog posts.
  • The community gears the user with the most important tool to share, connect and learn from real experiences along with going through the tips on ‘How to conceive’ to ‘Infertility Treatments’.

Added Features of ElaWoman

ElaWoman is a free to download and use the app. If you choose to upgrade it to premium, you can get added features such as:

1- Ela Consult: With one tap the user can consult the personal fertility specialist and can get personalized fertility diet session.

2- Advanced Charting: With advanced cycle charting it is easy to pinpoint the exact ovulation date. Premium users can access advanced cycle BBT, Fertility Score as well as Weight Chart Trackers.

3- Ela Messenger: With Ela Messenger feature, the user can connect with any Ela Community User privately and share their experiences.

4- Invite Partner: With ‘Invite Partner’ feature, the user can sync and track fertility together with their partner.

5- Guaranteed Community Reply: ElaWoman assures guaranteed response to the community replies by fertility specialists.

Can app be off for few days sometimes?

Ela app is 98.7% accurate with predictions of fertility window provided users update their health log regularly. The exception lies

When someone with regular periods will see some menstrual cycle changes over the time, late period, also a person in their teens experiencing any problems, hormonal disbalance, approaching menopause, irregular cycles etc. Thus, the prediction can get subjective according to the information entered.

ElaWoman is more than just the ovulation calculator - it is your ovulation friend. For more information read: Ovulation Period Calculator

Dr. Rachna Verma

About The Author

Infertility Specialist, Endocrinologist

Dr. Rachna Verma


Dr. Rachna Verma is a gynecologist and obstetrician presently specializing in Infertility management, IUI, IVF, Hormonal Disturbance Management. Dr. Rachna has completed MBBS from SP Medical College, Bikaner in 1992 and DGO from RNT Medical College in 1996. Then, Dr. Rachna pursued DNB in Obstetrics and Gynecology and MNAMS in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Sir Gangaram Hospital in 1999 and 2000 respectively. She is also a member of National Academy of Medical Sciences. Presently, Dr. Rachna is practicing at Gynae and Imaging Point and Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital, Delhi. For more information, visit


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Prajesh Chiba
March 3, 2018, 1:26 p.m.
God has done it. I say thanks to God and Ela app it really helped me. I have been trying since October last year and I started using Ela in December and now I am pregnant
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