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How to achieve master orgasm and increase sperm volume fast

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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Deepika Tiwari - MBBS on 12 Dec 2017 - Written by Dr. Mehul V Sukhdiya - MBBS - Grammatically Approved by Dr. Kavita Jaggi Agrawal - MBBS

Achieving master orgasm requires certain effective tips such as holding breathe, contracting muscles, and pressure to perineum. If you want to know how to increase sperm volume fast, then you need to implement certain tips which includes amino acids, zinc, pumpkin seeds, horny goat weed, and PC exercises.

Yes, you read the title right! This article is about how to achieve master orgasm and increasing the semen volume and quality, as they are key indicators of internal health as well as male biological clock. Master orgasm actually means the peak of sexual excitement. It is a powerful feeling of physical pleasure, thrill, excitement or satisfaction and sensation including discharge of accumulated tension.

What is the physiological process of male orgasm?

Below is the description of physiological process of male orgasm in genitals by using four-phase model of Masters and Johnson:

1- Excitement: Man gets an erection if he is stimulated either physically or psychologically. The penis grows in size and become rigid due to flowing of blood in corpora which is a spongy tissue running within the penis length.
Increase sperm volume

2- Plateau: The glans and testicles size increases due to presence of blood vessels around the penis is fill with blood. It also results in tension in thigh and buttock muscles, increase in blood pressure, quickening of pulse and increase in breathing rate.

3- Orgasm: Semen is a mixture of fluid (95% in quantity) and sperm (5%) through contractions of prostate gland, seminal vesicles, pelvic floor muscles and vas deferens is forced in urethra.

4- Resolution: It is a temporary orgasm phase where further orgasm is not possible and is also known as refractory period. It duration varies from person to person and can last from few minutes to few days. This period grows longer along with the man's age.

Without suffering, how to delay the orgasm?

1- Breathe: If you are holding breath or rapidly breathing then you won't be able to enjoy the sex as you won't be enjoying the sensation of it. The idea is to control your breath and do it slowly, you can also add sound to breathing.

2- Contract muscles: Use your PC muscle or pubococcygeus, which is pelvic floor muscle (present around testicles, penis and anus). If you want benefits of more erections then contract and release these muscles. Also you need to control ejaculations.

3- Pressure to perineum: With your fingers, apply pressure to perineum i.e. area between anus and scrotum if you are feeling erections. As the prostate gland contracts and expands (male G-Spot) during the orgasm and expels ejaculation fluid, pressing perineum will obstruct the flow.

Pulling Testicles

For delaying ejaculation, lightly pull the testicles if you feel orgasm sensation approaching. Just tug, don't yank.

What is Ejaculation?

Before reading about ejaculation, there are certain mechanics, which need to understand first:

1- Ejaculatory Ducts: Semen takes this path during ejaculation.
How to increase semen volume

2- Epididymis: This looks like a coating over each testicles side. Here immature sperm develops into ripe sperm and stays there till ejaculation.

3- Testicles: Males produce both sperm and testosterone and each ball exists over a half a mile of ducts, which produce sperm.

4- Prostate Gland: Known as male G-Spot, its a walnut size and covers the upper portion of urethra (pee hole). This gland closes the urethral passage to bladder when you are sexually aroused.

5- Seminal Vesicles: Here seminal fluid is produced which protects sperm after it exits from penis.

6- Vas Deferens: This tube leads from epididymis to seminal vesicles.

How to increase semen volume?  

There are many steps that you can take for improving the volume of sperm and diet plays a pivotal role, which helps in increasing sperm count and semen volume.

1- Amino Acids: They are believed to increase ejaculate fluid (not sperm amount basically) if taken regularly. Some of them includes:




2- Zinc: It improves the sperm amount you generate as well as enhances the sperm to move independently and spontaneously. If taken with amino acids, it accelerates the sperm volume significantly.

3- Pumpkin Seeds: They are useful in enhancing prostate health and testosterone production.

4- Horny Goat Weed: This plant helps in boosting libido and testosterone levels, thus leading to stronger ejaculation.

5- PC Exercises: There are exercises, which can keep the penis in great shape and let you shoot like a champion.

This list is not comprehensive one. Eat a balanced diet, rich in minerals which will ensure more sperm production in testes and healthy enough for fertilizing the health.


Hope this article gave you an idea on the semen volume and how to increase sperm volume. Apart from the basic details, this article has also included about master orgasm and related terminologies. Follow Elawoman blog to get regular updates on fertility health and treatments.

Dr. Mehul V Sukhdiya

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Infertility Specialist, IVF Specialist

Dr. Mehul V Sukhdiya is an IVF specialist and endoscopic surgeon who is practicing in the field of gynecology and infertility for more than two decades. He holds medical degree namely MBBS and DGO. He provides treatment services like In vitro fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), sperm and egg donation, sperm and egg freezing, tuboplasty, testicular biopsy, myomectomy, surrogacy, IMSI, ICSI and TESA. Dr. Mehul is currently the director of Sumirans Womens Hospital and Radhe Endoscopy Training Centre and Research Institute, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. You can find out further information regarding Dr. Mehul at elawoman.com



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You can also try apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and lemon to increase the sperm motility. It's a very successful practice and does not have any side effects too.

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