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25 July 2017

Natural Home Remedies and Treatments to Nightfall Problems

Natural Home Remedies and Treatments to Nightfall Problems
Written by Dr. Sohani Verma

Discover and explore the meaning, signs, reasons, myths, natural home remedies and treatments to Nightfall problems.

Discover and explore the meaning, signs, reasons, myths, natural home remedies and treatments to Nightfall problems.

Nightfall or wet dreams or Swapandosh (Nightfall in Hindi) is one of the most common sexual phenomenons found in men, especially among teenage boys. In this article, we bring you some of the facts, myths, side effects and treatments to the nightfall problem in men and boys.

What is Nightfall: Meaning

Nightfall is involuntary ejaculation of semen during sub-conscious state of mind and it happens during sleep. Here the person’s brain loses control to his nerves and ejaculates at inappropriate time. Often nightfall problems result to frustration, guilt and anger and if not cured properly leads to an unhealthy sexual appetite in a man. Often people facing nightfall problems are embarrassed and hesitant to discuss the problems with elder/s or peers.

Symptoms of Nightfall

Some of the often-spotted symptoms of nightfall are

1- Premature ejaculation

2- A weak body and a pale face

3- Irritated urine syndromes

4- Anorexia

5- Sleeplessness

6- Quick interval of fever or fever like symptoms

7- Muscle cramps

8- Laziness

9- Weakness of eyesight

10- Mood swings

Nightfall in Men, What is nightfall

Reasons for Nightfall

1- Nymphomania. Too much of masturbation can also lead to nightfall problems.

2- A weak nervous system

3- Sedentary lifestyle

4- Overindulging and under indulging masturbation habits

5- Unhealthy eating habit

6- Excessive smoking and drinking


Myths regarding Nightfall Problems

There are many myths floating around nightfall issues. Some of the most common ones are as follows. However we strongly recommend you to be weary of these Nightfall myths.

1- Wrong and Abnormal:Morally there is nothing wrong in a person who faces Nightfall problems; it just signifies that the person during sub-conscious state has lost a bit of control on his nervous system. So please make sure that you don't feel guilty if you are experiencing nightfall problems.

2- Nightfall happens only to males:Even females experience wetness and lubrication in vagina, which emerges because of less control on their nerves during a sub-conscious state or dream.

3- Nightfall is a symptom of physical illness:No, nightfall in no way is a sign of other illnesses in the body. It's a natural process of less control and is perfectly curable.

4- Nightfall reduces sperm count:often people treat nightfall problem as one of the reasons for infertility issues. However this is not true. Nightfall is a natural physical mechanism by which the body washes out the extra semen. It does not affect your sperm count or fertility in any way.

5- Nightfall shortens penis size:This is hilariously amusing as there is no science behind a nocturnal emission shrinking your organ size. So don’t worry.

Nightfall in Men, What is nightfall

Treatments of Nightfall problems

Nightfall problems are totally curable. We at ELA Woman bring to you some of the best remedies to treat your problem of nightfall.

1. Home Remedies to cure Nightfall Problems

There are activities and habits you can build up to cure nightfall problems.

1- Eat food rich in fibres : There are foods highly rich in fibre such as pomegranate, mango, guava, avocado, celery, asparagus, coriander, rosemary, which helps in good blood circulation and strengthens muscle health and effectively reduces nightfall problems.

2- Foods with Allicin :Allicin helps in good sleep and stables your brain to curb out the signals of ejaculation. Foods rich in allicin are mostly ginger, garlic, onion, yam, yoghurt effectively which proves very helpful to fight with nightfall problems.

3- Take bath before sleep : A warm bath increases your dopamine level-a pleasure-inducing hormone, which helps you sleep better and decrease nightfall problems. Take a bath with essential oils such as rose, jasmine, rosemary or lavender, which will relax your muscles and mind leading to a healthy sleeping session. This is much more productive then jerking on and off as masturbation side effects show evidently through nightfall.

4- Take out extra toxins from your body : Flushing out toxic properties from your body is very essential to treat conditions of various sexual problems such as nightfall. Green tea and gooseberry are two of the essential food items, which have abundant levels of anti-oxidants and collagen.

5- Enrol in productive entertainment activities : Reading a book has been found the best solution to episodes when you start craving for that naked lady seducing you on a Cinema screen. Moreover it has been found that too much reliance on porn can make you lazy and lead to ill sexual habits such as over masturbation. And over masturbation can lead to Nightfall Problems. So try joining a dance class or a Yoga session and loosen up your stiff muscles and more importantly keep your self away from over masturbation.

6- Home exercises : You should run and jog for better health and controlling nightfall problems. Running helps in blood circulation and tones your muscles thereby curing nightfall and other sexual problems. Also opt for exercises such as muscle training, Pilates, yoga, etc. to help achieve a great body with no nightfall problems.


Medicines for Nightfall problems

Although natural methods help you curb nightfall problems to a great extent, but there are cases when people need medical help. Below are some medicines that can help cure sexual problems such as nightfall.

1- ProLab Caffeine, 200 mg (comes with 100 tablets). Price in India- Rs. 470

2- Morpheme Kohinoor Gold Plus (60 Veg Capsules). Price in India- Rs. 1,199

3- NF Cure herbal (120 capsules). Price in India- Rs. 16,000

4- Dhatupaushtika Churna. Price in US - $ 5.58

5- Vanshlochan. Price in US - $ 11.15

6- Neo tablets for premature ejaculation. Price in US - $ 5.38

However, this is not the final list of medicines. Consult your physicists or fertility specialists before consuming any medicines for nightfall treatment.

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Dr. Sohani Verma


Deepali Rajput
Oct. 4, 2017, 3:19 p.m.
There can be several reasons behind nightfall in men. Mostly frequent masturbation, discussing sex or adult talks is the main reason.Certain medicines or drugs such as sedatives, tranquilizers, and high BP medicines can cause nightfall in boys. Along with this, mental illness and no physical acti...
Ambika Choudhry
Oct. 4, 2017, 4:56 p.m.
Nightfall treatments are there...A proper diet can make a man strong enough to control or prevent nightfall and regain all what lost.Yoga and meditation regularly before going to bed will also help. I've heard that riped leaves of bottle gourd can help in curing nocturnal emissions and nightfall.
Dec. 5, 2017, 11:40 a.m.
Excessive nightfall can raise many other disorders in male body and negatively affect his potency and vitality. Herbal treatment for excessive nightfall helps in reducing stress and anxiety and promotes good quality sleep to prevent nightfall. visit