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    fertility basics

    Surrogate Screening - How is it performed, Other Necessities of Surrogacy

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    Surrogate mother has to undergo a screening before signing a legal agreement with intended parents. Surrogate screening in surrogacy process includes previous pregnancy history of surrogate mother, background and family checking, psychological and overall health status including genetic disorders.

    Surrogacy is an option that is supposed to be the last choice for those couples who are not able to conceive naturally. Besides, it has gained maximum popularity all around the globe because of its safety. Unlike adoption, this highly advanced process allows a woman to relate to her child genetically. This is possible with the introduction of Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in today’s medically advanced world. It is a process assisted with reproductive technology specially used for surrogacy. IVF can be better defined as a practice meant for treating infertility.

    It is assumed that when a woman steps in to play her role as a surrogate mother, she should be ready for the journey at both physical as well as mental level. There are surrogacy agencies involved in the process of finding a surrogate mother who carries out in-detail researches to collect all the necessary information about surrogate mother. Here, a surrogate mother is also made to understand her commitment and duties as a step to safeguard intended parents’ interest. (1)

    Being a big commitment, surrogacy calls for special care and attention. It is more than a physical commitment. Choosing the right surrogate to commit the process in a mentally and physically stable condition is ‘must’ for any intended parents. Giving prior importance to the ‘screening’ is highly essential while choosing surrogacy as an alternative to be a parent. Surrogacy agencies and surrogacy clinics make it easy for the intended parents by conducting a screening that involves complete information about the surrogate mother. (2)

    How Surrogate screening is performed?

    The process of screening starts with the professional chosen to work with. Here are some basic points, which intended parents need to consider while joining hands with the right surrogate. (3)

    • Check the commitment of the Surrogate Mother: It is important that surrogate should have a thorough understanding of the process that she is about to be a part of. It is a serious commitment that requires complete dedication on her part. Through screening, women who are genuinely interested in this process are selectively picked while driving out the ones who are not yet prepared for it.
    • Check the Medical Records of Surrogate Mother: The first and foremost things, which a surrogate mother needs to submit, are their essential medical records and relevant information related to drug history. This is the first step towards being a surrogate mother for an intended parent.
    • Check previous Pregnancy history of Surrogate: Submitting birth records (if they have any) from any earlier pregnancies is ‘must’ for a surrogate mother. This is one of the most crucial screening processes, which shouldn’t be neglected.
    • Check her current Medical checkup: The surrogate needs to undergo a complete medical checkup for determining her level of hormone and blood group as well. STD (Pap smear, uterine check) testing is an essential part of the screening process. Blood tests are not restricted to the surrogate only. Blood and drug screen test are applicable to her partner also. It is one of the basic keys to test for any disease, which can cause infection to the baby.
    • Check the background and Family History: Safety is the thing, which shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Checking the background and family history of the prospective surrogate is a must. This essential screening part ensures safety to the entire process of surrogacy.
    • Counseling and psychological support: Having physical and mental stability is a must for every prospective surrogate. Introducing her to a psychologist before undergoing the process is the key to be a smart and wise intended parent. It determines her stability to undergo the surrogacy process. They will talk to her and try to find the challenges that she may find difficult to deal with during the pregnancy and delivery. Counseling and emotional support is something that she should have access to throughout the pregnancy period.

    Other Necessities of Surrogacy

    Apart from commitment towards the intended parents for the entire duration of surrogacy, a prospective surrogate mother should also meet certain parameters. These parameters may differ from one agency to the other but they need to be fulfilled by a surrogate mother. These criteria are as follows:

    • Ideal age limit
    • Maintaining an optimum BMI
    • She shouldn’t smoke or be involved in drug abuse 
    • Shouldn’t have experienced any major complications in the past pregnancy
    • Limited previous Cesarean births
    • Should have experienced a minimum of one pregnancy in past
    • No criminal convictions

    Proper screening identifies genetic issues while evaluating the surrogate’s physical and mental health condition. Intended parents are also advised to have a clear image of their chosen worker’s personal and professional life. It helps their family grow in a healthier manner. Most importantly, screening helps an intended parent to have a child of their gene in a safe and valid way. (4)

    Unlike earlier days, one can have their genetic child even from another egg donor and embryo carrier. IVF differs from traditional surrogacy in many ways. Here the embryo is being transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. IUI, which stands for intrauterine insemination, which is a special rather highly advanced method, used for taking the sperm from the biological father to impregnate the surrogate. (7) (8)

    IVF is the best example of medical advancement in today’s time. This highly effective yet time-saving process of fertility develops the originated sperm in the laboratory before getting it implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. With the passage of time and of course and drastic development in medical science, surrogacy is no more a process of complication. Besides, it is one of the most cost-effective, safest and valid alternatives to have a kid. (5)

    necessities of surrogacy

    No more facing challenges in finding the one-stop destination for finding prospective surrogates. Thanks to the availability of multiple number of surrogacy agencies! They introduce intended parents to prospective surrogates for completing their family. But with numerous options, finding the right place is difficult but not impossible at all. Here are some keys to consider before joining hands with an agency for getting the entire process of surrogacy done in an efficient way. (6)

    • Authenticity of the planning to hire an agency is highly essential to get an impressive result. Compromising with the reliability of the organization is a big ‘NO’ while putting a step forward to a beautiful alternative of having a child of own gene. 
    • Considering the certification of the going-to-hire agency is ‘must’ to find the most appropriate surrogate. There is no doubt that only a certified organization ensures safety to prospective surrogate, screening process and most importantly the child.
    • Availability of the hired agency for getting the surrogacy done in a better and safest manner is something, which should not be neglected. Professionals who are 24x7 available can provide ultimate safety and security to the interned parent about the surrogacy process. (9) (10)

    In today’s world of technological advancement, intended parents can find prospective surrogates online. Just by filling an online application, they can get their queries solved while finding the right person to give a new dimension to their family.

    Look for a reliable, certified and 24x7 available agency to get the screening process done in an effective way while finding the most prospective surrogate. Make your family complete with the right person. Join hands with an impressive surrogate agency! You can also consult Ela specialists to help you start your wonderful journey of having a baby.





    Chaitanya Chiri

    I never thought of having all those terms required before having a surrogate. Thanks for sharing this, it was really helpful!

    Oct. 10, 2018, 8:13 p.m. 5.0


    Billy Brandon

    My surrogate has a severe migraine episode nowadays, is it going to affect my child in the future??

    Oct. 4, 2018, 9:08 a.m. 4.5


    Nidhi Rai

    What is an age limit for a woman to become surrogate? I am 35 now, will I be able to do this?

    Oct. 1, 2018, 9:45 p.m. 5.0



    A surrogate child does not possess any of the surrogate mother's genes So, Is it possible that a child might have surrogate diseases like sinus or anemia?

    Sept. 27, 2018, 9:56 a.m. 4.5


    Nayak K Shambhal

    I am looking for a surrogate, please suggest how to find them? Does Ela provide surrogate too?

    Sept. 27, 2018, midnight 5.0


    Ved Ubriani

    Sept. 26, 2018, 6:20 p.m. 4.5

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