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25 July 2017

Benefits and Side effects of Masturbation for Men and Women

Benefits and Side effects of Masturbation for Men and Women
Written by Dr. Mehul

Know all about the benefits and side effects of Masturbation and learn how to stop unhealthy Masturbation. Excess masturbation reduces sperm count and can cause infertility.

Know all about the benefits and side effects of Masturbation and learn how to stop unhealthy Masturbation. Excess masturbation reduces sperm count and can cause infertility.

Masturbation is the most common sexual practice after sexual intercourse in both Men and Women. Research shows that worldwide around 98% adult people engage themselves in the act of Masturbation. Considered to be a very healthy exercise for better sexual life masturbation or self-love however does have a few ill effects on an individual’s overall health and mind, which surely can be counters with some best practices. Here, we have tried listing them down for you. But before going into those details lets try understanding all about Masturbation.


What is masturbation?

Masturbation or self-love is a sexual practice where a person stimulates his/her genitals for sexual pleasure through hand or artificial sex toys/tools available in the market. Almost every person on this earth experiences this practice at a certain point in life through socialization, self-discovery or education.


FACTS on Masturbation

1- Masturbation is a biological need and a social taboo.

2- It is completely normal to engage in such sexual practices and almost every adult men and women has experienced it at certain point in their life.

3- Masturbation does not decrease your fertility rate.

Masturbation side effects, Masturbation effect

4- Women find it difficult to confess about masturbating as compared to men because of social taboos.

5- 3 out of 10 women prefer masturbation to sex.

6- Around 40% of married couples resort to masturbation as result of unpleasant sex.

7- Sex toys can help to exercise masturbation in a more pleasant way.

8- The month of May is celebrated as International Masturbation Month worldwide.


Benefits of Masturbation

1- Masturbation leads to happiness

Masturbation releases various pleasure hormones such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide and hormone prolactin, which act as stress buster and pleasing agent for people.

2- Improves sex life

Masturbation allows you to explore your pleasure buttons and helps you opens up sexually to your partner regarding your likes and dislikes. It helps you to understand your body and explore more.

3- Helps to sleep better

Masturbation releases serotonin, a hormone that is released once the person reaches the climax and achieves orgasm. It relaxes the muscle and relieves tension helping the person falling asleep quickly.

4- Helps relieving body pain

If you experience uterine contraction and cramps during menstrual period, then masturbation could be a healthy solution. It can help you ease out the pain by allowing quick delivery of menstrual blood preventing clots and pain. Also masturbation helps in relaxing pelvic muscles and helps men to perform better on bed.

5- Masturbation helps men to last longer

Masturbating regularly in a controlled way gives a man more control on his libido and ejaculation. So if you are a guy and are trying to impress her immensely, a regular practice of masturbation will help you to control your timing of ejaculation.

Side effects of masturbating, Effects of masturbation

It also allows you to understand the way your pleasure organ works so that you can adjust your love making to maximize pleasure for your partner.

6- Masturbation boosts immunity and fertility

Ejaculation through masturbation releases cortisol, a hormone, which helps in boosting your immunity level and help producing quality sperm in testicles.

7- Masturbation prevents cancer

An Australian research has recently found out that men who masturbate regularly are less likely to develop prostate cancer.


Drawbacks of Masturbation

Masturbation does not have any serious threat to your body or mind, however, if not performed in a regulated way, it can pose certain risks to your health.

1- Masturbation leads to guilt and frustration: Often some men feel guilty and frustrated as they link masturbation to religious and cultural beliefs. They consider it as a social taboo and feel frustrated after doing it as guilty pleasure.

2- Addiction to masturbation can be dangerous: Often people especially teenage boys and girls do not know how to keep a check on the frequency per day. In such cases over masturbation leads to excessive time wastage leading to adverse impact on an individual’s productivity and at times leads to excessive desire to Masturbation than the real act of love making.

3- Masturbation may cut down your social circle: If you are addicted to please yourself excessively, it can narrow down your social circle, as you will tend to lock yourself in a room and do the deed. Also, the guilt after masturbation makes boys and girls less interactive with their peers and lead to loneliness.

4- Urine infection: Too much of masturbation irritates the genitalia and makes urinating painful. More if proper hygiene is not maintained post masturbation, it has been seen leading to fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.

5- Effects on sexual life: If you are a habitual masturbator, you probably find sex tiresome and self-pleasing way more interesting. This can hamper your sexual life and create rift with your partner.


How to stop unhealthy Masturbation

Excess masturbation reduces sperm count and can cause infertility in men.

Masturbation side effects, Masturbation effects

So, we bring you certain ways to lead masturbation in a healthy way and avoid addiction.

1- Nothing is good if it’s done over limits. Suggested count for Masturbation is once a day. So to control your urge to Masturbate, the best way is to remove the factors such as pornography that keeps alluring you to masturbate excessively.

2- Consume healthy meals i.e. fibres and protein to curb lethargies, which excites you to lock up inside and masturbate.

3- Form productive and interesting habits such as guitar classes, swimming, hiking, surfing etc and try making friends to keep yourself engaged.

4- Try setting numerous goals each day and try motivating your self to achieve them. This will make sure that you don't have excess time to Masturbate and also it has been found that people lacking goals in life tend to masturbate more.


Hope you guys loved this. Keep following our ELA Woman blogs to get regular updates on sexual health issues and treatments.

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Charlotte Johnson
Oct. 4, 2017, 3:19 p.m.
As per a study, one of the most prominent side effects of masturbation or masturbating too much is erectile dysfunction.It is found that men who indulge themselves so much in over masturbation risk their life to suffer from erectile dysfunction which can create hindrance in planning a baby.
Ambika Choudhry
Oct. 4, 2017, 3:35 p.m.
I think naturally its quite impossible to have masturbation 4 times a day... but repeated masturbation lowers down the testosterone level, they eventually get burnt out.One of the masturbation effects can be seen on face, but that too for a very short span of time and it vanishes very quickly.