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    family planning

    Bimek SLV- The New Contraception For Men

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    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Deepika Tiwari - MS, MBBS on 31 May 2019 - Written by Dr. Sunita Chandra - MBBS, Advanced Training, MD - Grammatically Approved by Dr. Kavita Jaggi Agrawal - MS, MBBS

    Bimek SLV is an upcoming male contraceptive for men invented by Clemen Bimek. It is an effective device which helps in regulating the flow of sperms. Bimek SLV is more preferable than a vasectomy. The surgery of Bimek SLV takes 30 minutes to complete. A person can return to his daily routine immediately.

    The Bimek SLV is a small valve fitted between two spermatic ducts that can regulate the release of sperm cells in men. When the valve is closed then the function of Bimek SLV is to obstruct the release of sperm cells during ejaculation. The result of this function is that the seminal fluid released at the time of ejaculation is sterile. Bimek SLV is an invention to give men the freedom to decide whether to have a child with the push of a button. (1) Bimek SLV consists of a valve that is mounted on each spermatic duct. This contraception contains a switch in it which helps in controlling the sperm flow. When the switch is closed, it disrupts the flow of sperm cells and allows the sperm to be absorbed into the body. When the switch is open then it allows the sperm cells to pass through the ducts. The valve switch can be felt and toggled with the help of fingers through the scrotum skin. A safety pin is also added as safeguarding so that the switch doesn't turn on accidentally.

    In this article, we will look at:

    1. Male Contraceptives:

    Male contraceptives are also known as a male birth control method. It is used to preventing pregnancy that solely involves the male physiology. The most common kinds of male contraception include condoms, withdrawal or pulling out, and vasectomy. Bimek SLV is one of the potential contraception methods which is invented for men to avoid unwanted pregnancy and plan it as per a couple's goals. However, other forms of male contraception are in various stages of research and development. These include methods such as RISUG/Vassal Gel, which have completed a small phase II clinical trial in humans in India. Ultrasound is performed with respect to these methods to find out and confirm with the results so far obtained in experimental animals. (2)

    Male Contraceptives

    2. Acceptability of Male Contraception:

    The appeal of contraceptive to both male and female is great. It has been suggested that the development and usage of a male contraceptive method such as condoms, and vasectomy procedures is on the rise in recent times. Not only this, contraception has only played a crucial role in the domain of female reproductive health. As per the survey conducted in four continents, a majority of men indicate a willingness to use a male contraceptive if one were available. In fact, 98 percent of women in stable relationships would be willing to rely on their male partner to use male contraception. Acceptability of male-based contraceptive methods is, however, influenced by economic, cultural, religious, and relationship status of couples. (3)

    3. Types of Male contraceptives methods:

    There are multiple male contraceptives methods which are used for birth control. These are the most effective contraceptive methods for men:

    • Condoms -After centuries of use in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STDs) and pregnancy, now over 50+ million couples utilize condoms for contraception. Condoms are the best male contraception presently. This effective type of male contraception is safe, cheap and is widely available. It is a device that can be controlled by the user and reversible contraception with few side-effects. In the case of latex allergy, non-rubber polyurethane or natural membrane condoms can be substituted as per the convenience of the couple. At present, latex condoms and polyurethane condoms have topped as the most effective male contraception in the market. However, the contraception rates of using condoms are unacceptably very high. (4)
    • Vasectomy -Vasectomy is used by over 40+ million couples for family planning. This male contraception varies widely in prevalence between various countries depending upon their cultural factors, education, and availability of male-oriented facilities. Vasectomy is now more widely used than female sterilization after experiencing the historical misadventures into the 20th century. The worldwide usage rates of female sterilization are 4 times more frequently than men. For men having completed their family and fit for undergoing minor surgery, vasectomy is a very safe and highly effective procedure to be used. (5) Vasectomy is one of the quick, simple, highly effective, and convenient method of permanent sterilization in men. Its only major drawback as a male contraceptive is that the reversible rates are lower when compared to other types of contraception. Elective sperm Cryo storage is occasionally useful but may reflect fluctuation about the irreversible intent of vasectomy. Vasectomy is a simple surgery i.e. performed under local anesthesia wherein the vas deferens is isolated and brought out from the scrotum through an incision followed by division and ligation. Vasectomy is a safe outpatient procedure which is used all over the world as one of the most common male contraceptive solutions. Many modified techniques of vasectomy are in use for male contraception.
    • Bimek SLV - The Bimek SLV is a spermatic duct valve that regulates the flow of sperm cells in the spermatic ducts. The wearer can open and close the valve on their own. When it is closed it prevents unwanted pregnancy. The materials used to invent Bimek SLV have no side effects on the human body. Also, no additional hormones or medication are required to be taken for the SLV to function. (6) It is the new invention as an effective contraceptive for men. It is expected that this male contraceptive method will prove to become one of the best contraceptives for men.

    4. Revolution of Bimek SLV:

    Bimek SLV is one of the effective male contraceptive invented by Clemen Bimek. The idea came into Clemen's mind about 20 years ago, when he was watching a documentary about contraception. He began to imagine whether the flow of sperms could be controlled by a simple valve. After discovering that no one had filed a patent for such a device then he decided to develop his own. Bilek mentioned that point of time it was difficult for other doctors to take his idea of Bimek successfully. Only a few handfuls of doctors motivated him to throughout the hardships associated with the invention. (7)

    Revolution of Bimek SLV

    Hartwig Bauer, the urologist carried out the surgery and said that the valve was more preferable than a vasectomy. 

    Wolfgang Bühmann, a spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists, said that implanting the valve could cause scarring at the location where it meets the vas deferens. This is because scarring could prevent sperm from flowing even when the valve is open. In addition, he stated that the valve could become clogged if left in the “off” position for too long. The whole process of Bimek SLV sounds pretty simple in comparison to some of the other contraceptive interventions. It is a 30-minute procedure performed by a urologist under local anesthesia. After the Bimek SLV procedure is completed the patient is required to take a week off for rest. After a short healing period, the patient can return to his daily routine in one day and to an active exercise or his sex life within a week. Although it takes approximately 3 to 6 months of the device in turning “off”. Bimek SLV i.e. contraception for men works a similar electrical current. Turn the switch, which is accessible through the skin of the scrotum, but is apparently otherwise unnoticeable off. The sperm is then released from the penis, making impregnation impossible. A person can then turn it back on by flipping the switch reverse and the sperm can flow freely and restore fertility. Bimek SLV is made from a durable, anti-allergenic, and biologically compatible implant material which is also known as PEEK optima. The implant material i.e. PEEK Optima has been used for decades in other implant surgeries and is the size of a gummy bear. (8)

    5. Functions of Bimek SLV:

    Bimek SLV is invented by a German inventor Clemens Bimek. It is male contraception used to regulate the flow of sperm cells in the spermatic ducts and does not require additional hormones or medication. Bimek SLV has multiple functions such as:

    • Reversible: Bimek SLV quite often means getting a vasectomy. It's a tough decision to make. Bimek SLV allows a person to be sterile when he wants to. It contains a switch that toggles and fertility are controlled by the person.
    • Hormone-free: Taking hormones year after year can burden the human body and most often result in side-effects. The Bimek SLV is hormone free and maintains the natural order and rhythm of a female body.
    • Uncomplicated: Bimek SLV is uncomplicated contraception for men. As it contains a button, by pushing the button off, a person can be sterile and pregnancy can be stopped. And with another push of the button, the fertility is restored. It makes planned pregnancy a reality by releasing the sperm cells from the first ejaculation.
    • Lifelong: Bimek SLV is lifelong contraception based on the features of this latest male contraception device. A person can enjoy it simply without taking any stress for the effectiveness of contraception.

    6. Properties of Bimek SLV:

    There are multiple properties of Bimek SLV a person needs to know such as:

    • Implant materials: Bimek SLV is almost exclusively made of the implant material i.e. PEEK Optima. This material has excellent technological and biological compatibility properties. These properties make PEEK Optima a radiolucent, biocompatible, and durable product for couples.
    • No wear and No Tear: PEEK Optima has been utilized in implant surgeries for years. It has proved itself with its excellent properties exceptional durability. Bimek SLV i.e. contraception for men is not made of abrasive materials such as silicone.
    • Anti-Allergic: Bimek SLV is completely safe for the people having allergies as it is made with PEEK Optima. It is anti-allergic contraception as the valve is not made of any nickel-containing materials. Bimek SLV will not secrete any allergy-aggravating substances. It does not have an adverse effect on sperm cells or genetic material.
    • 100% Vegan: The inventor has not harmed any animal to experiment on throughout the development of the Bimek SLV. In fact, Clemens Bimek the inventor implanted the valve into his own body for the first trial run. The Bimek SLV is also tested exclusively on volunteers. The Bimek SLV is made 100% vegan.

    7. Bimek SLV surgery:

    Bimek SLV is inserted by a highly trained urologist who has experience in performing the procedure. This device is inserted in the testicles with the help of local anesthesia. It takes approximately 30 minutes to insert Bimek SLV device into the scrotum. It is a simple outpatient surgery just like Vasectomy. Hence, it has low risks and side effects which proves to be useful for the patients. In fact, a person will not need to use any other medication or hormonal supplements once the Bimek SLV placement procedure is complete. Before the surgery, a person needs to ensure that his genital and the upper thigh areas are properly shaved. After the cut, a person can take a shower after it heals before he considers having a full bath. The best part about the surgery is that the patient can return back to his daily routine after a few day's rests. The patient must take care that he does not involve in any kind of sexual intercourse for the next few days after the Bimek SLV surgery is completed.

    8. How does Bimek SLV work?

    Bimek SLV is an easy to use device which is less than an inch long and weighs less than a tenth of an ounce. It also serves the purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancy. Inserting the valve takes only half an hour which proves to be time-saving for the patient as well. Toggled through the skin of the scrotum, the device stays closed for almost three months to prevent accidental switching in the event if things get especially hot and heavy.

    How does Bimek SLV work

    Bimek SLV works in the following manner:

    • The Bimek SLV works by implanting the shut-off valves in the scrotum. The valves are very small in size and are made of non-magnetic metallic components and a biocompatible polymer that is already used in medical implants. The device gets attached to the vas deferens and the two ducts that helps in the transfer of sperm from the testicles to the urethra. 
    • During the process of implantation, each vas deferens is cut and the ends are plugged into the inside and outside of a valve.
    • After the implantation of Bimek SLV, the valves’ switches can be flipped by simply pushing on them through the skin. When the device is switched off, sperms are diverted out of the ducts and dumped back into scrotal tissue where they would theoretically get reabsorbed in the body.
    • Switching from on to off does not produce immediate results. The lines have to be flushed of sperm to avoid pregnancy. The inventor estimates that this would take about a month or about 30 ejaculations. Thus, the method may not work as emergency contraception. Also, it may not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea.

    To reopen the valves, a person may have to hold down the safety button to flip the switch back. (9)

    9. Working Mechanism of Vasectomies Compared To the Sperm Switch:

    A vasectomy works by preventing sperm from the testes reaching the semen which is ejaculated during orgasm. This is achieved by blocking or cutting the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis. A vasectomy is generally considered to be a permanent form of contraception because it is not always possible to reverse the procedure. Reversing a vasectomy is a complicated procedure that involves rejoining the sperm-carrying tubes that were blocked or cut during a vasectomy. Sperm is then again absorbed back into the body. The sperm switch works in the same manner by blocking the sperm from reaching the semen. The major difference with the implant is its valve which can be turned on and off, depending on whether or not a man wants to have children. (10)

    10. Advantages of Implanting Bimek SLV:

    This method of implantation is an outpatient procedure, meaning one can head home the same day after implantation. It is primarily performed under local anesthetic.

    Some of the benefits of the implant include:

    • No major role of hormones
    • The Bimek SLV is a device that can be used for lifetime
    • Anti-allergic
    • 100% vegan product
    • Implant material has been well-tolerated in the body

    This may sound like an ideal answer to all contraception issues. However, some doctors have expressed concern over the new technology.

    11. Myths Related to Bimek SLV:

    One of the myths related to Bimek SLV i.e. new contraception for men is that the sperm gets ejaculated outside of spermatic ducts. Once this happens, the body starts to break these cells by phagocytes that prevent the buildup of sperm. Another myth about Bimek SLV is that the "dick click" works instantaneously. Most of the explanation goes onto say that the sperm cells are produced 24/7 within the body. It would take about 30 ejaculations (or 3-6 month period) before all the sperm in your body gets non-fertile. (11)

    Myths Related to Bimek SLV

    Some more myths related to Bimek SLV are:

    • Leads to weaker erection: An erection is caused when the body pumps blood into the penis, which causes an erection. Erection mainly occurs when a combination of stimulation, neurotransmitters, blood circulation, and muscular activity. Erection has nothing to do with the spermatic duct, where the Bimek SLV is attached, or the flow of seminal fluid.
    • Cause semen to build up: Semen is build up when the valve is closed, the sperm cells are ejected out of the ducts through three outlets. The sperm outside of the spermatic duct is recognized as foreign bodies. These foreign bodies are then broken down by phagocytes that prevent the possibility of a semen build up. For comparison, the testicular end of the spermatic duct is sealed in a vasectomy. This leads to a buildup of sperm cells, which can cause tissue damage all the way to the epididymis.
    • A general anesthetic is required: The implant surgery for the Bimek SLV as compared to vasectomy is performed under a local anesthetic. However, Bimek SLV requires a minimally invasive surgery that takes about 30 minutes. 
    • Spermatic duct can cause scar: It is one of the most common myths about Bimek SLV surgery. It is known that the connective tissues have an amazing ability to heal. When damaged, it regenerates and scars. However, the scarring could be great or minimal depending on the degree of injury. The spermatic duct is living tissue, so it can heal itself after an injury. During Bimek SLV implantation, special high-frequency scalpels are used to prevent traumatization of the tissue. The SLV will grow with the body over time, but not to the extent that the switch can no longer be used. (12)

    12. The cost of Bimek SLV: 

    The cost of Bimek SLV surgery is about $5720. Once the surgery is completed then a person will incur no more charges. But after the valves have been closed when a person is expected to undergo a spermiogram which costs around $115 to confirm his sterility. A person must know that there is no insurance available for the Bimek SLV surgery i.e. you must find a way to cater for your expenses. (13)

    13. Concerns Over Bimek SLV:

    Doctors have expressed concerns over Bimek SLV. Implanting the valve can cause scarring where it meets the vas deferens and make the switch hard to flip. Such scarring could prevent sperm from flowing even when the valve is open. Scientists have also warned that the valve could become clogged over time if left in a closed position for too long. Such clogging may require periodic doctor’s visits for line-clearing, which may be unpleasant. Other implants made of the same material have been well tolerated elsewhere in the body. The question is whether the valves will cause problems when it is implanted in this area. Last year, a urologist from Munich, signed up to support the trial and the development of the implants. The inventor is now crowdsourcing to fund for the trial and recruiting many volunteers. So far, the method has only been tested on Mr. Bimek himself (the inventor), and experts are divided over its potential effectiveness. It is believed to be far more flexible than vasectomies.

    14. Positive aspects of Bimek SLV: 

    There are certainly positive aspects of Bimek SLV which makes experts very optimistic for the globally successful contraceptive:

    • The technology used in the valve is high-tech. It was fully developed and well thought out. It is the product of 20 years of research by its inventor Clemens Bimek. 

    • The valve is safe as it is patented to Clemens Bimek.
    • Bimek SLV is all set for its clinical trial and dozens of men are offering their services as volunteers. Many sponsors are also investing in the medical sector.
    • The enterprise set up is kept to the essentials. It involves a number of highly specialized service providers. 
    • The global feedback from media and social networks for Bimek SLV clearly states that many medical persons find the concept of Bimek SLV quite lucrative.
    • It is also true that there have been a few skeptical responses regarding Bimek SLV. But no opposed opinions have come up till now. It will be every man’s personal decision whether he wants the valve to be implanted or not. It is believed that there are many men who are waiting to make this decision positively. 
    • Various sessions will be conducted irrespective of Bimek SLV and all the answers related it will be answered.
    • A market launch is planned for 2018/19. Investors should, therefore, think in investment periods of 5 to10 years. (14)

    Thus, Bimek SLV is one of the most preferable contraceptives recently. A man can plan his family with his partner according to their family planning goals. As it helps a man to have control over his sperms. It is one of the most promising male contraceptive methods which is expected to take a significant place in the field of family planning. You can find more useful information about various other family planning methods at If you are looking for starting your family and need assistance with infertility treatments then you can call us at +918929020600.

    Dr. Sunita Chandra

    Written by

    MBBS, Advanced Training, MD
    IVF Specialist, Infertility Specialist

    Dr. Ѕunіtа Сhаndrа іs а Luсknоw bаsеd Gуnесоlоgіst аnd Ostеtrісіаn. Ѕhе hаs bееn wоrkіng sіnсе 1987. Dr. Sunita specializes in Confidential Counselling, Intra-Uterine Insemination(IUI), In Vitro Fertilization(IVF), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI), Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection(IMSI), Laser Assisted Hatching(LAH), Blastocyst Culture, Cryopreservation, Surgical Sperm Retrieval and Donor Programs. She attained hеr МВВЅ degree from ΚGМС Lucknow in 1987 and hеr МD degree іn Оbstеtrісs and Gуnесоlоgу іn 1991. Ѕhе is trained in ІVF Аdvаnсеd Іnfеrtіlіtу аnd Нumаn Rерrоduсtіvе Еndосrіnоlоgу from Gеrmаnу. Dr. Sunita аlsо did her аdvаncеd trаіnіng from Institute of Reproductive Medicine(IRM) frоm Саlсuttа іn 1991. After training for 2 years she became the Senior Resident at KGMC, Queen's Mary's Hospital. Dr. Sunita Chandra has been practicing Assisted Reproductive Techniques for the last 25 years and has patients coming from far and wide. She is familiar with the latest developments in the medical industry and puts his entire effort to provide the right treatment services. Couples suffering from more than 15 years of infertility have been successfully treated by Dr. Ѕunіtа Сhаndrа.

    Dr. Ѕunіtа Сhаndrа attended many conferences and was a speaker in many National & International Conferences. She regularly attends conferences and keeps herself updated with the latest technological advancements. She worked as a Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist at Rajendra Nagar Hospital. She excelled in infertility treatments and achieved membership оf LОGЅ, Indian Fertility Society(IFS), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), ІЅОРАΚВ, ΝАRСНІ, АЅRМ аnd ЕЅНRЕ. Dr. Ѕunіtа Сhаndrа іs рrеsеntlу working as consultant infertility specialist аt Rајеndrа Νаgаr Ноsріtаl and Dr. Ѕunіtа Сhаndrа's Моrрhеus Luсknоw Fеrtіlіtу Сеntеr, Luсknоw. She is the most preferred infertility doctor in the state as she is registered in 32202 of Uttar Pradesh Medical Council, 1988. Due to his excellent patient care services, she has visited b childless couples and patients from all around the country. The doctor provides complete services right from the diagnosis to the delivery of the child.

    Dr. Sunita Chandras Morpheus Lucknow Fertility Center is one of the most reliable IVF centres in Lucknow. The hospital has a huge facility equipped with the latest tools. It offers a nurturing and healing environment to ensure the well-being of patients. The rooms are also spacious, furnished and clean. From years of experience, learning and research, the hospital has developed very effective management strategies for diagnosis and treatment to various ailments. The team of highly competent and experienced doctors is committed to giving total care to the patients in its right to receive quality treatment. They provide comprehensive and fruitful management of infertility along with 24-hour assistance and counseling services.



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    Lomash Satyen

    May 31, 2019, 11 a.m. 4.5

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