Birth Control Pills - Types, Names, Pictures and More
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27 September 2017

Birth Control Pills - Types, Names, Pictures and More

Birth Control Pills - Types, Names, Pictures and More
Written by Dr. Sailaja Vuppu
Help yourself with knowing which birth control pills are right for you along with their types, names and associated risks and benefits through this article.

Help yourself with knowing which birth control pills are right for you along with their types, names and associated risks and benefits through this article.

A birth control pill is a word, which instantly strikes your mind when you realize you forgot to take precautions during a lovemaking session last night. Millions of women use birth control pills every month. At present a wide range of contraceptive pills are available at the pharmacy stores and you should act wise by choosing a birth control pill, which suits your body well.

What Are Different Types Of Birth Control Pills?

Combination Pill

A combination pill is a type of birth control pills, which contain a variable ratio of active and inactive ingredients. Another well-known form of combination pills is a conventional pill.

Conventional Pills

Conventional pills are the most common type of contraceptive pills. This type of birth control pills comprises of either 21 active pills and seven inactive pills or 24 active pills and four placebo pills.

Point to note:-

You may experience a bleeding similar to regular menstrual bleeding while taking inactive or placebo pills.

Extended Cycle Pills

If you crave for an extended cycle or lesser number of periods then extended cycle pill makes a best contraceptive pill for you.

Extended cycle pills

It alters your menstrual cycle and you get your periods 4 times a year.

Low Dose Pills

Low dose pills contain less than 50 mg of estrogen hormone in an active table. If you have sensitivity to hormones then low dose pills can be a perfect pick for you.

Monophasic Pills

Monophasic birth control pills contain only one phase or level of hormones. These are specifically designed for one month cycle.

Multiphasic Pills

Multiphasic pills are contraceptive pills with a variable amount of active ingredients. These birth control pills are used in one month cycle and regulate different levels of hormones during the cycle.

Mini Pills

Mini Pills or progestin only pills are recommended for women with medical exceptions or those with high sensitivity to estrogen. These contraceptive pills are readily available in one mixture and progestin is the only active component in these pills. Combination pills are relatively more effective in preventing pregnancy as compared to the Mini Pills.

Birth Control Pill Names

Although there is lots of variation in birth control pills, there are certain brand names in the category of combination pills and mini pills, which are popular with good review ratings.

Birth Control Pills

Here is a list of some combination pills and mini pills, which stand out in the league of contraceptive pills-

1. Combination Pill

We bring you a well-researched list of effective Combination Pill

  • Alesse.
  • Apri.
  • Aranelle.
  • Aviane.
  • Azurette.
  • Beyaz.
  • Caziant.
  • Desogen.
  • Enpresse.
  • Estrostep Fe.
  • Gianvi.
  • Kariva.
  • Lessina.

2. Mini Pills

Some of the popular names of Mini Pills are

  • Camila
  • Errin
  • Heather
  • Jolivette
  • Micronor
  • Nor-Q.D.
  • Norethindrone

Know Which Birth Control Pill Is Best For You

Not every type of contraceptive pills makes a good match for every woman. Before opting for easily available over the counter birth control pills, you should not forget to fix an appointment or consult your medical supervisor.

The factors to be kept in mind before deciding a contraceptive pill includes-

  • Your menstrual symptoms.
  • Are you breastfeeding?
  • Your cardiovascular health.
  • Other chronic health conditions.
  • Your current medication regimes.

Birth Control Pills And Side Effects

Generally contraceptive pills do not show signs of ill effects on your health but some women may experience side effects within few weeks or a month after they start taking birth control pills. Some of the prominent side effects of birth control pills include-

  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Breakthrough bleeding.
  • Tender Breasts.
  • Upset stomach.

Apart from that, side effects of a progestin only birth control pill may include-

  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Weight gain.
  • Decreased libido.

Who are at Risks with Birth Control Pills?

For most of the women, oral contraceptive pills are often considered safe and do not include serious health issues. But before you start taking birth control pills, you are advised to consult a physician and discuss your medical history to determine which birth control pills you should avoid.

Birth control pills if- may easily affect your health

  • You are older than 35 years.
  • You are a frequent smoker.
  • You have a medical history of breast cancer.
  • You have an uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • You have a history of heart attacks or other heart related problems.

Word Of Caution:-

  • If you are a nursing mother then you must look for an alternative method of birth control until you stop breastfeeding.
  • You should avoid birth control pills if or have a history of disorders like blood clotting and Diabetes for more than 10 years.

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