6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms
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24 August 2017

6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms
Written by Dr. Neha Gupta

Early pregnancy is still new to you so are the pregnancy symptoms. Here we bring you a complete list of 6 weeks pregnant symptoms.

Early pregnancy is still new to you so are the pregnancy symptoms. Here we bring you a complete list of 6 weeks pregnant symptoms.

As you make progress in your early pregnancy, you may be curious to know which changes will be happening to your body at week 6 pregnant. Though you are all set to harness the joy of motherhood, at the same time you might have to deal with most annoying pregnancy symptoms while you are 6 weeks pregnant.

1. Nausea

a.During 6 week pregnancy nausea can hit you terribly. Nausea or morning sickness can overpower you not only at mornings but can strike all day long.

b.If you are a mom to be with twins in your womb, then you are expected to experience more severe nausea.

c.Staying away from food can trigger frequent bouts of nausea and you are advised to keep munching on some healthy snacks at different intervals through out the day.

2. Sore Breasts

a.Any of the days during the week, you may wake up in the morning to find out that your breasts are swollen and sore.

b. At 6 weeks pregnant, tiny ducts in your breasts have already started to prepare themselves for producing milk.

3. Frequent Urination

a.If you are making your steps to the restroom frequently, then pregnancy hormone HCG can be the main reason behind it.

b.HCG directs extra blood to flow through your pelvic area and can make you do those extra rounds.

Point To Note:In case of painful urination consult your doctor immediately as it can be a warning sign of a UTI.

4. Mood Swings

a.During 6 weeks pregnancy you may experience a new range of crankiness and gushes of emotional extremes.

b.Try some meditation techniques to keep yourself untouched from overpowering emotions.

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5. Cramping And Spotting

Cramping and spotting are quite common during 6 week pregnancy.

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6. Weight Gain At 6 Weeks Pregnant

At six week pregnancy you are unlikely to gain weight or show any. You are only susceptible to gain weight ranging from 1 to 4 pound during first.

7. Belly At 6 Weeks Pregnant

a.At 6 week pregnancy you may not show or look pregnant, but at the same time a feeling of being bloated is very common.

b. If you are lucky enough to carry twins in your womb, your belly is expected to show a little sooner as compared to other expecting women.

Can You Feel Nervous And Uncertain 6 weeks pregnant?

During early days of 6 weeks pregnancy you may be experiencing discomfort due to the hormonal fluctuations. Pregnancy symptoms can make your life difficult and you are likely to feel nervous and anxious during first trimester, however try keeping such feelings away by keeping yourself calm.

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Measuring The Embryo

a. At week 6 pregnancy your baby measures about 1/8 to ¼ inches in length and about the size of a sweet pea.

b.The fetus at this time resembles a tadpole with a tail. The tiny buds will soon grow into arms, legs and ears.

c.During this phase embryo has already started developing major organs like lungs and brain.

d.Tiny teeth buds have began to develop under the gums during 6 weeks pregnancy.

e. Your 6 weeks baby is soon going to look cuter with sprouting nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks.

f.You may notice two distinct gestational sacs on the ultrasound if you are pregnant with twins.

Risks Associated With 6 Weeks Pregnancy

Carrying twin babies within you can fill your heart with double dose of joy or excitement. But you should be extra careful as moms to be with multiple babies has a higher risk of developing pregnancy related complications like-

a. Anemia.

b. Preeclampsia.

c. Gestational Diabetes.

d. Vaginal bleeding.

e. Twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

f. Preterm labor.

g. Intrauterine growth restriction.

h. Delayed fetal growth.

Checklist For 6 Weeks Pregnant Women-

a.Schedule a pre natal appointment with your health care provider.

b.If you haven’t started following a multivitamin regime, then you can start it this week. Doctor may also prescribe a multivitamin supplement loaded with essential minerals, which you and your baby may need.

c.As a rule of thumb don’t indulge in any activity that raises your basal temperature above 102 degrees as it can lead to serious pregnancy complications like miscarriage and fetal abnormalities.

Word Of Caution

a.Spotting can be a warning sign of pregnancy related risks like ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage.

b.If you notice heavy bleeding similar to that of menstrual flow along with abdominal cramps, call your doctor immediately.

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Preety Sharma
Oct. 26, 2017, 3:08 p.m.
6 weeks pregnant women needs to be very careful because its the time when most of the pregnancy is detected and a sudden sense of excitement can cause harm. During 6 week, baby's circulatory system develops with a regular flow of blood.. Baby might even be wiggling his or her paddle-like hands an...
Tanuja Kshtriye
Oct. 26, 2017, 4:36 p.m.
Pregnant women carrying 6 weeks pregnancy must take very good care of themselves. They must go for a breast exam and blood work such as blood type, Rh factor, iron level, certain genetic disease testing, measles immunity and more. This helps in maintaining a healthy pregnancy span.