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Surrogacy & IVF Centre

Mall Road , Amritsar

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Surrogacy & IVF Centre

Kashmir Avenue , Amritsar

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Surrogacy & IVF Centre

Ranjit Avenue , Amritsar

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IVF and Infertility Clinic

Court Road , Amritsar

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IVF Centre

Abadi Court Road , Amritsar

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IVF and Infertility Clinic

Circular Road , Amritsar

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Find Complete Fertility Treatment at ICSI Centres in Amritsar

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is generally the next step to IVF treatment to improve the chances of achieving a pregnancy. In this procedure, the egg is fertilized in-vitro by injecting a healthy motile sperm directly into egg cytoplasm.ICSI is a fertility treatment often combined with In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). In IVF, the sperms are mixed with eggs in a petri dish to achieve fertilization, which requires many healthy motile sperms. In ICSI procedure, a single good sperm can achieve the same result. ICSI treatment is one of the most successful treatments to help men with low sperm count and motility. Fertility specialists at ICSI centres in Amritsar have successfully conducted thousands of ICSI treatment cycles for patients seeking the best infertility treatment.In the past, couples with severe male infertility had to depend on donor sperms. Today, ICSI centres in Amritsar make it possible to select and use healthy sperm from the male partner or intended father even when the sperm count is low. Babies are born with the use of father’s sperms, thus they are genetically linked to both the parents.

ICSI IVF Treatment in Amritsar

While in a standard IVF procedure, sperms are placed with oocytes in a lab dish and fertilization is awaited. ICSI centres in Amritsar goes a step further where a single healthy motile sperm is selected and injected directly into a mature oocyte obtained from the intended mother. This is an extremely delicate process; therefore, it can only be carried out in a fully equipped laboratory by an experienced and qualified embryologist. At ICSI IVF centres in Amritsar, infertility specialists have gained vast experience in this procedure as it has been in practice for many years. Most patients agree to this procedure because of better chances of conceiving a baby.

ICSI Treatment Procedure in ICSI Centres in Amritsar

The entire ICSI cycle normally takes about three to six weeks. The treatment begins with ovulation induction where fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries, which encourage development and release of several eggs. Once the eggs are mature and ready for retrieval, both partners undergo simultaneous procedures at the centre. Inserting a hollow needle through the walls of the vagina, into the ovary allows in retrieving the eggs. The male partner provides a fresh semen sample. In rare cases, sperms are also surgically collected from the testicles. The embryologist then carefully selects and prepares healthy sperm and injects them into individual eggs retrieved from the ovaries. Depending upon the age of female and other related factors, required number of fertile embryos is transferred into the woman’s uterus.Fertilization takes between two to three days. The fertilized egg or embryo is placed inside the uterus using a flexible tube called catheter, three to five days after fertilization. At ICSI centres in Amritsar, the entire procedure is conducted in a sterile, fully equipped lab following stringent medical protocols to improve chances of conceiving.

In most cases, fertility specialist performs ICSI treatment on multiple eggs in order to obtain more than one healthy embryo. If the treatment leads to pregnancy, the remaining good quality embryos are frozen for future use.Once embryo transfer is complete, the woman takes certain precautions and waits for signs of pregnancy to show up. Missing the next menstrual cycle is an indication that pregnancy is achieved, which can be confirmed using a pregnancy test kit.

Right Candidate for ICSI

When it comes to who can undergo ICSI procedure, there is no specific candidate for this treatment. Some infertility clinics prefer this treatment for treating severe male infertility while others use it on female infertility cases as well. Most ICSI centres in Amritsar prefer this treatment after multiple failures in IVF treatment. These centres also make use of the most advanced technology to ensure effective results.ICSI treatment is a recommended procedure to overcome male infertility problems and encourage pregnancy. There aremany reasons why most couples want to go for ICSI treatment.

Why Choose ICSI Centres in Amritsar?

Some of the factors why ICSI Centres in Amritsar are trusted by many infertile patients are:

Strength of ICSI Centres in Amritsar

The primary objective of ICSI centres in Amritsar is to offer comprehensive infertility treatment services from the initial stage of tests and screening to delivery of baby. ICSI Centres in Amritsar have years of experience, expertise along with latest reproductive technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plan designed for individual needs. Some of the strengths of ICSI treatment centres in Amritsar are as follows:

Overcome Infertility with ICSI Treatment in Amritsar

With technological revolution in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), male infertility can no longer deprive a couple of their biological child. ICSI centres in Amritsar have a team of specialists and embryologists who have successfully completed this procedure for many couples with male infertility issues. They also ensure higher success rate of pregnancy after the treatment as the procedure is performed with precision and care.

ICSI Success Rate in Centres in Amritsar

Fertilization rate and pregnancy success rate are two aspects of ICSI success rate. There is 40-50 percent chance of successful fertilization after performing the ICSI procedure, this is called fertilization rate. On the other hand, if the patient has the possibility to give birth to a child, it is known as the pregnancy success rate. IVF using ICSI method is more successful as compared to a regular IVF cycle. In ICSI centres in Amritsar, there is higher rate on both pregnancy and fertilization due to cutting-edge and detailed procedures performed by highly experienced doctors.

Care After Embryo Transfer in ICSI Treatment

Embryo transfer is performed underICSI treatmentafter the eggs are fertilized with sperms. It is generally performed on couples with male fertility issues. Fertility specialists use a fine catheter to transfer the embryo into the uterus and wait for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is conducted after two weeks of the embryo transfer process. The two weeks of waiting time is a stressful time for the patient. People are anxious and scared that they might do something wrong which can lead to the failure of the process. Hence, many patients going through ICSI treatment in Amritsar have queries about the care required to ensure successful pregnancy. To keep the worries aside, here are some precautions you should take after embryo transfer:-

Cost of ICSI Treatment in ICSI Centres in Amritsar

ICSI Treatment Cost in Amritsar is very affordable especially for the people who are traveling from foreign countries for infertility treatment. The fertility experts in Amritsar offer the same international quality of the treatment but at a much low-cost. The reason behind offering a reasonable ICSI Treatment Cost in Amritsar is that the fertility experts have reduced some of their charges on treatment and medical costs. Procedures included in ICSI Treatment Cost in Amritsar are as follows:

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