About Ela


Ela through its patented technology helps women learn about their fertility and understand their period cycles, improve their reproductive health while trying to conceive or avoiding pregnancy smartly.

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Ela Research

With an esteemed team of doctors and academic professors behind Ela science, Ela has become the world's largest fertility platform providing entire gamut of services right from fertility awareness,tracking, discussions to treatments. Ela is a patented technology which keeps track of your body and gives you the best days to conceive or avoid pregnancy. The patented algorithm is based on data-driven insights to predict ovulation with a high accuracy.

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What makes Ela a perfect app

Ovulation tracker is its ability to enable you to record your period history, pms symptom, mood status, sex and medications. Ela helps you always stay updated by data-driven insights through its mobile App to record, analyse and monitor your reproductive health by capturing several health parameters on the go.


Ela has been ranked as the best Women Health App since its launch while driving thousands of communication threads on the platform and is already the largest community for couples who are either trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, while assisting reproductive couples undergoing fertility treatments like IVF or IUI through best clinics/ hospitals across the world.

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Our Amazing Features

Ovulation Calculator

Fertility calculator app with an inbuilt ‘my ovulation calculator’ with ovulation chart backed by patented data algorithm.

Fertility Tracker

Accurate period and ovulation tracker based on machine learning data techniques.

Avoid Pregnancy

With Ela period tracker, now you can easily avoid pregnancy simply by knowing when to not have sex

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Ela Consult

Talk to highely experienced fertility specialists

Ela Community

With Ela community, share and discuss your experiences with like-minded people globally

Ovulation Tracker

Integrated with health devices - Fitbit and Google FIt to help chart data algorithm.

Best Day Prediction

Find the best days & fertile period to plan pregnancy with the most accurate fertility prediction of the ovulation day.