About Ela

Future of Fertility Health Services

ELA IVF & Fertility is the fastest growing Fertility and Reproductive Health company, having partnership with Top 2100 Fertility Centers across India and South- East Asia, which have consistently demonstrated high success rates and world-class treatment. With a team of experienced Researchers, Doctors and Technicians having more than 25 years of experience into Fertility Research, Ela Woman is dedicated towards finding the best fertility solutions for couples.

ELA IVF & Fertility helps couple find the best IVF Centers and Fertility doctors based on their requirements and budget. We have been awarded the Best IVF Assistance Company for last consecutive three years. With Ela, the patients get the benefit of having a personal medical assistant, to help them at each and every step in their goal of having a baby.

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Ela Mission

With increasing fertility problems worldwide and escalating need of awareness and services; Ela Woman was born as a one stop solution portal to all fertility needs and treatments. Our mission is to facilitate patients with a transparent robust system into Fertility Health across the globe - a system, which provides transparency in Doctor Experience, Pricing, Success rate and reviews. We aim to provide an open platform where couples can discuss, consult and educate each other through all-round fertility needs.

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Why Ela Fertility and IVF

Transparent Practices

Our Business and Research team is dedicated towards finding the best Centers and Doctors in town with a multi-level verification system in terms of Success Rate, previous Patient Feedback and Doctor Qualifications. So, leave this to us while you prepare yourself for the best treatment to make your dream come true.

Clear Pricing with no hidden costs

Our Business Partners are committed to providing you transparent pricing for all medical treatments. We also assure to map you to the best possible specialist for your specific health needs.

Instant solutions

Ela Fertility and IVF comes with instant and practical solutions for all your fertility needs especially towards IVF treatments. Register with us and get the benefit of online as well as telephonic interaction with our team of experts as well as our partner doctors.

Creating awareness

Every day we generate new articles and health news for you through our elawoman blog,providing entire knowledge related to fertility and sexual health. Educating yourself is very easy through us!

Deals and Discounts

We bring you the best price for your IVF, IUI and other Gynecological treatments through our website for a budget friendly treatment.

Services Offered

Preview Doctor and Clinics

With our website, you can search and get information of the best Gynecologists, Fertility specialists, IVF and IUI doctors for all your fertility needs.We provide ratingsbased on their past success rates and you getto know their Fees, Treatment Costs, Address and Contact Details.

Book Appointment online with Gynecologists and clinics

You can book appointment online with Gynecologists, Fertility centers, IVF and IUI doctors using our website. Else feel free to reach our Customer Care Team and ask any query regarding doctors and clinics.

App based services

We have a Mobile App called ‘Ela Fertility & Ovulation’ on Android and iOS, to assist you in tracking your reproductive health and best fertile window predictions. The app ela works through its patented technology to predict ovulation days with an accuracy of 96.9%, being the highest in the industry. Ela App also has a community for Men and Women to talk and learn from other fellow couples about common problems, ovulation, fertility, and menstruation problems and issues regarding conceiving or avoiding pregnancy.

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Our Amazing Features

Ovulation Calculator

Fertility calculator app with an inbuilt ‘my ovulation calculator’ with ovulation chart backed by patented data algorithm

Fertility Calculator

Accurate period and ovulation tracker based on machine learning data techniques.

Avoid Pregnancy

With Ela period tracker, now you can easily avoid pregnancy simply by knowing how to plan your sexual timings

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Ela Consult

Talk to highely experienced fertility specialists

Ela Community

With Ela Community share your experiences globally

Ovulation Tracker

Integrated with health Devices-Fitbit and Google FIT to help chart data algorithm

Best Day Prediction

Find the best days and fertile period to plan pregnancy with the most accurate fertility prediction of the ovulation day